Support Your Heating System to Enjoy This Winter | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

Support Your Heating System to Enjoy This Winter | Heating and AC Repair in Dallas, TX

Dallas lies in Texas and is the third largest city in this state. The city enjoys excellent weather but it can get a bit cold during the winter months. What you need to get is good heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX before things start to get really rough this winter. Here, we share some details of heating and air conditioning systems and the common problems that you may face when your system is not working at the optimum capacity.

Heating Systems

You can get the ideal heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX only if you understand the type of system, which is installed in your home. There are three main types that we explain here for your knowledge. However, you will find that most homes use the third type of system.

Forced Air Heating

This system uses the method of forced heated air, which is circulated around the house. The heat is often picked up from a boiler furnace by air, and then the fans blow the air out through the different vents that cover the entire area, which needs to be heated for comfortable living. This is an affordable system, easy to install and can quickly provide the required functionality to a home.

However, setting up the vents in a finished home can be tough and would often mean once again finishing the interior, in terms of paint and covering up the affected walls.

Radiator Heating

The other type of systems uses convection currents and radiators that work as heat exchangers. You can improve such a system with heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX. It is a system that uses steam from a boiler and then runs it through a series of coils. The coils then transfer the energy to the surrounding area in the room through radiation. The steam then returns to the main boiler in the form of a fluid and once again receives the required heat from a suitable mechanism.

This is a heating system which is usually installed properly while the units are stored underneath floors and often behind the walls whenever possible. This creates a completely concealed system, but one which provides a comfortable environment around the house. However, servicing this system can be difficult, especially if the radiator units are oddly placed at the start and cause problems for servicing professionals.

Electric Heating

Electric heating systems are perfect because they do not take up much space and can easily be serviced due to the lack of mechanical components and the dangers that are introduced with the use of gas burning. You can ensure that heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX includes looking at your electrical heating system and resolving any problems that it may have.

Most homes in Dallas may have such a heating system which employs electric coils that generate the required heat. The system converts electrical energy to the heat energy. It runs on the principle of natural convection, where the cool air enters the bottom of the heater, gets heated up due to the electric coils and then provides the heat through the vents as the hot air rises up. The process is naturally repeated to heat the required space properly.

Problems with Heating Systems

You can resolve most of the problems with heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX, but it is important that you understand the most common problems so that you can ask the right heating professional to look at them and resolve the problems in an ideal manner. Here, we describe the most common heating problems that can only be eliminated when a certified professional visits your property and performs the required maintenance and repair.

Clogged Filters

This is a common problem that should appear from time to time. Your heating systems cannot work with dirty or dust-filled air, so it is a common practice to use an air filter especially in any system that uses forced air to provide the required heating and air conditioning. A clogged air filter is a nuisance and can significantly degrade the performance of your home heating system.

A professional contractor can visit your house, check the filters and then resolve your problem by providing the required heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX. Once you resolve this issue, you will find that the performance of your heating system will improve significantly and it will also use less energy to heat the same space. You will surely receive a smaller utility bill.

Thermostat Issue

Sometimes, your heating elements and the system can be in fine health, but your thermostat may be damaged and would not trigger the flame in a gas heating system or electricity in an electrical system. If you find that the main elements of your heating system are working properly, then get a professional to check whether a heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX is required to take care of your damaged thermostat.

The ideal way to resolve this problem, is to ask your professional heating expert to simply change the thermostat and install a programmable thermostat that can manage the temperature according to different presets. This ensures that you remain energy efficient, but still enjoy the ideal heating when you are home and want a cozy environment.


The heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX is sometimes a maintenance necessity. Remember, your heating system is just like other systems of your house. It needs regular maintenance and support. If you ensure that you get your system checked each year, before you are going for an extensive use, you will find improved performance and will never be surprised by a sudden failure of the system.

Fan Problems

If you use a forced air system, then your fans may not be working properly and the system needs the required heating and air condition service in Dallas, TX. Only a professional can check and see whether a repair is possible or your fans need to be replaced for ensuring the optimum heating that you need.

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