Dependable Air Conditioner Repair Services | Rockwall, TX

Dependable Air Conditioner Repair Services | Rockwall, TX

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Freezing winters and scorching summers are not the best conditions for working or living, especially in Rockwall, TX. It is, therefore, not surprising that wherever you walk in this city, you’ll see AC systems installed in all homes and buildings.

In fact, when the weather is so harsh, you can’t survive a whole day in this area without a functioning AC system. For that reason, when your AC system breaks down, it would help if you got it repaired as soon as possible. This implies that you’ll need the services of a reliable company such as K&S Heating and Air.

An expert will be able to determine whether you need air conditioner repair service or a complete overhaul of your system.

Do You Need Air Conditioner Repair, or Replacement?

Sometime it may be a waste of time and energy to repair a system that will again break down after a few days, weeks, or even months.

To know whether your AC system needs a repair or a replacement is difficult. It is a decision that only an expert can help you to make. This is because the initial cost of installing a new AC system is quite prohibitive, while at the same time, it can get very costly to continue using a faulty AC system.

When you call us to inspect your system, we will consider several factors before giving you feedback. Some of these factors include:

The Age of Your AC system

An AC system can never last forever. On average, AC systems last for between 10 to 15 years. If your AC system is approaching this age, it will help if you started thinking about replacing it.

Some indicators will tell you that the system is getting old. For example, you may notice that it breaks down more often. AC Repair is very, very expensive, and may drain your pockets.

As the AC system gets old, its efficiency will also be compromised. You may need to run in for hours before it cools your house.

Your AC System Becomes Ineffective

You will know the history of your AC better if it has served you for several years. If its effectiveness is going down, you’ll be able to tell. It may be taking a little longer than it used to take to cool your house, or it may completely fail to do so. If that’s the case, you may need a repair service. Call K&S Heating and Air if you are local or in surrounding areas.

Does the cost of repairs exceed the cost of installing a new unit?

When you have an old air conditioner, you can be sure that soon, you’ll need to replace it. The challenge comes when you want to know at what point in time, you need to replace it. You might find paying for AC repair once in a while to be more comfortable than installing a new unit.

However, if you may calculate the amount you use in repairs and compare it with the cost of a new unit, you can think twice. The amount you pay for air conditioner repair is cumulative, and it becomes heavier on you because you’ll also be paying more for energy usage.

Therefore, the total cost of running an old AC system may go far much beyond the installation cost, which you’ll pay once. Seek the services of our experts to help you with all the estimations so you can make an informed decision.

Your electricity bills suddenly shoot up

You know what range your electricity bill falls into every month. If there is a sudden increase in your electricity bills, but you’ve not changed your energy consumption habit, the victim could be your AC system.

Try also to compare your electricity bills with those of your friends with a similar lifestyle and house size as yours. If the difference is substantial, then the course is most likely your AC system.

A faulty AC system consumes a lot of energy, which makes it very expensive to run. Call our experts to inspect your AC system and decide whether all you need is AC repair, or you can start budgeting for a new unit.

K&S Heating and Air Is There for all Your Air Conditioner Repair Needs

If you are a local resident, you can rely on K&S Heating and Air for all your air conditioner repair and other plumbing needs. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Energy Efficient & Low Cost
  • Filtration System Upgrades
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Filters
  • Fans
  • Forced Air
  • Gas & Oil Heat
  • Furnaces
  • HVAC
  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • HVAC
  • Ventilation
  • UV Lights
  • Filter Upgrade
  • Controls & Thermostats
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Heater Repair
  • Air Ducts
  • Duct Work
  • Heating Systems
  • Custom Designed Systems
  • Central Air
  • HEPA Filters
  • Central Heating

Why Choose Us?

We are the oldest company offering air conditioner repair and plumbing services in Rockwall, TX. We have many years of experience serving the people from this area, and even the surrounding regions.

You will get value for money

We know that you work very hard to get money. That’s why we strive to offer the best services. Whether it is an installation or a repair project, we will give it the same priority because we know how vital an AC system is to you. Our services are 100% guaranteed.

Fast Results

We use modern technology in our diagnosis process, installation, and air conditioner repair. This helps us to clear our projects faster than you can imagine.

Other reasons to choose us:

  • Integrity is our watchword
  • We are experts in plumbing
  • We respect our customer’s property
  • We offer perfect installations
  • We are professional in all our operations


We are the leading plumbers here locally. We stand behind our work. That’s why we have managed to offer air conditioner repair services in this area successfully for years. Do not face extreme weather conditions with a faulty AC system, give us a call at K&S Heating and Air, and we’ll respond promptly.