Beware of the Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Scams in Plano, TX

Beware of the Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Scams in Plano, TX

With the summers heating it up in Plano, TX, almost everyone depends on their air conditioners to cool things down for them in the scorching heat. Unfortunately, this is also the time when air conditioners break down the most – simply because they’re being used extensively to beat the heat.

Whatever the problem might be, like every other household, you too would trust a local air condition repair service in Plano, TX to get your air conditioners up and running again. While most heating and air condition service providers in Plano, TX are honest and ethical in their dealings – there are some that don’t adhere to the principles of professionalism.

This makes homeowners like you predominantly susceptible to common air conditioning scams. Good thing is, these scams can be avoided. However, in order to avoid being the victim of such scams, you should know what you’re up against every time a repair technician comes to your place for air condition repair in Plano, TX.

To make it easier for you to know what to look out for, we are listing down the most frequent scams shady heating and air condition services in Plano, TX use con their clients into paying a lot more money than necessary.

Unnecessary Replacement of Parts

The service technicians that arrive at your home for air condition repair in Plano, TX might tell you that there are several air conditioner parts that need to be replaced. This is a big red flag for you. The cases where several faulty parts of the air conditioner require replacement are very rare. In most cases, it is the malfunctioning of one part that leads to the improper functioning of other air conditioner parts.

Hence, if the technician tells you there are multiple parts that need to be replaced, it is highly likely that they are looking to rob you off more money than actually required for the job.

How do you tackle this problem? Get multiple opinions!

Give us at K&S Heating and Air a call at 972-271-9319 for a second and reliable opinion on the problem. You can even count on us for top notch air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

Offers that are Too Good to Be True

While it may be tempting to grab onto any air conditioning service in Plano, TX offering “free” services or deals that make you feel like you’ve hit a jackpot on savings – it is usually not the case. Businesses are always looking for ways to maximize profits. Where most of them would prefer to do so through quality heating and air condition service in Plano, TX – others would take the short-cut to make quick money.

Most of the times you come across the guarantee of a massive discount on certain services or a free service – there will always be a catch. They will loop you in with these offers and then steer you into spending on something you didn’t need or wanted to.

To avoid being scammed like that, always persist on obtaining a written agreement. Heating and air condition service providers like K&S Heating and Air in Plano, TX will always provide you with proper written agreement for the services we render. We provide our clients with up-front prices and fair services that in no way mislead you. We charge what we quote.

Any service company that does not agree to a written agreement shouldn’t be trusted!

The Refrigerant Needs a “Recharge”

Recharging the refrigerant is a common term used by dishonest technicians as a solution for restoring the refrigerant to optimal levels in the air conditioner. Problem is that the refrigerant levels fall when there is a leak in the unit. The ideal solution for this problem is to fix the leak. If the technician is suggesting a recharge, beware that they are looking to have you call them again and again for repeat services.

It’s important to know the serviceman’s jargon. Don’t agree to a refrigerant recharge. Get in touch with us for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX tailored to address the leakage in the unit.  

Selling You the Refrigerant Twice!

When you get the air conditioner installed, the air conditioning service in Plano, TX charges you for filling the refrigerant in your air conditioner. The dishonest service providers will charge you for the full amount of refrigerant but will fill only part of it. This way, when the air conditioner doesn’t cool properly, you will call them again for the refrigerant and they can bill you again for the service that should have been delivered and completed the first time around.

One way to overcome this scam is to ensure you close monitor the serviceman. Make sure the refrigerant jug is weighed before it’s filled into the unit and again when the technician claims the refrigerant has been completely filled. The difference in the weights should be equal to the amount of refrigerant that was supposed to be filled into the unit.

Cash Payment Up Front

A reputable air conditioning service like us in Plano, TX will never ask their clients for payment before rendering the services agreed upon. If a technician is asking you for money before completing the actual job, they might run away with it. It could be the company’s way of scamming innocent customers, or the technician’s way of making a quick buck – either way, it is something you should never agree upon.

It is important to remember that whether it’s air condition damage or repairs you need air conditioning service in Plano, TX for – it always pays to get more than one professional opinions. This allows you to confirm that the problem is genuine and also compare the costs quoted by different companies for the job.

It saves you from low-balling and any possibilities of fraud. K&S Heating and Air is a trusted name for heating and air condition service in Plano, TX. We promise to deliver quality heating and air conditioning repair for residents in and around Plano, TX.

We take pride in the fact that our clients trust us enough to be their first choice for any repairs to their heating and air conditioning system. We charge what exactly what we quote!