Preparing Your Furnace For Shutdown And Furnace Repair | Mesquite, TX

Preparing Your Furnace For Shutdown And Furnace Repair | Mesquite, TX

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While the start of spring seems far away, it will be on us before you know it. Even then, Mesquite, TX, can experience some cold snaps. Typically, though, the cool season lasts until the end of February, with the daily temperatures below 60 degrees F becoming a thing of the past, making the end of February the perfect time to arrange for the shutdown of your furnace and any furnace repair necessary. At this time, we can guide you through the furnace shutdown process, as well as provide advice on how to care for your furnace for year-round comfort.

Especially if you’re using a gas furnace to heat your home it’s probably coming close to the time of year when you’ll want to turn it off for a few months to save on energy bills, as well as unnecessary warmth as the weather starts to heat up. But you shouldn’t simply stop using the furnace; there are vital preparations that should be in place for the switch to warmer weather. Likewise, if you need your furnace to be off for a furnace repair service, performing a straight shutdown could exacerbate issues. Preparing your furnace using a correct shutdown process will help conserve energy, ready for AC takeover, and improve safety for all involved.

If you’ve lived in your home a while and you’ve noticed that your home stays warm throughout the summer season without needing to turn the furnace on again before the fall, then you’ll already be aware that year-round running of your furnace is unnecessary. In particular, furnaces that use a standing pilot light can consume a ton of fuel if left lit, even while the furnace is unused, so it’s a no-brainer that a shutdown over the warmest months of the year is beneficial for both your wallet and your home. Even if you’ve got a modern electrical furnace, it’s better to shut down the furnace for three months or so if you know you’re unlikely to be using it for heating.

Choosing When To Address Furnace Repairs

The time of year in which you plan to shut down your furnace for an extended period is also ideal for scheduling professional repair and maintenance checks on your furnace. It’s a bit too easy for Mesquite residents to dismiss furnace malfunctions when you know you’re turning your furnace off soon as the hot, humid months are closing in, but you’re merely delaying the issue. There are no furnace issues, e.g., short cycling, mechanical noises, that benefit from being left alone. Furnace issues don’t typically resolve themselves, and if you leave them unattended for months during the offseason, you may find that when it comes to reigniting your furnace, you can’t do so. To avoid this risk, address furnace repair issues as soon as you notice them – you may find you forget if you’re not using the furnace for four months!

Key Shutdown Steps

  • Arrange professional repairs at the end of the on season
  • Shut off the pilot light
  • Change furnace filters
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Book your annual maintenance check

As previously mentioned, the beginning of spring is often the ideal time to iron out any furnace repair issues. This way, you can be confident that when it comes back around to furnace season, you won’t have any problems reigniting your pilot light and using your furnace to heat your property when you need it most. While many professional repair companies for furnaces offer 24/7 emergency services, forward planning is often the easiest way to avoid downtime in autumn and winter when you want to avoid the bitter cold.

Shutting off the pilot light is a vital step to save energy. Even newer furnaces that utilize electronic ignition systems for improved efficiency and reliability can benefit from shutdown during warmer months. Usually, there’s a valve handle near the pilot light assembly in gas-powered systems that simply need to be rotated 90 degrees to shut off the gas supply and turn off the pilot light. Professionals can test the effectiveness of your gas valve and make sure that no gas is escaping when the supply should be completely cut off.

For electric furnaces, you may be surprised to know that your unit will continue to use energy even while the furnace is off. To avoid unexpected furnace repair due to wear and tear from constant use, cutting off the supply of power to the circuit that connects to your circuit is one way to shut off your electric furnace effectively. At your home’s electrical panel, there should be a circuit breaker linked to the furnace that you can set to the off position.

Regular filter changes are recommended not just throughout winter when they become clogged due to frequent use. However, it will still need changing throughout the offseason if you’ve got a filter that serves both the furnace and the AC.

Of particular importance is the CO tests if you use natural gas in any capacity throughout your Mesquite home. CO detectors posted throughout your home will help to alert you or your family members to the presence of carbon monoxide. This dangerous compound can lead to poisoning, so we recommend that tests are completed at least twice per year using the test functions on each unit to ensure they’re operating as expected. At the end of the furnace use system, check they don’t need new batteries and ensure every detector in your home is fully operational. While your furnace isn’t in use, you may not expect to see CO levels rise in your home. Still, if you require furnace repair, CO detectors can trigger warnings to help you identify this without risking the safety of yourself or your family members.

If you require professional furnace repair in Mesquite, TX, and it’s not an urgent issue, scheduling this for the end of the season when you’re due to shut down the furnace is perfect. If, however, you do need an emergency furnace repair service, the technicians at K&S Heating & Air are here for you 24/7. We also provide preventative maintenance to ensure your furnace avoids repair calls when it’s needed next. Contact our representatives to discuss your needs today!