Expert Air Conditioner Installation By K&S Heating & Air | Mesquite, TX

Expert Air Conditioner Installation By K&S Heating & Air | Mesquite, TX

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As winter approaches the community is preparing for mild temperatures while much of the United States is going to be battling sleet, ice, snow, freezing rain, and blizzards. Mesquite, TX is certainly a more comfortable place to be in the middle of the cold months than say, Chicago or Detroit!

However, weather is unpredictable, and every now and then the town of Mesquite, TX gets higher than normal temperatures. The people in this friendly town need to turn on the air conditioner upon rare occasions. While those days are unusual, the colder months are a great time to consider routine maintenance for all your heating, vent, and air conditioning systems.

Regular Maintenance

The summer months in Mesquite, TX are sweltering, often reaching temperatures that leave the thermometer excessively high on the thermometer. Many community members take their HVAC systems for granted and wait until the sizzling August days are leaving them uncomfortable and sweaty, or until there is a problem with the air conditioner.

Many HVAC companies raise their prices during the summertime because the demand for air conditioner repair and air conditioner installation is in much higher demand than in the fall or winter. The same is true of all HVAC appliances. Most folks do not even think about their HVAC appliances until there is a problem.

Do you know how mechanics suggest that you get the oil changed in your car at least every 5000 miles to keep it running and to keep it in tip-top shape? The same is for the heating, air conditioning, and vent systems (HVAC). They should be evaluated and maintained annually to protect and lengthen the life of your crucial home utilities.

K&S Heating & Air offers a subscription service that offers a full checkup for your heater or furnace, your air conditioner, and inspect the cleanliness of your vents. This affordable option is scheduled beforehand and offers tremendous value in comparison to an emergency HVAC repair.

Imagine your air conditioner died over the winter and as the mercury rises, so do air conditioner installation prices. An installation in February is going to be a lot cheaper and you will not have to wait days or weeks sweating and uncomfortable if you had waited until summer.

Air Conditioner Installation

The expert team at K&S Heating & Air understands the investment of buying a new AC and the cost of having an air conditioner installation and it is crucial to get the right unit for your home or office, and have the air conditioner installation conducted perfectly to get the best value for the money you are spending.

K&S Heating & Air fully supports the United States’ government Energy Star Program. The Energy Star Program is a helpful tool that aids consumers in understanding the impact of the appliance they are purchasing on their energy usage, how appropriate it is for your home and office, and how much of a carbon footprint the appliances will affect the planet and your bank account.

There are a variety of new air conditioners on the market. A professional technician from K&S Heating & Air can discuss the different types of units available and ask you a few questions about your building, how often a room is used, and your budget. These inquiries are to find the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and appropriate unit and review the length of delivery and an air conditioner installation.

Safety and the Brilliant, Friendly Technicians of K&S Heating & Air

The coronavirus pandemic, crime, and fraudsters are all considerations a consumer needs to think about before hiring an HVAC company. As a suggestion, perform an internet search for objective websites about air conditioner installation, furnace repair, and vent cleanings. Invest the time to read the reviews: the good, the bad, the nonsensical.

You will find our name often associated with five stars, raving reviews from loyal and consistent customers, and new clients who return to us again and again because of how we choose and hire our technicians. They are submitted to a thorough background check and by thorough we mean we contact their training program, apprentice mentor, perform credit checks, and screen our employees for drug and alcohol problems.

Basically, we would not hire anyone we would not have over for a meal at our family home. Trust is key to safety these days and we care about the health and security of everyone in our community. If you request, our expert technicians will wear a mask, gloves, and plastic booties over their shoes to help prevent the spread of this terrible virus. Your safety is as important to K&S Heating & Air as is the precise and quality level of the air conditioner installation we perform.

Customer Reviews

“During the worst part of the pandemic in early summer of 2020, our air conditioner completely kicked the bucket. Originally, we hired a competitor of K&S Heating & Air. They correctly inspected the AC and concluded that it was not worth repairing. The next day my wife and I tested positive for covid.

Exhausted and in pain, we both took turns calling HVAC companies who would help us even though we had the virus. The extra heat in the house made the discomfort unbearable. It was not until we spoke to K&S that they agreed to help us. We sanitized everything we could, left the front and back doors unlocked, stayed in our bedroom while they worked, communicated over the phone, and paid online.

When the air conditioner installation was finished and the cool air kicked back in, it felt like we were already getting better. We were so grateful to the technicians that we insisted on tipping them each for $50! They deserved the extra money for taking a giant risk to their health and the work they did was perfect. If you have an HVAC issue or want to invest in annual maintenance call K&S Heating & Air!