The Different Types of Heaters Available | HVAC Service in Frisco, TX

The Different Types of Heaters Available | HVAC Service in Frisco, TX

Heaters in Frisco, TX, are the home appliances that come in extremely handy during the winter times. The way you use a room will assist you in decide the type of heater that you should buy. For a large room, you would want a heater that would heat consistently without breaking down after short intervals of time.

Also, if you have a large living room then it would do better for you to buy a fixed heater which incurs a significantly lower running costs and more performance than an electric heater. Electric heaters in Frisco, TX, are better suited for smaller rooms or the rooms that you only need to heat occasionally, such as bedrooms. Electric heaters are often cheaper to buy but become expensive to run.

This is why different sorts of heaters in Frisco, TX, are suitable for different situations. You have to choose the right heater based on your needs so that you can get value added for the cost you pay to buy and run the heater. This is why understanding the different types of heaters and how they work is a good way to start looking for the right heater to match your needs.

Following are the most common types of heaters that you can choose from:

Radiant bar heater

These are electrical heaters in Frisco, TX, also known as strip heaters, which are best suited for smaller rooms, such as the bathroom. They dispel heat at a faster pace, so they are perfect for the times when you need the room to be heated quickly.

Since they don’t work for a longer period of time they are not recommended to be bought for rooms in which you would stay much longer. The radiant heaters are usually seen attached to the bathrooms where they heat the floors immediately instead of making the room warm like other heaters in Frisco, TX, do.

Oil Column Heater

The oil column heaters are a version of the portable electric heaters that typically are found in either 1200W or 2400W varities. They differ in the number of columns they have built in. though they take some time to warm up, the oil heaters in Frisco, TX, are still a favorite of the consumers since they discharge heat in all the directions and make minimum noise.

Another reason they are preferred over other heaters in Frisco, TX, is because they don’t heat to the point that their surface is scalding hot, there is no visible naked flame, so there is the very little risk having them in the house. This is especially a reliable option for houses with small children.

Electropanel heaters

The panel heaters lodged onto the wall use electricity to gradually heat up a large surface. They can also convert into portable air conditioners, so you have the option to move them around the house or just keep them attached to the wall. These types of heaters in Frisco, TX, are suitable for smaller areas but they can be considered very inefficient when it comes to central heating.

The electric radiant panel heaters tend to use less power and diffuse heat of low intensity. This makes them reasonably energy efficient since they use only 1/3 of electricity compared to its other radiant heating counterparts.

Hydronic Heating

A hydronic heater in Frisco, TX, which is also known as the wet heater or a hydronic system, is a sort of central heating system that makes use of a boiler that heats water and then pumps it into the radiators or under the floor heating coils that circle your home. The reason they are so demanded by the consumers is that with such heaters in Frisco, TX, it is easy to control how the heat is distributed in the entire house.

The other thing is that such a heater requires very low maintenance. However, there are two setbacks to this type of heater. One is that since the water inside it has to boil in order to produce heat, the heat up of this unit is slow. The other issue is that it can be very noisy as well which would disrupt the tranquility of the house.

Gas Heaters

Previously the gas heaters would get turned on the way you do with a Bunsen burner, turn on the gas then light a match. The gas heaters of now have become significantly safer and easier to operate. There are two types of gas heaters:

  1. A) Flued: This type of heater in Frisco, TX, is like chimneys that allow the fume to be exhausted outdoors.
  2. B) Non-flued: These are the heaters that can be carried around room to room. Since they don’t use a flue they dispel the gas into the home, so you will have to make sure not to use them for a prolonged period of time, or even if you do, make sure your house has good ventilation.

This is especially a not recommended for people with asthma issues.

Solar air convection heaters

This is a relatively new sort of heaters in Frisco, TX, which are designed to either sit on the roof or window. From here, they draw cool air out of the room and heat it using the energy from the sun and then transfer it back to the room. Their advantages are that they can be installed in any room where the sunlight hits. They have proved to have excellent energy efficiency. However, the problem arises when the sunlight is low, for example on rainy days or certain winter days. This may make the appliance become useless.

Electric fan heaters

The electric fan heaters run a current through a heat resistive coil which converts the electric energy into heat energy. The air is then drawn in around this resistive heating coil by a fan and it is here that the air is warmed and diffused into the room.

This makes the heater in Frisco, TX, cheap to buy but extremely expensive to use. This sort of method can dry out the air, circulate dust, and thus cause symptoms of a sore throat in the residents of the house.