Air Conditioning Service: Signs Your AC Unit Needs Servicing | Wylie, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Signs Your AC Unit Needs Servicing | Wylie, TX

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Nothing is worse after a long day working than coming home to find your AC is in need of an Air Conditioning Service. Did you know most repairs could be avoided altogether by simply having a yearly AC unit tune-up performed by a qualified Air Conditioning Service yearly? The reason being is problems are most often solved well before they ever become an issue. Just like your car, your AC unit needs periodic tune-ups. We recommend once a year AC tune-ups to keep your unit running efficiently. You may take your AC for granted, but your AC unit works hard in the harsh Wylie, TX weather, especially in the summertime. Wear and tear eventually causes key components to break down in your unit, causing you to need pricey air conditioning repairs.

Without regular tune-ups, our Air Conditioning Units would never survive the hot and humid summers. What many homeowners do not know is that your heating and cooling system needs this vital yearly maintenance. If you do not do yearly tune-ups how do you know when it is time for an Air Conditioning Service call? Let’s explore some of the key signs that your AC unit is in dire need of an AC service call.


1.  Your AC Is Louder Than Normal

After a month or two of no use in the winter, your AC might need some TLC! If your AC is making a lot of loud noises where it did not before, it could and likely does signal a serious issue that needs to be addressed with an Air Conditioning Service call in Wylie, TX. Common causes of this issue range from Motor trouble, loose screws, debris in your AC unit, or bent blades. Loose screws might seem far-fetched to you but screws hold your entire system in place, so if you’re noticing an increase in the volume of noise from your AC unit, loose screws could be to blame. If you’re hearing a loud grinding noise this could be your AC unit’s motor having problems. Bent blades can also be the root cause of issues with loud AC units. Even a slight bend in a blade can cause it to rub against parts it should not. Debris is also a leading cause of loud AC units. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Service expert can tell for sure what is causing the noises.


2.  Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

The very last thing you want when coming home is to find your AC unit blowing warm or hot air into your home. The culprit is often your air filter. Most people do not know that the air filter is one of the most vital components of your air conditioning system. If your filter is dirty your airflow can be affected. When air cannot circulate freely throughout your system, warm air will be the result. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Service expert can determine the exact cause of your faulty airflow.


3.  Strange Smells Coming from Your AC

Not much is worse than turning on the AC unit only to be greeted by a terrible smell emanating from it. What’s worse is the smell lingers on, and air spray just doesn’t seem to cut it out. You could be dealing with toxic mold. Mold, dirt, and grime build up over time on your unit’s air condenser coils. When your AC unit cycles air, that air is cycling over the dirty coils, spreading mold, bacteria, and in some cases even viruses into the airflow of your home. Another cause could be with your air filtration quality. Your air filters are what protects your home from the dirty outside air. Our Air Conditioning Service experts can quickly determine the cause of the odor and correct it.


4.  Little to No Air Flow

This is one of the most obvious signs that your AC unit is in need of dire repair. If you cannot feel cool air coming from the vents when your thermostat is set to cool mode, your unit is broken. If the airflow is very weak then the air in your room will not circulate correctly. This can affect the entire house, not just one room. What’s worse is with little airflow, your AC unit has to work extra hard trying to fruitlessly cool down your home, causing an increase in your electric bill. In this means you will get uncomfortable rather quickly. This problem is most often caused by issues with either your ductwork or your AC unit’s compressor is failing or has failed altogether. Only a qualified Air Conditioning Service can diagnose the root cause of this issue and repair it.


5.  Temperature Swings

If your home has uneven cooling temperatures, you’re dealing with a serious issue. While it may seem like no big deal, it is and should not go unattended. If windows and doors in your home are properly sealed, there should be no reason other than a faulty AC unit for uneven room temperatures.


6.  Humidity in the Home

If there is one thing we all hate, it’s humidity. If you find that your air conditioning system is no longer helping to reduce the humidity in your home, it is time to call your local Air Conditioning Service. It is actually dangerous to have high humidity in your home as this can cause mold to grow and fester in your home. This can cause multiple health issues for you and your family.


7.  Frequent Repairs

This sadly is often a sign that the entire unit needs to be replaced. All ac units have an average life expectancy to them. If you have had to do several repairs in the last 2 to 3 years it may be time to consider replacing the entire unit. There is very little point in continuing to pay for costly repairs if these repairs are only prolonging the life of the unit by short periods of time.


If you are experiencing these issues, do not hesitate, call the experts at K&S Heating & Air today. We have the experience and ratings behind us to address your issues with any air conditioning system. If you are not having these signs, call us today for a tune-up and prevent these issues from occurring. Our qualified technicians can get your AC unit running at peak performance.