Good HVAC Service in Richardson, TX

Good HVAC Service in Richardson, TX

The city of Richardson in the Dallas metropolis area has become densely packed and now considered an important community for the K&S AC services’ range of operations. The city goes through extreme weather conditions, with winter temperatures getting close to the freezing point in January and summers becoming scorching hot during July.

This necessitates a proper cooling and heating system. If you live in Richardson, TX you would know that getting through the seasons without a proper HVAC system is close to impossible.

Importance of the Heating System in Your Home

A good, functioning heating system makes your home warm and cozy during the cold months of winter. It is especially great at night, when you are tucked in bed, and keeps your house warm enough for you to sleep in peace.

The ideal indoor temperature should be above 64° F, especially if you have young or elderly people in your home. Even grown adults can’t tolerate the cold temperature of Richardson winter for a long period of time without a heater.

Consistent exposure to lower temperature while you sleep can lead to development of illnesses such as colds, flu, headaches and coughing.

Heating System Maintenance in Richardson, TX

Due to the role of the heating system in your home, it is important to make sure that it keeps working effectively during winter. The best way to make sure that your heater won’t disappoint you on a cold winter night is to get it checked by an experienced electrician before you start any heavy usage.

Most people get their heaters checked for any signs of developing problems during autumn. The technician will examine the burner, fuel supply, filters, thermostat, pilot condition and network of ducts and radiators. They will also check any other components that look out of place and let you know if parts need to be replaced.

Getting your heater checked and malfunctioning parts replaced before the system actually breaks down will save you a lot of trouble, stress and money later on.

K and S AC service performs heater maintenance in Richardson, TX for all types of HVAC systems. You can confidently call one of our technicians to tune up your heater and avoid going through any sort of problems with your heater.

Heating System Repair in Richardson, TX

While a maintenance check will drastically reduce the chance of any malfunctions of your heating system, the machine is still susceptible to breakdown due to a number of factors.

If the heater is not providing the desired level of temperature in your home, even though it seems to be working fine, this indicates a problem with the thermostat. Check to see if the settings on the thermostat are fine. It could also be due to problems with the ductwork.

Another problem with heaters is that the fan stops working properly. The function of the fan is to blow the heated air into the ductwork that warms your home.

A more common problem with heaters occurs due to the filters. Filters can become blocked due to debris and stop the airflow into the heater. You may be able to change the filters on the heater by yourself, depending on the model.

If you detect a burning smell or smoke coming from your heater it is a sure sign of bigger problems. It would be best to call the experienced technicians from K and S AC service to take a look at your heater and get it fixed.

Lastly, if you get varied temperatures between different rooms, it could be due to problems with the ducts. Air ducts can become clogged or develop leaks which may be keeping hot air from going to a specific room and a skilled technician can get the ducts repaired in good time.

Importance of the Air Conditioner in Your Home

The summer heat in Texas is so bad you could probably boil an egg in your living room. Well maybe not that bad, but it is quite severe and no one should dare to face the summer months in Richardson without a working Air conditioning system.

Apart from the whole comfort aspect, your Air Conditioner helps keep heat and humidity at a low level. Excess heat and humidity can increase toxicity levels in your home and also make you sick. A hot and humid temperature is breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and other unwanted intruders. An air conditioner doesn’t just keep you comfortable. It helps protect your belongings as well.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Richardson, TX

Air conditioners require annual maintenance to function properly at the peak performance level.  Proper maintenance also helps to lower your electricity bills.

Your AC accounts for a sizable portion of your monthly electricity consumption. It is perhaps the one household appliance that is responsible for the largest portion of your bill.

Proper maintenance ensures that your AC functions as efficiently as possible. Clogs and blockages built in pipes and coils can make it consume more electricity to produce the desired level of cooling.

Annual checks can also increase the life of your Air Conditioner. Most Air Conditioners are built to last 10 to 15 years. Lack of proper maintenance can lower this number. You may find your AC going out of order in 6-8 years if you don’t get the faulty components repaired or replaced on time.

K & S AC provide Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX as well as installation of new HVAC systems. All of our electricians are licensed, trained and very experienced in working with different brands and models of ACs.

Air Conditioner Repair in Richardson, TX

An annual Air Conditioner check done prior to the start of summer should keep your AC working smoothly throughout the hot season.

However, if you didn’t get your AC checked or it stops working despite regular maintenance, there is no reason to break a sweat. Well maybe just a little sweat while you wait for the electrician to get to your premises.

But there is certainly no need to panic. You can call K & S AC service to get you Air Conditioner repaired in Richardson, TX. We treat every call as an emergency and our electrician will get to your premises on time to get your Air Conditioner fixed and running to your complete satisfaction.