Beat the Heat: Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

Beat the Heat: Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

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Summertime in Dallas, TX can get hot very quickly, as the Lone Star State sits on the rim of the South near the ocean. With the water being so close by, humidity increases, which can more than double the chance for heat-related problems. Those with breathing issues such as chronic asthma should take extra precautions to ensure that they keep up well with good air conditioning service, so when the cooling is out, getting the AC unit repaired is essential. And K&S Heating and Air can help.

Air conditioning service is about more than just simple, basic repairs. Good air conditioning service can also entail speaking with a professional contractor to determine the system that’s right for you and your home. Fortunately, there are many different cooling systems for your home, and much to choose from when it comes to your unique needs.

Central air conditioning systems are the most popular, and have been timeless in their reliability since as far back as the 1970s when it became a household name. Central air was popular among homes that housed families due to the fact that each unit could transmit the cool air easily throughout the entire home. It relies mainly on the use of fans, coils and condensers to distribute the right amount of air to larger homes.

Packaged air conditioning is another system that is a lot like classic central air. It can cool down multiple rooms at a time. Most packaged air systems do come with at least a compressor and a condenser, but there are some cases where complete kits may be sold that also have evaporators and expansion valves that come with them.

Split air systems are composed in one of two ways. There is both an outdoor and an indoor system, and each works in separate ways according to your air conditioning needs. The outdoor system has an outward compressor that helps to convert the hot air into cooler air by circulating the refrigerant through the evaporator coils and converting it constantly from one form to another.

The inside unit is typically installed near the window of the room that it cools. Both rely heavily on pipes rather than traditional ductwork systems, which makes them easier to clean but harder to have in larger households. Split systems have one thing in common with traditional window units in that they are set up to cool a single room or a small area, which makes both types of AC units more practical for smaller homes or apartments in the Dallas, TX area.

There are many other AC systems that can be installed by your air conditioning service provider, such as systems that require the use of duct work. Ductwork is a set up that includes an internal system of large, pipe-like structures specifically designed to transport air in and out of your home. They are often good for places that require greater amounts of ventilation for reasons of climate control and environmental maintenance.

With duct work, there are certain types of general maintenance issues that crop up from time to time. One is that the duct work itself can become dusty, dirty, or clogged, which is why you need routine air conditioning service. One critical task that should be done is to have your duct work inspected for clogs, wear, and tear. This can help keep the air flowing freely throughout your home and prevent the event of further breakdowns in your system.

Your duct work has its own method of communication in that it lets you know when the insides need to be cleansed. A continuous dusting of any furniture or other home surface that results in more dust accumulation may have origins in the duct work. If there happens to be dust trapped in there, then the odds are great that your entire system needs to be professionally cleaned. A worst-case scenario would mean that your troubles are just beginning as the result of a clog that should be addressed right away.

Duct work clogs may result in trapped particles or allergens that make it difficult for you to breathe. In some cases, those with breathing problems can be affected to the point of needing immediate medical attention. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma should take extra precautions to have their duct work inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Dust accumulation may be the direct result of dirty air filters inside your duct system. In fact, they often have origins in dirty or dusty air vents, as the debris is sucked directly into the air ducts when your air conditioning unit is in full use.

There are some situations in which your air filters get dirty much more often than normal, and that can be a sign that your duct work needs a good, thorough cleaning. Having it professionally done by your air conditioning service provider is a must, as any DIY measure is deemed inadvisable.

Decreased air flow is another issue that crops up with a growing blockage in your system. This may have an impact on your monthly utility bill as your air conditioner strives much harder in a failed attempt to provide good, quality air conditioning for your home. Just the thought of paying more money for nothing should be enough to get you thinking about calling for air conditioning service to get it fixed.

Blocked duct work may also make strange clanging sounds when the air is turned on. When this happens, it’s a sign that whatever is stuck inside may be banging around and trying to get loose. In this case, your air conditioning service professional should be able to use specific tools to physically remove the clog prior to vacuuming out your system.

Whether it’s in your duct work or a single unit, your air conditioning service provider should know what to do when your system breaks. If you notice anything strange that might be related to older units or faulty ductwork, a professional is a must. Call or visit K&S Heating and Air today for an appointment.