Why You Should Call K&S Heating & Air for Air Conditioner Repair | Rockwall, TX

Why You Should Call K&S Heating & Air for Air Conditioner Repair | Rockwall, TX

Whether summers are getting hotter or we’ve lost our tolerance for heat as we grow older, lots of us want to yank out noisy, dripping window air conditioners and replace them with quiet, efficient whole-house central-air-conditioning systems. But doing that won’t end all of your problems. Central air conditioners break down too, and require maintenance each year to keep them running for well past their warranty.

The Best Air Conditioner Repair

After decades of operating in the HVAC space, K&S Heating & Air knows precisely what residents of Rockwall, TX have come to expect from their air conditioner repair provider. They only want the best—the operators with a name they can pass on to friends—without an exorbitant price. We keep things affordable because we encourage our customers to invest in the maintenance of their equipment. This dedication should, in the long run, keep their air conditioner running as long as possible with fewer repairs than the average household that doesn’t invest in the annual maintenance of their AC unit.

  • Fast service. It is crucial to have good air conditioning during the sweltering summer in the metropolitan Rockwall, TX area.
  • They conduct a thorough assessment of the air conditioning problem to find its root. The best ac repair companies don’t just prescribe a band-aid solution.
  • A one-stop-shop for air conditioning installation, maintenance and air conditioning repairs, as well as air conditioning repair services that attend to both residential and commercial customers.
  • A company that employs trained professional and friendly technicians who are among the top in their field of expertise in air conditioner repair.
  • Certified technicians that use the best, most current techniques employed in the field and accept that as air conditioning technology continues to improve, so must they.
  • In many cases, professional installation, maintenance and repair can be more cost-effective than the risks connected with servicing the HVAC system yourself. An improperly maintained unit will end up costing you more over time than a well-maintained one. K&S Heating and Air have extensive experience in the field by providing high-quality air conditioning repairs for residential and commercial customers in the metropolitan Rockwall, TX area.

When you choose to use the best company you can for your air conditioning repair needs, you can rest assured in your repairs will be done right the first time, and the results will be as long-lasting as possible. If you claim to be the “best in the business” of air conditioner repair, you’d better have professional technicians who go through a rigid screening process, drug and alcohol tests before joining the team.

Beyond that, technicians should stay up to date by continuing their education to help them stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices in air conditioner repair.

You don’t have to choose us for your Rockwall, TX ac repair, but all we ask is that homeowners don’t attempt to conduct ac repair by themselves. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t work on your HVAC, the primary one being that high voltage dangers are a safety concern in why we advise you only to allow a professional technician to handle the HVAC unit. A professional service provided by an experienced and licensed HVAC technician is the safest and option. Besides air conditioner repair, your chosen HVAC specialist will likely also offer the following cooling services.

We will send you with a professional air conditioner repair experience at any time of the day, many days of the year.

We are number one in the field of HVAC in Texas, and our expertise in air conditioner repair systems sets us apart from other heating and cooling companies. If your heating and air system requires repair, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Call K&S Heating & Air for Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioner won’t cool? Cooling system making odd noises after beginning? Don’t sweat it.

K&S Heating and Air provide indoor heating, air and indoor air quality solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

These are some of the most typical problems with AC systems. The following fixes are the only exceptions to the “don’t fix it yourself” rule.

  • Air conditioner is off. Check the thermostat and if that is properly set, check the electrical panel for a tripped breaker before calling an HVAC professional.
  • Air isn’t cold. If the thermostat is good, try replacing the air filter. A new air filter will improve efficiency and air quality, and you might also find that the outdoor unit is full of debris. If the problem is leaking refrigerant, you must call a professional.
  • Uneven cooling. Leaky ducts, insufficient insulation or blocked registers all cause inadequate cooling but if these aren’t the root cause of the problem, consider putting up blackout curtains on south-facing windows or have a pro install a zone system throughout your house to make sure each room is individually cooled to your liking.
  • Water dripping from unit. Examine the condensate line for clogs. Leaking refrigerant can also cause ice to collect on the coils and drip water. Examine the condensate line—the PVC pipe going out of the air conditioner—for clogs.
  • Air conditioner is making strange noises: Unnerving noises are a sign of a potentially severe problem. Turn your system off and call a certified, insured HVAC specialist.

We offer all indoor air quality services for residential buildings, detached homes, and professional buildings. No job is too big or too small. If you need assistance for your home or office, then give us a call today. K&S Heating and Air technicians are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been providing HVAC solutions for all of Texas. K&S Heating and Air is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, where we maintain a solid A+ rating. If you require service and have queries or concerns, give us a call.