Residential HVAC: Dangers Of Faulty Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

Residential HVAC: Dangers Of Faulty Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

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Approximately 88 percent of new single-family homes in the US have air conditioners. Proper AC installation is a worthwhile investment that leads to better air quality and minimizes the irritants that trigger allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks. Also, apart from causing discomfort, too much heat can result in skin conditions such as sunburns.

Improper air conditioner installation can lead to lots of dangers, besides inconveniencing your indoor air quality needs. Therefore, you should look for a skilled technician to add an AC into your home if you don’t have one or reinstall your existing air conditioner. Listed below are some of the dangers of faulty AC installation that can occur in Mesquite, TX, homes.

Elevated Electrical Bills

Air conditioner installation can drastically affect your budget if not conducted properly by HVAC professionals. If you hear any odd noises coming from the air conditioner’s cabinet, you should be alarmed even if the AC’s temperature does not change. The noises may imply your AC is straining to keep up with your home’s cooling demands.

Hiked energy bills can also arise from the installation of a smaller or bigger AC to accommodate the size of your home. If you hear strange noises coming from your newly installed AC or your electricity bill has hiked abnormally, it’s time to look for a certified air conditioner professional to trace the mistake and reinstall the AC properly.

Contain Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants

Ozone-depleting refrigerant is a problem that commonly occurs in homes that are older than a decade and have old air conditioners. If you live in Mesquite, TX, you should contact an air conditioner installation technician to assess your AC and troubleshoot arising refrigerant problems.

You should ensure the issues are fixed promptly by an expert since refrigerants ensure air quality inside and outside your home is top-notch. The expert should replace an ozone-depleting refrigerant with an environmentally-friendly one.

Fire Hazards

Broken fans and faulty heating pipes could result in the accumulation of excess heat within your AC system. It could lead to temperatures rising to dangerous levels and increase the chances of your system catching on fire. Additionally, electrical wiring in air conditioning systems can cause a major fire hazard and make you lose all your lifetime investment in a glimpse of an eye.

Inexperienced technicians can mess up with wiring while installing new cooling units. If you notice sparks coming out of your AC, you should immediately turn it off and reach out to an air conditioner installation professional to help you out.

Unbearable Temperatures

Apart from the wear and tear of parts of an AC, faulty installation can lead to defective functioning of the unit, making them not cool your home effectively. It can result in making your home unbearable to live in, especially during hot summers. Homeowners attempting to do the installation by themselves could cause major problems down the line leading to financial losses. Air conditioner installation technicians are well-equipped to handle proper installation and reinstallation of ACs in homes.

Air Conditioners Break Down Easily

If you notice that your AC is not at peak performance, refrigerant levels could be low. The problem could arise due to inappropriate installation of your new air conditioner. The installation technician might have used very long refrigerant pipes that can make the compressor defective, leading to sudden system breakdown.

To minimize the danger of having a failed system, you can contact a trusted air conditioner installation professional for a comprehensive checkup of all components and replace the wrong sizes and parts.

Respiratory Health Risks

Not everyone can withstand poor air quality, especially those with underlying medical conditions such as asthma or bronchitis. Receiving faulty air conditioner installation services can reduce the quality of air in a home. It can expose the dwellers to conditions such as asthmatic flare-ups and lung infections. Moisturized parts and dirty components, including filters, create breeding grounds for bacteria in the air conditioning systems, thus posing significant health risks.

It is easy for bacteria to spread through the air since your AC unit pushes air throughout the entire home. In this situation, individuals with pre-existing respiratory problems can only worsen if they continuously breathe in these harmful toxins. All these problems can arise from installing your AC in an unfavorable location. A skilled AC installation expert can help you decide on the best location to install your outdoor unit of the AC system. It can help prevent a lot of dust, rain, or vegetation from entering the unit.


Every AC unit should have a drip pan that collects the water that’s created in the process of cooling air that enters homes through ductwork. A professional can forget to include a drip pan while conducting installations, and this could be the beginning of leakages in your Mesquite, TX, home.

Leakages can cause damages to your well-decorated walls, ceilings, and furnishings as well as trigger mold and mold build-up. If you notice the paint is peeling off from your walls, you should look for an air conditioner installation expert to examine your new unit and install a secondary pan as a backup. It can help reduce the chances of water leaking into your home. That is if you’re certain your plumbing system is working perfectly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner could be low on refrigerant because it was undercharged before installation or it’s leaking. Proper functioning of your AC gets higher when the refrigerant charge corresponds to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and it is not less or more in quantity. Leaking refrigerants can also damage the environment. It’s advisable to seek services from an air conditioner technician to fix any leak or install a new refrigerant if the existing one is hard to repair.

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