Myths You Believed About Air Conditioners | Air Conditioner Service in Rockwall, TX

Myths You Believed About Air Conditioners | Air Conditioner Service in Rockwall, TX

Air conditioners are the silent heroes of our homes, especially during the days of intense heat. They are also the most mistreated home appliances that we have.

Even though there have been massive developments in the technology that increases the performance of our air conditioners in Rockwall, TX, we still tend to take them for granted. Not only that, we often formulate certain myths about them that don’t only cost us our air conditioners but also the money we spend to repair them. Here are some air conditioner myths that you might know to be true and follow but are actually fake and possibly deteriorating.

Myth: Using an air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, makes you much more susceptible to cold

This is very untrue. According to AARP, even though the air conditioner might make you chilled and make you much more prone to cold, it is actually a virus that would cause you to “catch a cold” and not the chilly air from the air conditioner in Rockwall, TX. So, when you turn on the air conditioner next time, do not work on keeping the temperature low, but work on keeping your home clean and less welcoming to viruses.

Myth: getting your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, service is a waste of time and money

This is false. Air conditioners need to be continuously maintained. If you do fail to get your air conditioner cleaned regularly you might risk your air conditioner’s capacity to run smoothly. Due to the entire dust or snow gathering in the duct or outside coils, you might be aiding the destruction of your air conditioning unit by not getting it services. Or, if you do realize that your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, may need repairing a little too late, then you might incur the extra cost of the intense repair work that the repair experts might have to do.

Myth: it is cheaper if you leave the thermostat on all the day just because you are keeping it at the same temperature. This will be a convenience for you when you come back from work and your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, has cooled the entire house.

You won’t save any money by doing so. You will, in fact, putting much more pressure on your air conditioner which will, in turn, ruin the compressor. You should invest in programmable thermostats for your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX. This way your house will remain warm while you are gone and then the air conditioner will turn on automatically sometime before you return, this alarm will be set by you. You can set your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, to turn on half an hour or 1 hour before your arrival.

Myth: you will get better cooling if you get a bigger air conditioner in Rockwall, TX.

It might be in your budget and it might seem like an excellent idea since you might think that the room might cool much more swiftly. Air conditioners in Rockwall, TX, do not just cool the air they also work to dehumidify it. When it comes to size when choosing an air conditioner in Rockwall TX, you are correct in thinking that you should get the right size. But if your house is small, there is no use of purchasing a large air conditioner. If the air conditioner is too big, it will conjure up energy and electricity bill far more than it should be.

Myth: the air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, will not function well if you turn on the ceiling fan

The fans’ purpose is not to cool the air but to move it around the room. Use the ceiling fans when you have occupied a room so that you are provided with air but turn them off once you leave because otherwise, it will just be a waste of energy. You might even notice that on a hot day, when you turn on the fan your room does not turn particularly cold, but the movement of air is rapid enough to not let you sweat profusely.

Myth: running an air conditioner in Rockwall, TX is expensive

The older systems of the air conditioner might rack up the energy bill but now thanks to the advancement in technology that has created inverters which help users save significant amounts of money paying off the electricity bills.

Myth: the location of the air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, does not matter.

This myth is farther from the truth. You do not want the outdoor unit to be directly exposed to sunlight. The air conditioner works to collect the heat and humidity from inside the house and take the air from outside, convert into the cold air and dispel it into the rooms. If the air conditioner is exposed to way to much heat then the compressor and the coils of the air conditioner in, Rockwall, TX, might not be able to perform their job right.

Myth: nothing happens when you leave the door of the room open

If you leave the door of the room opens then the air collected in the room would disperse to other rooms of the house, while that would work to mildly cool the house, it will not give you the air quality that you get if the door is closed. This is especially an ineffective strategy when it is blazing hot outside. You might not even feel your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, working.

Myth: any problem in the cooling is caused by an issue in the thermostat.

That MIGHT be one of the sources of the problem, although this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there is a problem with the unit internally that needs to be checked out for which you will have to call K&S Heating and Air the air conditioner repair experts in Rockwall, TX.

There are many other myths that you might still continue to believe in that might be causing your air conditioner in Rockwall, TX, to perform ineffectively. Try to overcome those myths and find a way around them to save yourself the extra cost and trouble.