Regular Maintenance On Your Air Conditioner Repair System | Sachse, TX

Regular Maintenance On Your Air Conditioner Repair System | Sachse, TX

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Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system is one task we see homeowners often neglect in this area which often leads to expensive Air Conditioner Repair due to neglect. It is rather easy to neglect your AC unit but you should never ignore your AC unit’s needs. Failing to get a tune-up can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run with unneeded repairs due to neglect. The number one reason we see AC units needing Air Conditioner Repair is that the homeowner or landlord failed to have their AC unit tuned up, resulting in needless repairs. Did you know that most homeowners make back the money spent on a tune-up with reduced utility bills? This is because a tuned up AC unit tends to run at peak performance.

Did you know that getting regular tune-ups help to keep your warranties intact? Getting a tune-up today will help to extend the life of your AC unit and avoid the need for costly repairs. Your technician can even, in fact, pinpoint problems before they become major problems requiring expensive Air Conditioner Repair. When it comes to repairs most units we repair every year have not had regular tune-ups. Do not become part of that grim statistic. Did you know replacing your existing air conditioner can cost more than $1500? That is just the average price of a new model, not counting labor. Fine-tuned AC units also help to keep your home’s air quality better, because AC units are cleaned when having a tune-up done.

We all maintain our cars with tune-ups. Your AC unit is just as important to maintain. Did you know that your AC unit has several motors, not just one, unlike your car? Yet like your car your AC unit desperately needs tune-ups. We often take for granted our home’s heating and cooling system, yet it plays a vital role in keeping us cool through the many months of heat in Sachse, TX. Is your AC unit prepared for the upcoming spring and summer? Winter is the perfect time to schedule an AC tune-up to avoid costly Air Conditioner Repair. How do you know it’s time to have an AC tune-up? Let’s examine some tell tale signs that it is time to call in a pro.


1.  Your AC Is Louder Than Normal

All air conditioners make noise during normal operation due to the AC unit’s compressor. If you’re hearing a banging, screeching, clinking, or something else, it isn’t normal for your AC unit to make those noises. If you start to hear grinding or odd gurgling noises from your AC unit it is time to call in a pro for Air Conditioner Repair or a tune-up. If your unit is suddenly making sounds you have never heard before it is likely a sign your AC unit is ready to quit. Do not wait till your AC breaks completely, call the professionals at K&S Heating and Air for repairs today.


2.  The Vents Are Blowing Warm Air

This is one of the most telltale signs that you’re in serious trouble. If your AC unit is functioning correctly you should expect a steady stream of cool air from your unit. When your AC unit is failing, you will get warm air instead of cool air. If the fan is still blowing but hot air is coming out it could mean a number of things. You could have a faulty duct system, your refrigerant could be low, or you may be dealing with a faulty air compressor. You need a professional who can examine every component of your system and figure out the root cause of the issue. If you have this sign, you’re in serious need of Air Conditioner Repair. The longer you wait the more serious the issue could become. When caught early this issue is often rather affordable to fix.


3.  Rapid Cycling

When the weather gets really hot in Sachse, TX you can expect your AC to run more frequently. However, if your AC unit is constantly running this could be a warning sign of a serious issue. The intervals between when the unit is operating should be steady not non-stop. If you have days that are not so hot but your AC is cycling very high you have an issue, same goes for if it cycles too often in the off-season.


4.  Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up Significantly

If you have a sudden rise in your energy bill, but rates have not gone up, you may be dealing with an HVAC issue. When HVAC systems are not functioning normally they can work extra hard to heat or cool your home. All utility bills will fluctuate a few dollars each month, but you should not have substantial increases in your home’s power bill unless your HVAC system is on the fritz. This is one key sign that you’re in need of Air Conditioner Repair.


5.  Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your thermostat is the entire brain if you will for your AC unit. It tells which components to work, for how long for work and is constantly reevaluating those instructions to and from your HVAC unit. If your ac unit shuts off after running only a short time, this may be why. One would think a thermostat is no big deal, but as we noted it is the brains of your air conditioner. The fix for this problem is rather simple, replacing the thermostat. Problems with your thermostat are definitely one of the signs you need Air Conditioner Repair.

If you have any of these telltale signs that you need Air Conditioner Repair, call the experts at K&S Heating & Air today. The longer you wait for repairs the worse the damage can be, and the more costly it can be. Getting a tune-up through us can help you to avoid costly repairs. Did you know most tune-ups pay for themselves via saving in your utility bills due to your AC running at peak performance?