Air Conditioning Service | Rowlett, TX

Air Conditioning Service | Rowlett, TX

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Anyone who’s lived in Texas for any number of years knows how hot the summer months can be and how unpredictable the winters can be as well. Our team of technicians is committed to providing HVAC service that meets the needs of our Rowlett, TX customers. This includes the best Air Conditioning Service during the hot summer months. We don’t want to see our customers sweating in their homes or offices during the summer months, but we don’t want you shivering during the unpredictable Texas winter months either. Regardless of the season, our job is to keep you comfortable. The Texas summer months have rolled into the crisp autumn months which can still require you to run your AC…As there are still some hot days left in the year. This is why we are committed to providing stellar AC service to keep up with the changing weather patterns.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Our family-owned business has a legacy of taking pride in customer care and service. We care about our Rowlett, TX customers. We know that our customers deserve the best when it comes to service maintenance and customer service. From the first time you make contact with us, our primary goal is to resolve any and all of your issues. Our customer service representatives take pride in providing the best care possible when it comes to our customers. Our customer service team will answer your questions and set up an appointment for our technicians to visit your home or office. We take pride in providing the best in service and customer care from our team of technicians as well as our customer service staff. One of the ways we show our care is by providing round-the-clock service to our Rowlett, TX customers. From Air Conditioning Service to air quality, we show up for our customers time after time.

Service and Maintenance

Our NATE-certified team of technicians is part of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI). We take pride in having a team that’s the best of the best. Our technicians also have the NATE Consumer Contractor Connection (C-3) HVACR Contractor affiliation as well. We’re also certified Energy Star partners. We take pride in being A+ Rated with the BBB.

Our team of technicians are experts at Central A/C Installs and Repairs, Gas, Electric, and Heat-Pump Furnace Installs and Repairs, as well as Central Humidifier and De-Humidifier Installations. We literally do it all. We also provide service for Duct and Vent Installations & Repairs, and Install, Replace & Repair Central Air Cleaners. We take pride in providing top-notch Air Conditioning Service. Our round-the-clock service guarantee allows us to show up when you need us most, day or night, rain or shine. We show up, assess the situation, and get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Sometimes, even with the best maintenance and service, things will go wrong. Your HVAC system needs periodic service and maintenance, but parts will still malfunction from time to time. However, when things go wrong, and your HVAC system is in distress, we are dedicated to showing up and restoring your comfort. We know that a malfunctioning HVAC system can create uncomfortable work, as well as a home environment. We want to be your ‘Johnny on the Spot’…ready to resolve your HVAC issues at the drop of a hat. Superior Air Conditioning Service encompasses many factors. Service, maintenance, and repair have many components. Our experienced technicians understand this. However, when it comes to repairing, we will always show up at your home or office to assess the situation and resolve your issues. Often, a part has worn out, broken, or stopped functioning properly. Also, perhaps your AC has stopped blowing cold or is running non-stop. Our seasoned technicians have seen a little bit of everything which allows them to assess your situation and determine what Air Conditioning Service you need to restore comfort to your environment. We have the tools and the parts to resolve issues with your HVAC system and get you back on course. The best Air Conditioning Service will always be designed to meet your unique situation and HVAC system.


Sometimes, even with impeccable service and maintenance, some issues will become chronic and the money you spend may not be worth it. In situations like this, our technicians will thoroughly evaluate your situation and provide recommendations. If repair isn’t recommended, we will explain the benefits of investing in a new HVAC system. Older systems often perform less efficiently as time wears on, possibly creating higher utility bills. Older HVAC systems are usually not as energy efficient as newer systems. Newer HVAC systems are designed with cutting-edge technology that creates HVAC systems that run optimally.

Top-notch HVAC Service is what we shoot for. This is why we’re honest with our customers when we see that their old HVAC systems are ready for retirement. If your old HVAC system can be revived and sustained with our quality Air Conditioning Service, we will repair it. Conversely, if your HVAC system is on its last legs, we’ll install a new HVAC system. We understand that each situation is unique and we evaluate each situation individually. Air Conditioning Service encompasses a great many things. Our team of capable technicians is happy to provide whatever service is needed. Our Air Conditioning Service is designed to help you beat the heat at your home or office…and sometimes a new HVAC system is the only way to effectively do this.

We’re here to help you maintain your comfortable environment year-round. This is why we’ve always been committed to providing the best HVAC service, repair, and installation for our customers. Give us at K&S Heating & Air a call. We’re here to help with any and all of your HVAC issues, both large and small.