All About Condenser Units of an Air Conditioning System in Plano, TX

All About Condenser Units of an Air Conditioning System in Plano, TX

All individual components of an air conditioning system are important and essential for its smooth operations. Among the important sections of any air conditioning setup, condenser unit is that key element on which the reliability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the system is heavily dependent. Since they are fitted outside and separate from the overall assembly of the air conditioning systems, therefore their maintenance and repairs often get overlooked by the users.

A seasoned service provider of air conditioning repair in Plano, TX always suggest to check and clean the condenser unit of an HVAC system on regular basis to ensure its better performance. Working and operations of the outdoor unit of an air conditioning system will be interesting to know. Also, getting acquainted with the associated problems and faults can help one in maintaining its optimal working with the assistance of a reliable air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Condenser Units: Concluding Act of an Air Conditioning Process

Every air conditioning process is carried out through three distinctive and continuous operations of evaporation, compression and condensation and condenser unit is the place where the final step of air conditioning takes place.

Even though both are the sites for heat transfer, but working of condenser unit is a reverse of evaporator unit. Coolants in the evaporator coil present in the liquid state absorb the heat of the interior of the house resulting into the evaporation of it into gaseous form. This heat-laden coolant is then transfers to the exterior unit (condenser) through compressor. Condenser coils dissipates the heat from the coolant through exhaust fans in the surrounding, resulting in the condensation of coolant into its liquid form.

So, if condenser coils are faulty and not working properly, there would be an inefficient heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the house, which is the main task of every air conditioning unit.

Types of Condenser Units

There are three types of condenser units on the basis of how they transfer the heat to the outside environment.

Air Cooled Condensers

In dry cooling systems, air cooled condensers are employed to dispel the heat to the surrounding. In this type of condenser units, air is the medium utilized to absorb the heat from the coolant. A seasoned air conditioning repair in Plano, TX usually recommends the air conditioning systems with air cooled condenser units for the houses and buildings where less working load is required from the system. There are two conditions in which air conditioners have a minimal load.

  • Conditioned air is required for less space
  • Less temperature difference is desired

Apart from that, air cooled condenser has two contrasting features highlighting both its advantage and downside.

Prevents Dampness-related Problems

With no water piping involved, one doesn’t have to worry about any leaks resulting in the growth of algae and mold on the walls and flooring of the house. It is often witnessed that if air conditioner unit is not installed by a good air conditioner installation in Plano, TX, then water piping of the condenser system become leaky very soon.

Requires More Refrigerant

Systems equipped with air cooled condensers require frequent replacement of refrigerant. This is the downside due to which an experienced air conditioning repair in Plano, TX doesn’t recommend air cooled condensers for the spaces with more workload.

Water Cooled Condensers

Water cooled condensers are fitted with most of the air conditioning systems because they are cost effective and able to facilitate greater cooling loads. If installed properly and received regular maintenance services from a skilled air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, then no leakage problem would occur from the water piping of the unit.

Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative condensers are in very rare use with air conditioners. These units use both water and air to dissipate the heat. Evaporative coils are sprayed by water and air flow through them to facilitate the process of heat transfer.

Common Condenser Unit Issues

There are three problems associated with condenser units which demand to call the services of the best air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Coolant Leakage

Leakage of coolant from any component of an air conditioning system drastically slows down its ability to cool down a space. Coolant is relayed to the condenser unit from the evaporator unit to dissipate the heat with the help of compressor. Therefore, leakage can occur at the connections and also along the condenser coil. Look for these signs for coolant leakage from the condenser unit.

  • Hearing a hissing sound from the unit
  • Signs of frost along the condensing coil
  • Noticing a drop in the cooling ability of the air conditioning unit

If you observe any of these signs then immediately call for a professional air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Electrical Malfunctions

Electrical malfunctions usually occur in fan and compressor motors of condenser units. Failure of capacitors, electric relays and wiring can halt condenser units and consequently the whole HVAC systems. If condenser unit is failing to switch on, it is more likely that some sort of electric failure has occurred within the unit. Consult a trustworthy air conditioning repair in Plano, TX to deal with the issue.

Debris-related Damage

Condenser units are fitted in the spaces exposed to debris in many different forms. Gravel, leaves, stems, mud, stones etc. can enter the condenser chamber and damage the fan blades, belt and motor. In case where condenser is powered but not working, call for a professional help of an air conditioning repair in Plano, TX to check and repair for any debris-related damages.

Try to maintain the surrounding area of the condenser unit as clean as possible to reduce the chances of condenser unit malfunctioning due to debris.

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