Find The Best Possible Air Conditioner Repair | Dallas, TX

Find The Best Possible Air Conditioner Repair | Dallas, TX

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Many people take air conditioning for granted until they end up losing it. That is, they don’t think much about it until their air conditioner breaks or stops working optimally. However, if you live in a very hot area, such as Dallas, TX, air conditioning is very important. It can be extremely uncomfortable and very unpleasant to live in a home that does not have a functioning air conditioner. If your air conditioner does not function, you can end up living a very poor quality of life, regardless of how much you are spending on the rest of the home.

If your air conditioner is not working properly, you will need to call in the services of an air conditioner repair professional.

Common Air Conditioner Malfunctions

There are many issues that can occur with your air conditioner that would prompt you to need air conditioner repair. Given the machinery that is involved in making an air conditioner work, there are many things that could go wrong. The following are several of the most common problems that can take place within an air conditioner that would cause you to need a repair.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Regardless of the specific type of air conditioner that you have, a clogged or dirty filter can be a big problem. It can restrict airflow, which decreases efficiency and the ability of the system to cool the air in your home. If you have not cleaned or replaced the window within your AC system recently, make sure you do so. After this, check it often. If you have a central AC system, make sure that you go by what the manufacturer has to say about when you should swap the filter. Most of the time, a filter is going to last between three and 12 months.

If your system is running all the time or you have pets, who can shed a lot of hair, you will probably need to change your filters much more often. You might need to consult with an air conditioner repair professional to figure out the exact requirement.

Too Much Sun in the House

If you have a window air conditioner that is in a window that receives direct sunlight, it is going to have to work much harder to do its job in your home. If it is an option, you should move it to a spot that does not have as much light. If not, what you should do is keep your curtains and shades drawn during the daytime, so that the sun is less able to heat up your unit and make it more difficult for the unit to heat up your home.

Warm Air Leaking into the House

If your AC is in the window, what you should do is check the seals that surround it. You want to make sure that hot air is not getting into your house, or that cold air may not be leaving. If you need to do so, you can reseal the area around your unit with weather stripping. The majority of new window units will come with insulation panels that you can put over the plastic adjustable side panels. However, you need to use weather stripping if you want to maximize efficiency. This will go around the perimeter of the unit. Always make sure to use any installation and safety hardware that the manufacturer might have provided.

Vibration of the Window AC

Air conditioners make a lot of noise. These are fairly normal, but a vibrating noise could indicate improper installation. What you should do is make sure that your AC unit is sitting securely in the window, and make sure that you review any installation instructions that may be in your owner’s manual, so that you can confirm that it was actually installed properly. If you have any doubts about this, you can call in an air conditioner repair professional for help.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

If you have a programmable thermostat, it will be easier to exercise control over the temperature within your home. This way, you can make sure that it is always comfortable when you are there and possibly a little bit warmer when you’re not. If the temperature does not seem right, what you should do is make sure that there isn’t direct sunlight shining on to the thermostat, because this might cause it to show the wrong temperature when you look at it. You might want to ask an air conditioner repair professional for advice on this if you want to figure out how to avoid this problem.

Dirty or Blocked Registers

If you have a forced-air system, what you should do is vacuum the registers on a regular basis in order to take away any debris. You should also make sure that objects, such as furniture, are not blocking any airflow that should be happening through your registers.

Crowded Compressor

The outdoor compressor requires adequate airflow in order to work properly. This is why there should be a minimum of two or three feet of space between the compressor and any structures, such as plants. Additionally, there should be at least 5 feet of clearance between the top of the unit and any trees in your yard. You can call an air conditioner repair professional for an opinion if this is necessary for you.

Forgetting the Annual Checkup

You should bring in an HVAC technician or air conditioner repair professional to do an inspection every year if you can. This can catch any serious problems before they have the chance to get worse. They will check the refrigerant, recharge the system, and check all moving parts!


If you are in need of air conditioner repair in the city of Dallas, TX, you should feel free to contact the talented professionals at K&S Heating & Air. They should be able to meet all of your air conditioner repair needs.