Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Nothing is more annoying than coming home on a chilly evening only to find that the furnace is blowing in the cold outside air without heating it properly. Under such circumstances, you will definitelyneed to call a good company for heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX.

Take a look at the following article explaining common causes behind a malfunctioning heater and where you can find the best service for heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

“It is too cold. Turn the furnace up a notch.”

“It is too hot. Turn down the furnace settings.”

“It is too cold again…”

And the frustration continues.

Be it your house or your office; itis unlikely that you haven’t faced a similar situation when it comes to heaters or even air conditioners for that matter. Thermostat wars go on forever so if you notice that your heater is blowing relatively cold air or is not warming up the room as much as it ought to, then first and foremost, check the thermostat setting. Someone might have changed it from what you last set it to be. In most cases, switching the thermostat to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’ will lead to the furnace blowing cold air at one point because the fan will run continuously without providing heat.

Hopefully, it will solve the issue, but if it doesn’t, then you will have to call an electrician who performs heating and air conditioning repairs in Farmers Branch, TX.

Other Issues Related to Thermostat

If your furnace is blowing cold air ever since you installed the new thermostat, then your Do-it-Yourself ‘fix’ might be the underlying cause of this problem. It is recommended that you hire a heating and air conditioning repairs service in Farmers Branch, TX for such upgrades, but now that you have already come this far, take one more additional step before calling in for help.

Check and then recheck whether you installed the thermostat properly or not. Ensure that it is compatible with the particular heating system in your house. If all seems well at your end or if you didn’t change the thermostat, butit is quite old by now, then it is better that you check the batteries. Weak or discharged batteries mean incorrect or no signals sent to the electric furnace. So, replace the batteries and see if it begins to work properly. If none of these steps solve the issue, then it’s time to call experts of heating and air conditioning repairs in Farmers Branch, TX.

Fuel Problems

Another common reason why some heaters might not work properly is due to the lack of fuel. Obviously,an electric heater won’t turn on at all if its connection to the mains is interrupted. But in the case of most oil or gas-powered furnaces, the heater ‘apparently’ continues to heat even when it runs out of fuel, orits gas supply is disconnected. If you have an oil-powered furnace, make sure that it has a sufficient amount of fuel to keep it running. And if it works on gas, then make sure that the gas pipe is properly connected, there are no leaks and that the gas pressure is high enough for the heating purpose. But if the furnace continues to circulate cold air even though all the burners are properly ignited, then consult a technician for a heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX.

Choked Filter

Unless you are well aware of the procedure and know how to check and / change a furnace’s filter, it is best that you call a serviceman for heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX.

Like every other filter, the filter for a furnace also needs to be cleaned or replaced after a certain period. Dirt, dust and other pollutants accumulate on the filtering mesh over time and disrupt the flow of air into the heater. Therefore, if the air filter in your heating system has not been changed for a long time, you should consider getting it cleaned. A proper airflow ensures that the burner stays ignited and furnace circulates warm air in the way that it should.

The filter issues also apply to an oil filter for fuel-powered furnaces.

Electronic Troubles

Do you have one of those modern heating systems installed at your place that has a lot of electronic controls involved? While they are surely a lot easier to operate and highly convenient to use, more often than not, homeowners encounter electrical troubles with their control panels. Either the system stops responding or begins functioning oddly. When you notice such a digitalized system blowing cold air instead of warm air, try switching it off and then on again via the main switch. If the problem persists, try restarting the system by using the remote control. Alternately, reboot the computer or the monitoring device to remove any discrepancies in the software.  If you are unsuccessful in solving the problem, then have your system checked by the pros of heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Faulty Ducts

Ducts that are old, cracked, or not properly installed can cause hot air to leak outside. This means that the required room will not heat up enough to keep you warm. Call a reputable company that provides heating, and air conditioning repairs in Farmers Branch, TX as their technicians can thoroughly inspect the ductwork in your house and repair any damages that might be causing the problem.

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