Warning Signs that you should call an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX

Warning Signs that you should call an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX

We employ our HVAC resources so frequently that it is easy to take them for granted. In our mundane lives, it just represents an insignificant action like running the tap, merely flicking a switch or perhaps pressing a button.

However, every now and then, HVAC appliances such as heaters and air conditioners warrant upkeep. Careful usage and routine maintenance is preferred to considerable damage and subsequent servicing or repairs.

Air conditioners are one such HVAC appliance which may come up short at times. With spring round the corner and summer season fast approaching, time is of the essence. Users can ill afford any glitch in their air conditioners since they will suffer from the harsh humidity.

There are several cases that would require the assistance of an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

The most pertinent ominous symptoms are listed below:

Airflow Issues

The most predictable and apparent sign that your air conditioner is faulty is of course the lack of appropriate cooling.

Each and every time you use the air conditioner, it takes a few moments before it disseminates cool air in to the environment where it is situated. If the device is defective, it may emit hot air, for instance.

The clear as day issue may surface due to a variety of reasons, which would require residents to instantaneously employ an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

An air conditioner is more than likely to come unstuck. The air vents may be giving hot air, which it is not supposed to do, even if you reduce the thermostat and use it at full tilt.

This could happen because the unit’s compressor has collapsed. It might also be a consequence of the Freon levels being too low.

The system may also be in need of repair or even replacement if its ducts are not fully functional. Poor or total lack of air flow may also happen since dirt and debris tends to clog passages over a period of time. Naturally, this obstructs the flow of conditioned air.

Moreover, your gadget might be facing a shortage of refrigerant. This is the part that absorbs the heat in the air, thus ‘conditioning’ it.

Any perceived shortage, such as those highlighted above will require the assistance of an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Nasty Smells

Restricted air flow is not the only occasion that would mean that an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is required.

Foul smells emanating from your air conditioner are another sure shot sign that something isn’t quite right with it.

Sharp or acrid odors may be caused by a number of factors. For instance, it can be due to the conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out through frequent use and needs restoration hastily.

Any sharp smell would indicate that the ducts inside the unit contain molds, which must be removed by contacting an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

This is also a potential health hazard for inhabitants with allergies, which is why it must be dealt with promptly.

If the air coming when the device is in use is not neutral but acrid, then this might be caused by the engine heating up as well.

In most cases where there is a bad smell, it might be because something has entered the system’s stream, like sewage or gas.

In any of these cases, it is best to be safe than sorry and enlist an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX for their professional opinion.

Unusual Sounds

HVAC appliances, similar to other machinery like vehicles and gadgets, are quite audible when operated. An air conditioner makes a distinct sound when started; much like how a car would when ignition is initiated or the car is at full throttle.

However, besides the customary sounds that are par for the course, an air conditioner may be making strange noises, which may well indicate that an issue has come to the fore.

Grating and grinding noises imply that the belt has fallen out of place or a certain metal component found in the inner unit needs more lubrication, which will obviously require an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX to be contacted.

The motor itself may be damaged. Otherwise, a refrigerant leak may be why the unit is making superfluous noise. A hissing sound may even be because something is stuck in the vents or even be the result of aging, which brings us to our next point.


It is not an assumption but a fact that every device has its lifespan. That is why are warranty is essential. It delineates that a machine is only likely to show optimal performance for a certain period.

Once that period expires, it will continue to decline and eventually let up. It is not always imminent but certainly inevitable.

An air conditioning unit that has been in use for a certain number of years becomes a gamble since it is likely to stop working sooner rather than later.

This is precisely where a repair will not be handy and calling an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX might be futile. Instead, a brand new one must be bought and installed.

A unit’s performance is inversely related to its age. The older it becomes, the lower its efficiency will be.

If an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is making frequent visits for repairs then it might be time to replace it.

Higher Bills

Last but not least, if there is a discernible augmentation in your utility bill, then that may be caused by your air conditioner.

Shortage of refrigerants may be a common cause. It would make the air conditioner run longer than usual and contribute to a higher electricity charge.

Hence, if your bills are through the roof and there is no other reason for it, then the air conditioner might be the reason.

Indeed, it may be best to call an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

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