Air Conditioning Service And The Types Of Air Conditioners | Garland, TX

Air Conditioning Service And The Types Of Air Conditioners | Garland, TX

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When you call for air conditioner service you’ll probably know what kind of air conditioner you have or at least you know that you have one. Having an air conditioner in Garland, TX is extremely helpful to get through the hot summers and keep the humidity down for your home. To help keep your family comfortable you should call for air conditioning service every year or two to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency to cool your house as fast as the unit can without wasting money.

The first type of air conditioner that is most common is a central air conditioner. These are the most well known air conditioner types for whole home systems but are also the most common type needing air conditioning service calls. Central air conditioning units connect to the ducts of the furnace inside the home and have a large box outside the home connected to it, either from the roof or on the ground depending on the unit and the building it is in. Central air conditioners regulate the entire house in a short time period and reduce humidity throughout the house while in the negative they are generally some of the highest energy costs to run per minute.

The next type that you might have is a ductless mini-split air conditioner. When you need service for these units most will only fail as a single room instead of the whole house system they are more technical than other systems. These systems can be installed anywhere without ducts or any hassle and can control the climate of individual rooms. On the flip side you will require multiple ones in most homes and you will be able to see them inside each room as you can’t hide them outside or in the ducts.

If you have a smaller home or an older home that hasn’t been upgraded or live in an apartment you may be familiar with window air conditioners. These are very inexpensive compared to other units and are easy to maintain, rarely needing air conditioning service. However these are quite loud when they’re on, and when off don’t always seal the outside elements. These also obscure your view outside and require a nearby electrical outlet to handle their draw.

A modern version of the window air conditioner is the portable air conditioner. They are designed for single rooms and require a nearby power outlet. Like window air conditioners getting air conditioning service for these are not generally considered worth it as their cost is so low. These are great for small places as they don’t need a full size window. Portable units however can be quite noisy as all of the parts are inside the house, they also have issues cooling larger rooms, not great for a Garland, TX summer. The hidden issue with these is that the warm exhaust has to go through plastic tubes out the window and those tubes can get quite warm, decreasing the efficiency of these units.

A more environmentally friendly option is a hybrid fuel air conditioner, also called a dual fuel air conditioner. When you call for air conditioning service of your current unit check to see if upgrading to one of these would be worth it. During the summer instead of your furnace pumping heat into your home from the unit it will take the hot air from inside your home and send it out. These may be more expensive to set up, but you should be able to look at a breakeven over time. These take a lot less power than a normal air conditioner.

If you want an air conditioning system that is very modern you can get a smart air conditioning system. This will take the ductless air conditioners and bring them into the modern day. By connecting these rooms to a single app and your WiFi you may be more likely to call for air conditioning service for tech support than unit support. These allow you to set zones in your home at any time from anywhere. However on the flip side these smart connected units will cost more than original units and if you don’t have WiFi that is reliable it could be a pain to connect everything together again and again.

Finally the most unique version of an air conditioning system is a geothermal one. These are new and having air conditioning service for these will look a lot different than the rest of the air conditioners in this list. Geothermal air conditioning requires geothermal heating as well but the ability to turn it into a cooling system is a relatively new technology. What happens is that the temperature underground, about four or six feet, remains the same throughout the year, and there will be pipes full of pressurized water or fluid put underneath your property. This will pull cooler water that is sitting underground up and distribute it throughout the house, cooling it. It may not be the best if the humidity is high but it can still work through it to bring your house temperature down. Geothermal units are quite efficient considering they only need a pump to continue working and they last much longer than other types of air conditioner units. Unfortunately these units are very expensive to install and you may not be able to get enough out of it without having a larger parcel of property.

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