Beyond the Heat: Air Conditioner Installation | Garland, TX

Beyond the Heat: Air Conditioner Installation | Garland, TX

With the hot weather approaching, those living in the Garland, TX area know exactly how unforgiving the heat can be. Residents in the region know all too well that air conditioning is a necessity, as it is something that no one can live without as the summer months wane forward.

But there are many times when you may face an issue with your air conditioner. Your unit can fail to turn on, it can trip up your circuit breaker, or make a funny noise. At times, it may come on only to spew forth warm or hot air, and that can cause a headache. But the local residents need not panic, as there is one company that will always have their back when it comes to air conditioner installation and repair: K&S Heating and Air Conditioning.

With K&S Heating and Air Conditioning, there is so much that customers in Garland, TX and beyond can expect. They can expect fast, friendly, and prompt service from a team of knowledgeable professionals who are well-schooled in the area of air conditioner installation. So if your unit runs out, or you simply need to buy one, then you have your answer.

Customers know just when its time to buy a new AC unit or system. There are times when your system is simply in need of repair, and that’s fine. Sometimes, even a seasonal inspection can help detect problems. If your unit is emitting warm air, it could be a problem with your refrigerant leaking, or maybe your compressor is going out. Either way, you should turn off your AC immediately and call a licensed professional.

Sometimes, your unit or system will either run constantly, make funny, metallic noises, or not produce enough air. There may be times when you may notice a substantial spike in your monthly energy bill due to AC failure.

And when you notice that your unit breaks down frequently, then doing a cost comparison assessment is helpful. In this sense, you need to ask yourself how many times in the past year or so your unit or system has broken down, look at the repair bill, and compare the total cost to the financial worth of your unit. If repair costs exceed the value of your unit, then brand new air conditioner installation is the solution to your problem.

K&S has many options from which to choose: you can opt for a regular, single unit or a complete HVAC system. Their installation services offer any of the following, depending on your home’s needs: duct and ductless systems, central air, evaporative cooling, thermostats, and more.

Those who live in homes that rely on duct systems know the importance of having them cleaned on at least an annual basis. Failure to do so can result in clogging due to the massive amount of dirt and debris that collects as the result of wear and tear.

In fact, most central air systems rely heavily on duct work, as it is a complex channel made of certain materials, usually galvanized steel, that are constantly moving your air in and out of your home. Good, quality duct work needs to be the appropriate size for your home so that it can do its job effectively and efficiently. And because repairing and installing new duct work is no simple task, it is highly recommended that you call on a professional.

However, there is no air conditioning system that will ever be immune to the collective wear and tear that results in massive repairs and increased energy costs. Although routine maintenance can extend the overall life of your system, it is recommended that it be replaced after at least a decade of use. Brand new air conditioner installation is recommended in these cases.

Before you consider air conditioner installation, you may wish to consider getting one that uses a programmable thermostat. For that you will need smartphone access and an app to match. Using a reliable wifi connection is a must, as you may wish to have a new system that you can program remotely. There should be an option to turn your system off while you’re away, or preset a good temperature for when you return home.

Sometimes, when it comes to your air conditioner installation needs, another factor to consider is the quality of your indoor air. If ventilation is poor, you may need to consider having your air filter checked to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Other ventilation factors to consider are the rise in the humidity level in your home: Does it appear hot in spite of your AC’s efforts at cooling? Checking your unit for its ability to monitor and maintain healthy humidity levels within you home is essential prior to considering new air conditioner installation.

Another feature to consider in air conditioner installation is the possibility of a zoned system, which is a special type of AC cooling that can help maintain acceptable temperatures in certain areas of your home. In fact, zoned systems are one of the best systems for new air conditioner installation in that they cool only the most essential parts of any building where people are most likely to be, whether it’s the bedroom, your living area, or even your kitchen. Plus, they use programmable thermostats so that if you decide that you will not need to use the living room for the rest of the night, then you can program your system to cool down each bedroom in your home where people are sleeping. And, unlike their AC competitors, zoned systems use far less noise to emit any kind of air, hot or cold thus reducing the headache and frustration for residential and business customers alike.

Regardless of the air conditioning system you need, K&S Heating and Air is always here. Anytime you wish to have your AC repaired or a new one installed, you can call or visit their website to make an appointment.