Air Flow Issues That Need Air Conditioning Service and Repairs | Heating and AC Service in Garland, TX

Air Flow Issues That Need Air Conditioning Service and Repairs | Heating and AC Service in Garland, TX

Air conditioners perform well when properly maintained. An important part of that is getting a regular air conditioning service in Garland, TX. If there are problems with your ac’s airflow, you are bound to experience some problems.

First Signs of Problems with your HVAC

You might start to notice hot and cold spots throughout your home and signal that you are in need of air conditioning service in Garland, TX to improve the airflow of your system. You may start to notice doors slamming on their own or hear strange whistling sounds and areas of your house may have a draft. All these are signs that there is a problem with the air pressure in the house.

Air pressure problems such as these are caused by poor airflow throughout the house and need air conditioning service in Garland, TX. You may even need repairs done to the ac, too.

Another issue might be ‘no or a trickle of air coming from your ac register’. This also means you need air conditioning service in Garland, TX from a professional technician. The same is true if you find that the ac is blowing out warmer air instead of the usual cool air.

Preventing System Failure

If you are facing these nagging issues and don’t get proper air conditioning service and repair in Garland, TX for it, your ac’s compressor might fail. It’s the main component in your ac and when it fails, you will have no option but to get a replacement for it. And that doesn’t come cheap.

But it’s not all bad. Many of theair flow issuesare not that difficult or costly to get around, so compressor failure doesn’t need to happen. Here are some of these airflow issues that need air conditioning service and repairs in Garland, TX doneby a professional.

The Issues

1.    A Slow Fan

The whole HVAC system consists of blower fans that circulate the air throughout the house. In winters, they circulate the warm air from the heater and in the summers, the cool air from the ac, to keep you comfortable all year.

When there is a problem with the blower motor that is making it run even slower than usual, your ac’s performance can be undermined as it can work twice as hard when the thermostat tells it to. You’re likely to notice the signs we described above when that happens.

When the fan becomes grimy and covered in dirt, the airflow problems start to happen, and that’s when you know you need air conditioning service in Garland, TX.

2.    Choked Filter

Another cause of airflow problems is a dirty and choked filter. You probably forgot to replace the filter before peak season again, and that’s causing the problems with restricted airflow.

The filter is your HVAC system’s lungs and keeps dust, dirt and debris out of the other components of the system as well as the ducts. An overloaded or choked filter can hinder the flow of air and lead to stuffy areas in the house and vast differences in temperature between rooms (the hot or cold spot sign).

If dust and gets into the important parts such as the compressor fan or evaporator coil it can cause an early and unwelcome demise of your ac unit. This is why it is a good idea to have air conditioning service in Garland, TX that helps your filters stay clean.

Change filters at least once a month.

3.    Choked Condenser Unit

Ac systems have an outdoor unit that needs to be free of dust and debris. There are leaves and dirt that can hinder the air flow of your ac and make things worse for your ac and your HVAC system overall. The system can overheat when the intake is blocked.

You need to clear the area around the outdoor unit and see if it solves the problem. There might be some other reason for the restricted airflow. You should contact an HVAC professional to come and take a look at the actual problem.

4.    Exhausted Refrigerant Level

This may not directly impact the air flow, but it affects your ac’s cooling. Refrigerants are what makes your ac cool the surrounding air. Your HVAC technician can use his equipment to check the levels of refrigerants and whether there’s a leak.

The refrigerant needs to be charged to the right level to cool your ac. Without proper refrigerant levels, your ac performance will deteriorate. Refrigerant levels are checked as part of a routine air conditioning service in Garland, TX.

5.    Vents and AC Registers Are Blocked

You need to make sure that your furniture arrangement is not hindering the airflow because that would cause dust, dirt and debris to accumulate in the vent. The vents and registers need to be open to let the air be distributed.

If you’re in an office, this issue is quite common. People don’t agree on the thermostat setting, and if someone is right at the mouth of the ac register, they start feeling too cold. A solution is to move a file cabinet in front of it. Pretty soon the whole office starts feeling hot because one employee was “too cold.” This airflow issue is pretty hard to ignore.

6.    The Coils Are Filled with Dirt

Dirty coils on the condensing unit are another culprit of your system’s poor performance. They are responsible for expelling the heat from your home out into the environment.

If the coil gets dirty enough, it’s effectiveness in expelling the heat is reduced, and this causes massive overheating of the system. That is because the system will be working harder to keep the house cool and if the issue is not addressed, this might lead to airflow problems. In fact, you will not just have airflow problems, but may need to get your ac replaced altogether.

Air conditioning service in Garland, TX helps with cleaning the dirty and choked up coils. It’s therefore advised that you do get ac service regularly.

There are other airflow issues that may need more than just air conditioning service in Garland, TX as you just saw. You can take care of those issues and these ones with preventative maintenance and regular service. If you need to have your ac serviced to make it blow out air smoothly, contact us at K&S Heating and Air to have our technician come and take a look at it.