All You Need to Know About the Energy Advantages of Your AC’s Thermostat Settings | Heating and AC in Allen, TX

All You Need to Know About the Energy Advantages of Your AC’s Thermostat Settings | Heating and AC in Allen, TX

Heating and ac in Allen, TX needs to deliver the results in terms of better indoor quality, safety, comfort and, last but certainly not least, convenience. Energy prices are on the rise throughout the US, and have made people more conscious about energy consumption, and ways to cut down on utility bills. They are trying everything they can to keep their utilities in check and limit their use without compromising on their level of comfort.

Simple cooling management with thermostat settings

When it comes to simple management of your heating and ac in Allen, TX there’s nothing better than the simple adjustment of your thermostat to a level that suits you and your family.

One can have energy savings while maintaining their comfort level to a certain degree. How? Choose a thermostat setting that gives you a considerable level of comfort with the highest saving in your bills.

We are here to talk about the thermostat level settings that do exactly that: give you energy savings on bills while offering you great comfort levels.

What are the ideal thermostat levels?

Warm weather warrant less humidity and more comfort indoors. Experts recommend that you set your heating and ac in Allen, TX at 78˚F as long as you are home. If you have plans to go out in the morning to work or for groceries and you are going to be out for more than four hours, increase the thermostat.

Increasing the thermostat settings will allow the ac to start working when it gets a little more unpleasant than usual. Using programmable thermostats to ensure that the ac turns on above 88˚F will allow you to have more savings without reducing the cooling in your house.

Some estimates say that every additional degree over this “magic 78˚F number” allow your heating and ac in Allen, TX to shave about 7% off your energy bill in the hot summer months.

Setting the thermostat a little higher than usual may cause minor noticeable changes in your comfort, but it will not be too alarmist. This higher setting will allow you to have more savings by having your thermostat regulate the energy requirements of your heating and ac in Allen, TX.

A programmable thermostat will make it easier for you to manage the variations in temperature inside your home and energy usage by your HVAC.

For cooler months, you can keep your energy costs down by setting the thermostat for 68˚F in the day when you are home. An authoritative energy site reports that by lowering your thermostat settings by 10-15˚F for 8 continuous hours daily, you will begin to notice 5-15% energy cost savings annually.

Preferential thermostat settings

Different families have their own preferential habits when it comes to heating and ac in Allen, TX. One tactic that you can follow is to use a lower thermostat setting in order to have a sound sleep. Cooler temperatures have been known to show better sleep quality in people.

The reason for better sleep in the night in cooler temperature is that when you sleep your body needs to reach a particular temperature when you sleep. This is so that the production of certain chemicals that aid your sleep increases, and you get better REM sleep (rapid eye movement). Imagine this as your body’s internal thermostat, if the thermostat outside is programmed closer to you internal thermostat, you sleep well. It’s all about maintaining that equilibrium.

Blankets can be used in order to counter the effects of extreme cold if you feel it. Humidity can also come into play. If your ac is not able to remove the humidity from the air, it probably means that you need air conditioner repair in Allen, TX. As long as you get scheduled bi-annual maintenance from reliable and experienced professionals, the ac should continue to do its job of removing humidity well.

Getting a Programmable Thermostat will solve many headaches

Having a programmable thermostat along with air conditioner installation in Allen, TX allows you to have preset stats fed into your ac system to allow a schedule of heating and cooling to be followed in the day. There will be no need for manually adjusting the temperature settings so you can go about your day as usual, and get the energy savings and comfort level that you want when you come back.

Adjustments happen automatically, more than five times in a day, when programmable thermostats are used. You don’t need to worry about your daily or weekly programming of the thermostat if you feel you need to override the automatic settings on your programmable thermostat.

One headache that people usually face is that they cannot sleep enough during the night and wake up feeling all groggy and tired in the morning. It even affects their performance at work and that makes it difficult to have a normal conversation with anyone.

Programmable thermostats can solve this problem with ease. Just program the thermostat to a low setting a couple of hours before you sleep. This will allow your heating and ac in Allen, TX to have your home at a more “sleep friendly” temperature.

Just an hour before waking up, you should program the thermostat to raise the temperature in order to give your body a “wake-up call”. Time it for 8 hours and your adequate sleep problem is solved.

Tips and benefits of using a Programmable Thermostat

  • When you opt for a vacation or go with family or friends on weekends make sure that the thermostat is at an energy saving temperature (lower in winters and higher in the summers). Place it on hold there so that your savings are not affected.
  • Keep your programmable thermostats away from sunlight. Have them installed somewhere that it is relatively calmer in terms of drafts and wind exposure. Exclude areas near fireplaces, skylight, heating appliances, the kitchen and windows. Heat and winds may damage the programmable thermostat.
  • Ensure that you change the batteries as soon as they an indication appears for it.

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