Common Air Conditioning Service Problems Faced by Homeowners | Rowlett, TX

Common Air Conditioning Service Problems Faced by Homeowners | Rowlett, TX

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Three-quarters of homes in the US have air conditioning systems. Hot summers, as encountered in some states, including Texas, require a properly working AC. An air conditioner uses electricity to transfer heat from the interior of your home to the outside environment and brings in cool air. It offers a comfortable indoor space for you, your family members, and guests during the hot season.

After installation, air conditioning systems may develop defects that affect their efficiency levels. If not fixed promptly by an expert, the issues can lead to more serious incidents, including health conditions such as severe sunburns. Therefore having prudent air conditioning service technicians check your AC to troubleshoot these common defects as discussed below could save you from bigger problems.

Frozen Coils

A frozen coil indicates an underlying problem with airflows such as dirty air filters and clogged air ducts. Mechanical failures or low refrigerant levels can be the main causes of frozen coils. When refrigerant levels reduce, the cooling unit becomes defective since the indoor coils can’t manage to absorb enough heat from your home as required. It in turn makes ice accumulate on evaporator coils.

Mechanical failures such as kinks in blower fans and refrigerant lines and clogged filter dryers can also cause frozen coils. Outdoor temperatures also contribute to a frozen coil as air conditioning systems function optimally at temperatures above 62 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice your AC unit has reduced its cooling ability, you should contact certified air conditioning service specialists to look out for this defect and fix it. It’s beneficial since you won’t have to deal with bigger problems, including replacing your damaged AC unit.

Leaking Refrigerant

Also known as Freon, a refrigerant is a chemical that cools the air that flows into the air conditioning unit. Low levels in the refrigerant tank could imply a leak that’s characterized by lack of cool air in the vents, increased energy bills, or hissing sounds emanating from the air conditioning unit.

Prompt air conditioning service experts can help you detect the exact leaking spots early and execute the necessary repair procedures to avert complete malfunctioning of the system. Refrigerant leaks are not only harmful to the air conditioning system performance but also to the environment. Additionally, they can pose the risk of refrigerant poisoning to you and your family.

Thermostat Sensor Issues

Thermostat problems include short cycling and mismatching room temperatures. When the thermostat does not light up after the AC unit stops working, it indicates there’s a bigger underlying problem such as dead batteries, tripped breaker, or a blown fuse in the main electrical panel.

A dirty or unleveled thermostat can also cause poor calibration by an anticipator. Professional air conditioning service providers check defective thermostats for any defects and fix them to ensure you get the amount of quality cool air you need for your hot home. The air conditioning technicians may also recommend a perfect installation location of your thermostat or the best thermostat to buy if the existing one is defective.

Clogged Drain Lines

A drain line expels moisture accumulated by the air conditioning system as it works to keep your house cool. If the drain line is left unchecked for a long time, debris and dirt can clog it and block moisture from leaving your unit. Afterward, you may need to replace the whole drain line if it becomes defective.

Regular checks on the drainage lines by professional air conditioning experts could help extend the system’s life span beyond the average of 15 to 20 years. The suitable time to get the drain checked is when the weather outside is humid.

Cracked Air Ducts

When the air ducts crack, the air conditioning system may strain to blow out cool air as the little air-cooled by the machine leaks through the cracks. It can render the house inhabitable due to discomfort and sweltering heat. Additionally, these cracks can let in warm air into the system, making it impossible to cool your home efficiently. Insects such as fleas and cockroaches can also penetrate through the cracks and sneak into your home. If you live in Rowlett, TX, you can reach out to an air conditioning expert to identify and rectify the cracks or replace the whole duct system if the cracks are hard-to-fix.

Defective AC Fan

AC fans are important components of cooling units since they supply cooled air to all rooms in your home. An air conditioning system with poor airflow can struggle to meet the cooling needs of homeowners. Impediments in air vents, loose nuts, and friction can cause fans to become faulty. Additionally, objects can be tied to the fan’s base preventing proper rotation, meaning the conditioner’s compressor may overheat or trip the safety load. Also, a damaged fan can damage the compressor, leading to the replacement of the whole AC unit.Regular air conditioning service conducted by a professional ensures your cooling unit’s outdoor fans are in good working condition.

Unpleasant Smells

When cooled air comes in contact with debris and dirt accumulated in vents, you may notice unpleasant odors inside your house. Burnt filters and electrical faults can also result in unpleasant smells. Bad smells indicate rudimentary conditions within the AC that should be examined promptly by air conditioning technicians to restore quality indoor air within your home. The professionals clean all AC components thoroughly and carefully to ensure no part is left damaged.


If your air conditioning system turns itself off frequently, then the most probable issue could be overheating. This may be a result of clogged filters, poor installation position, and leaking window seals. You should talk to an air conditioning service provider to offer regular troubleshooting solutions to ensure the system doesn’t overheat.

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