Do You Know When to Replace a Furnace? | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Do You Know When to Replace a Furnace? | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Farmers Branch, TX

Do you know that the furnaces were forgotten for about 1000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire? Since the foremost heating systems were invented by the Romans, after the fall of the Roman Empire, people resort to the old practice of using fireplaces to keep them warm.

The furnaces are part of our lives for thousands of years now. Previously, in the early times, furnaces were mainly used in mills and large factories to make steel, melt metal or simply to reheat the different objects. However, since the furnace is an integral part of our daily lives now (to keep the room cozy and warm during the cold season), this does not mean that the furnaces built today are more sensitive, though advanced, in comparison to the furnaces that were used in mills or factories years ago.

But as long as the furnace is keeping us warm and doing its job perfectly, though sometimes only apparently, we don’t really pay attention to the need of the heating and air conditioning repair in Farmers Branch, TX. This lack of consideration, however, in turn, reduces the useful life of a furnace significantly. Also, it affects the components and operation of the heating system over time.

In an ideal situation, the furnace may continue to serve for more than 30 or amazingly even 40 years. However, there is a very limited awareness about the furnaces and many people don’t know much about the maintenance of a furnace. This is because of the two basic reasons;

  1. Firstly – the furnace is usually already installed at the spaces which we buy
  2. Secondly – furnaces continue to serve for several years and without disrupting the temperature

In addition to that, people get habitual of the reliable nature of a furnace and forget or overlook the alarming signs that clearly indicate that our furnace is in dire need of a replacement by a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX.


The alarming signs that demand a gas furnace repair by a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX

Have you ever faced the situation when you are sure about calling a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX but confused about deciding the service option? Should it be a repair or the replacement of a furnace? While sometimes it is quite a difficult decision to make, sadly in few circumstances, it is always a wise decision to simply replace the old furnace rather than spending funds on its repairs.

Therefore, to further assist you with your decision, listed below are some major warning signs that will assure you the need of your existing furnace replacement, almost immediately!


The age of a furnace tells a lot about its efficiency

On an average, the medium efficiency furnace usually lasts up to 18-25 years; however, a high-efficiency furnace may have a useful life of about 15-20 years. In the case, your furnace lies close to any of the mentioned age brackets or older than this, then hiring a heating and air condition service in Famers Branch, TX to replace your gas furnace is absolutely a perfect idea!

While many people believe that a repair cost saves them a good amount of money in comparison to replacing the furnace overall, what they don’t realize is the fact that they have already paid more amount of money, however gradually, in frequent repairs than it would cost them to install a few furnace. The repair cost, however, may be saved by the regular change of filters, maintenance of the furnace components, and the annual inspection of the heating system by a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX


Have you recently noticed a rise in energy bills?

As soon as the furnace starts losing its efficiency, it clearly starts showing its deteriorating signs with the increase in the energy bills. This happens because an old furnace and especially the one that is left unnoticed for years need to work longer to produce the same amount of heat. Hence, this ultimately increases our energy bills.

The best part, however, is that this issue can be reduced with the regular inspection and change of the air filters. Moreover, to check the functionality of an air filter, simply hold the filter in the direction of the light and check for the light passing through it. In the case of no light passing through, the air filter is no more functional and requires a replacement, immediately.

A frequent search for a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX

Well, it’s a good approach to call a heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX for the regular maintenance of a furnace but in anyway, if this practice is more of a prerequisite now (to keep the furnace operational) then it’s time to make one last call to a technician and that is for the immediate replacement of your furnace. This replacement is however, not only necessary to reduce the energy bills but also to eliminate the frequent repair needs.


Do you feel an inconsistent temperature within the different rooms?

If the answer to the above question is yes then you are having a worn-off furnace issue. This will need you to adjust the thermostat frequently. While you feel chilly in one room, you might feel the temperature of the other room a little too warm.

This means that your furnace is old now and it requires a lot of efforts to maintain the temperature throughout the building. Therefore, a wise decision would be to avoid the cost of repairs + energy bills and to get the furnace replaced immediately by a professional heating and air condition service in Farmers Branch, TX. 


What if it’s too late?

Well if you are already experiencing the above-discussed factors or any one of them then it’s time for you to act smartly. For this, all you need to do is to immediately hire the expertise of K&S Heating and Air. Their team of experienced professional is well-versed to deal with the uncommon repair projects in a way you have experienced never before.