Air Conditioning Service Tips to Help You Beat Heat This Summer | Frisco, TX

Air Conditioning Service Tips to Help You Beat Heat This Summer | Frisco, TX

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What plans do you have lined up for the upcoming summer? Probably, it’s time to hit the beach, host outdoor summer BBQs, make dips in the pool, and many more summer-related activities. But even with all these fun-filled activities, heat and humidity is also part of the season in Frisco, TX.

The only option that seems viable at the time is cranking up the A/C in your home or workplace. Air conditioners help to push the warm and stuffy indoor air out and to bring in fresh, cool, and quality air. This undertaking involves the use of energy to run both mechanical and electrical parts.

Your energy bills might feel like they are spinning out of control during that season. Even worse, an A/C breakdown is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in the middle of summer. In this regard, we explore exclusive A/C tips to help you beat the heat and humidity this summer while cutting your energy expenses.

Your Thermostat Setting Matters

In accordance with the US department of energy, the recommended thermostats setting should be 78 degrees. For areas with a warm and humid climate like Frisco, TX, this department recommends an 80 degrees setting.

Anything above 80 and below 78 degrees is energy inefficient and will lead to a spike of your energy bill. With perfectly set thermostat temperature, you will be able to control your indoor environment while dehumidifying the living spaces, mitigating the problem of mold and mildew.

Probably, with hype in smart technology, you may have come across programmable thermostats and wondering what they are. Any professional who offers air conditioning services will tell you this is the way to go. With these tech devices, you will never have to adjust your temperature manually again.

Other benefits include:

  • Saves money
  • Provide consistent indoor temperature
  • Saves time spent adjusting thermostats
  • Keeps your HVAC optimized
  • Increases your home’s energy efficiency
  • Maximizes zoned cooling and heating
  • Uses high tech tool

Therefore, if you are still using the manual thermostat you may want to hire a company that specializes in air conditioning services.

Check Your Filters

Filters are an essential part of the A/C systems as they help to eliminate dust from incoming air. Apart from dirty filters compromising the quality of incoming air, they increase extra stress to the A/C units as it tries to compensate for the deficit. This causes your system to use more energy.

Therefore, this summer it is imperative to have professionals from companies that provide air conditioning services to check your filter every month. You don’t want to have a situation where your AC is spiking your energy bill or circulating allergens in your home. By seeking professional services, you maintain your long-term health while enjoying a comfortable living space. Remember, just like changing your car’s oil, this a significant process in HVAC maintenance.

Keep Your HVAC in the Shade

Research by the Us Department of Energy shows that shielding your HVAC with trees reduces your energy consumption by a staggering 10 percent. Scientifically speaking, shades cool air around the unit, so, the HVAC won’t do extra work trying to cool the air blowing to your house.

Creating a large shaded area is always a great plus. If you wish to save some bucks on energy this summer, you can seek a company that offers air conditioning services to help you to choose a good shade for your unit.

Weatherizing Your Home

Keeping the cool air from the A/C in your house for as long as possible can help you save on energy consumption on these crucial systems. After all, your intention is to cool your home and not the whole neighborhood. Using weatherizing options is a great way to achieve the aforementioned condition. Seek professional air conditioning services to help you seal all the air leaks by use of weather-stripping and caulking materials. Don’t forget to add proper insulation to your air conditioning ducts.

Your Old HVAC Must Go

Old HVAC are energy inefficient. They lead to the spike of energy bills. Even worse, they tend to breakdown easily. This eventually costs you more money than you intend. You may be thinking that by keeping your old system you are saving money, but you end up spending more on energy and repairs in the long-run. That’s why if you ask any professional who offers air conditioning services, all the old units must go.

According to the US Department of Energy, old systems more than 10 years old should be replaced. Most of them are prone to frequent refrigerant leaks, which may pose health hazards. More importantly, they may not be compatible with spare parts of newer HVACs in the market. At K&S Heating and Air, we implore you to look for a qualified company that offers good air conditioning services to help you replace your old HVAC.

Never DIY an AC Problem

Some people try to use a DIY approach to fix air conditioning problems only to end up causing more damages. More importantly, when unqualified persons handle HVAC repairs, they not only cause more damage but also endanger their lives and those of their loved ones.

In machinery that involves moving parts, dangerous chemicals, and electricity, it is always advisable to procure professional air conditioning service for any undertaking. Some things are best left to the professionals.

It would be a shame to handle AC problems on your own only to end up spending more and voiding your warranty. At K&S Heating and Air, we offer premium air conditioning services that will help keep your HVAC in tip-top conditions.

Bottom Line

Getting a good company that offers premium air conditioning service is like getting a good mechanic for your car. You rest assured the services offered are top-notch and that your equipment will last longer. If you are local, K&S Heating and Air is a next-level HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance company dedicated to providing you with energy-efficient and operational air conditioners this summer.

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