Common Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Allen, TX

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Allen, TX

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Taking good care of everything in your home is important. Not only do you want things like your heating and air conditioning in working order when you need it most, you don’t want to end up spending a fortune on heating and air conditioning repair if it could have been avoided. However, HVAC problems still happen even with good maintenance, so the most important thing is knowing how to spot them. If you’re looking for a little help keeping an eye out for problems with the heating and AC in your home, check out this list of some of the most common heating and air conditioning problems.

Dirty Filters

One of the most common reasons people have to call repair experts is a dirty air filter. All the air that enters your home from your HVAC system runs through an air filter, which removes contaminants from the air before they get into your home. Because this filter is constantly trapping contaminants, it gets dirtier and dirtier over time.

When an air filter gets too dirty, it impedes airflow and can cause serious issues with your heating and cooling system. For best results, you should change your air filter at least twice a year. If you’ve got pets or a large family, you might want to consider changing your air filter even more often than that to avoid frequent heating and air conditioning repair calls.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are another common AC problem that comes as a result of not having your unit maintained often enough. You should have somebody take a look at your heating and AC at least twice a year to clean it up and inspect the various parts. Your condenser and evaporator coils are perhaps the most important things you need to have cleaned during regular AC service.

Since your air conditioner’s coils are responsible for creating cool air and removing moisture from the air in your home, dirty coils require heating and air conditioning repair. If you let your AC run with dirty coils, it’s going to put a lot more strain on the AC unit and cause premature failure eventually. In some cases, your coils may get so dirty that your AC can’t provide any cool air to your home at all.

Air Leaks

In most HVAC systems, the cool or warm air that comes into your home runs through a duct. To get air from one side of your home to the other, several ducts have to be connected together. If there’s a spot where air is getting out, you’re not going to get as much warm or cool air in your home.

The most common spot for duct leaks to occur is where two pieces are joined. Since these pieces are only joined by crimping and duct tape, they can become loose over time.

You should call a heating and air conditioning repair company if you think you might have a leak in your ducts. Not only do these leaks make your HVAC system work harder, they also cost you money.

Thermostat Problems

If you haven’t replaced the thermostat in your Allen, TX, home in a while, now is a good time to do it. Your thermostat is responsible for telling your heating and cooling system when to turn on and off. If your thermostat isn’t accurate, you could be wasting money or not keeping your home as comfortable as it could be.

Thermostats are fairly affordable, and there are lots of great models on the market today. You should look for a programmable thermostat so you can use a heating and cooling schedule to save money.

No Warm or Cool Air

Not getting any warm or cool air through your vents is a common problem that has several potential causes. You might not be getting warm or cool air because of an airflow problem, or it could be that there’s a problem with a component of your heating or cooling system.

If your HVAC system isn’t keeping your home at comfortable temperature, you should call a heating and air conditioning repair company as soon as possible. You need a professional to diagnose the problem and get it fixed, and you don’t want to wait until summer or winter rolls around and you really need your heating or cooling system.

Seasonal Maintenance

If you want to avoid having to call a heating and air conditioning repair company frequently, you need to take care of your heater. Those same heating and air conditioning repair companies can do affordable maintenance to help you prevent costly problems with your heating and cooling system.

Your heating and air conditioning need to be cleaned out and inspected for problems every once in a while. While ensuring proper airflow is a great way to minimize problems, regular inspections are the best way to keep things from getting too bad.

In terms of a maintenance schedule, you should have seasonal maintenance done in the spring and fall each year. These are the seasons when most households tend to use heating and cooling the least, plus it allows you to prepare your HVAC system for the demanding seasons. It will only take a heating and air conditioning repair company a short time to take care of semi-annual maintenance.

The Simple Solution

There’s no replacement for having the knowledge of an HVAC professional, but being aware of some of the common problems and knowing when to get help is a good start. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are the best ways to keep the heating and cooling in your Allen, TX, home in good shape.

Fortunately, K&S Heating and Air is on your side when it comes to taking care of your HVAC system. From heating and air conditioning repair to maintenance and installation, we do it all. If you need repairs or maintenance to get your heating or cooling system back on track, give us a call at 972-271-9319.