Scary Furnace Sounds That You Should Not Ignore | AC Repair in Dallas, TX

Scary Furnace Sounds That You Should Not Ignore | AC Repair in Dallas, TX

While almost every sound from the furnace can signal towards a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX, it is necessary that you don’t take some sounds lightly. You are sitting in the living room and enjoying a hot cup of coffee in this hot water. You hear a big banging sound come from the furnace. You are inquisitive, and want to investigate but the cold weather and the hot coffee in your hand keeps you from checking the furnace. You ignore the noise and eventually during one cold night when it’s snowing outside, your furnace blows up and you are left with nothing but a blanket to wrap yourself and clamp your teeth with hopes that the cold shows mercy on you.

Regardless of the banging, scraping, screeching or rapping noise that comes from your furnace, you should always investigate the matter and find out the cause behind the noise. It is the beginning of the cold, dark winter after all and you wouldn’t want to lose out on your furnace.

Most homeowners would be relieved to know that the banging noise came from the furnace because people have made an assumption of most furnace sounds to be harmless. However, we have a list of some of these noises that are really harmful and should be addressed at the earliest.

Loud Bang

If you hear a gunshot like sound as soon as you turn on your furnace, you might have a build-up of gas in your system. This loud sound can give anyone the heebies-jeebies and should not be ignored. The sound coming from the furnace could crack the heat exchanger in the long run, which is why you should attend to it ASAP to save yourself from the dangerous and expensive mishap of a cracked heat exchanger. Don’t take matters in your hand and call for a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX. Before the technicians arrive, it is best turn the system off to avoid any further damage.

The presence of dirty burners within the system would have delayed the ignition of the system, which could have caused gas within the furnace to build up and experience a minute explosion when the ignition comes on. You should regularly run a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX to catch such problems as the technician will inspect and rectify all issues in the burners.

Expanding and Contracting ducts could also be a reason behind this loud banging device. The expanding and contracting ducts have a voice that can be differentiated from an explosion from gas build-up, so it is up to you to decide which one you experienced. If it was the ducts that were responsible for the noise, you can rectify the issue by insulating and sealing ducts, adjusting dampers, replacing the air filter or replacing undersized ducts.

Metal against Metal

If you hear a loud scraping and clanking sound, as if metal is hitting metal, you could have a severe problem with the wheel for your furnace’s blower. Don’t try to take any undue risks and remember to turn off the furnace immediately and call for a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX. Turn on your system only after the technician has done their work and you are good to go. A few reasons behind this clattering noise can be:

  • The blower fan is broken and is scraping against the metal. This needs a professional replacement from a technician able to do a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX.
  • The blower fan has come loose from its bearings and is now continuously scraping against the blower house casing. If you are lucky, the blower wheel must not have gone through a lot of damage and the repair should be easy and quick.
  • In the most severe and exceptional cases, this noise is an indication of the whole piece supporting the blower’s assembly and motor breaking off. The whole assembly must have dropped as a result and is now hitting the blower housing. A professional heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX is needed now.


Rattling sounds continuously coming from your blower is an indication towards a loose screw or a loose panel. Before you try looking over the furnace to find out what is wrong, it is advised that you turn off the power source. Once you have turned the power source off, you can try your hand with a screwdriver by tightening the panel and seeing if that fixes the noise.

If the noise is not coming from loose screws, it could be coming from a leak in your heat exchanger, which is an extremely serious matter. A faulty heat exchanger can emit lethal carbon monoxide into the room, which can cause consequences as secure as fatality. Go for a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX immediately if this seems to be the case.


Readers who are unable to differentiate between the noises should comprehend that there is a basic difference between banging, rumbling and rattling sounds. A rumbling sound basically indicates towards a furnace that needs a quick maintenance. This usually translates into a pilot light that needs adjustment and dirty gas burners. The flame should normally be blue, but if your flame exudes any other color than blue then you should go for a heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX. Colors such as yellow, red, purple or orange indicate potentially hazardous conditions.

High-Pitched Screeching

High pitched screeching from your furnace is often the result of damaged or loose blower belts that are not doing their work properly. If you have a furnace that is not belt driven, chances are that moving parts including shaft bearings may have become extremely dry. This requires an extensive checkup from an expert who understands the whole process. A tune-up of the full furnace would take care of this issue and would get your furnace up and running. A heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX is often the solution to most heating problems in the furnace.