Air Conditioning Service: What’s Wrong With My Central Air Conditioner? | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Service: What’s Wrong With My Central Air Conditioner? | Dallas, TX

Having issues with a central air conditioner is not something anybody who lives in Dallas, TX wants to deal with. You will need to call for air conditioning service right away to ensure that your house stays cool during the summer months and that you don’t have issues cascade into the rest of your system or other parts of your home. We’ll go over some of the most common issues with an air conditioner that require service and what they may mean for you.

Refrigerant Issues

An issue with your refrigerant will be an easy air conditioning service call to make. The refrigerant is the chemical that is in your air conditioners pipes that help to remove the humidity and lower the temperature of the air running through the air conditioner. This is an issue that, if not taken care of quickly, can lead to problems in other parts of your heating and cooling system. You’ll generally notice this when your house doesn’t cool off as quickly, if at all, during a cycle. If this happens with a unit that is older they may replace it as they chemicals aren’t able to be used anymore.

Evaporator Coils

What happens when your air conditioner gets too cold? Yes, even in Dallas, TX your air conditioning unit may get too cold and require you to warm it up. This is also something that a call for air conditioning service will come in handy. These coils need warm air to circulate through them to properly handle the unit’s demands. If something goes wrong you’ll get ice forming on the outside which will lead to your air conditioner cycle not ending and warm air, if any at all, coming through the registers.

Condenser Coils

Yes, you have multiple types of coils within your central air conditioning unit. These are on the outdoor section of your unit and can get dirty, clogging up the workings of the outdoor units. This will happen more in the middle of large cities but can also happen if dust is a problem in the air and air conditioning service is something that will be a regular call to fix issues with this. This causes heat to be to be stuck, increasing the work your air conditioner needs to do its job. This can lead to your unit heating up and causing more damage to other parts of your air conditioner or just causing it to fail entirely.

The Fan Blower

In your air conditioner unit is a large fan that blows the air from your inside to your evaporator cooler and another fan that will blow air on the condenser unit outside to expel the absorbed heat outside of the building. When one or both of those fan systems aren’t working, no matter the cause, the flow of air in your system will not be working properly and will eventually cause more problems like a failure in the compressor, as the pressure between the zones in the air conditioner unit will not be balanced. Ask your air conditioning expert to ensure this system is working as intended. You may be able to just get away with a cleaning or a single replacement but if the fans are failing, both may be needed.

The House Ductwork

Over time, your house’s duct work will need maintenance. That will be true in any house. When a service calls for air conditioning service you may wonder why you’re not getting the same pressure out of your registers as before. This may be noticeable in summer with your air conditioner or in winter with a furnace. As your house settles it can cause duct fastenings to loosen and gaps will grow. If there is excess moisture in the ducts or you have a rodent issue they may cause holes to grow in your ducts. You want to make sure as much of the “cured” air, whether heated or cooled, makes it to your living areas as possible and doesn’t sit in the walls.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Do you need to adjust your thermostat often? Or does the temperature showing on the thermostat not seem to match what the actual temperature in the house is? Then a call for air conditioning service may see you replacing a faulty thermostat. This is a task that you may think you could do yourself, but without knowledge of the wiring systems of a heating and air conditioning system you could make a fairly routine service call into a major cluster. New programmable thermostats that are for sale are easier to see if something is wrong, but also slightly more difficult to wire into your wall.

Drain Work

The last issue we’ll talk about here for air conditioning service calls are for the drains leading from your master unit. All that humidity removed from the air has to go somewhere, and almost all the units will send that moisture into your drain line. Well, what happens when the drain lines clog? It will back up into the air conditioning system. This will be an issue that will cause mold if left unchecked, and may require a call for a plumber as well, although many may just send a new PVC pipe run along the floor of your basement or crawlspace.

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