The Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Running  | Heating and AC in Garland, TX

The Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Running | Heating and AC in Garland, TX

No one likes to be feel hot and sticky all the time in the summers. It adds to your woes and worries when the ac keeps running when it is not supposed to. Constantly running your ac can rake-up a lot of unnecessary utilities costs for you. More often than not, heating and ac repair in Garland, TX is the only solution.

Others you can just try and find the source of the issue with heating and ac in Garland, TX yourself. It can save you from a hot and sticky situation on a particularly warm summer’s day. But don’t start repairs yourself as there is a high possibility that you can go wrong somewhere and you might need the help of professionals.

There are many things that can go wrong with heating and ac in Garland, TX. In order to find out what is wrong, you need to know where to look. There might by something wrong with your HVAC or your home, that need immediate rectification. Let’s see some of the reasons that make your ac run constantly and how you can stop them from happening in the future.

The Issues

1.    Filter problems

If it has been a while since your filter was cleaned or changed, you may have quite a bit of dirt gathering on it. This might be causing airflow issues. You might be getting lesser cool air being distributed in your house if the filter is filled with dirt and dust.

Your ac will put in extra effort by running more all through the day to produce the same or lesser cooling that it used to produce before. The air handler works harder to fill in the gap created by a dirty air filter. Heating and ac in Garland, TX can even malfunction due to a dirty air filter, it is one of the biggest reason that an HVAC system breaks down completely.

Your system may overheat if the filter is not replaced in due time. Timely cleaning and replacement as the manufacturer recommends, will ensure longevity of your ac.

2.    The inappropriate size

The right equipment size is necessary for getting top energy efficiency from heating and ac in Garland, TX. IF the size is wrong you may get lesser cooling or a higher energy bill. Just the right size will allow your ac to keep your house cool throughout the summer months according to your needs and not run more than it needs to.

If your ac is too small, it will need to work longer and harder to give you the same cooling as a slightly larger, more appropriate unit would. This will cause your heating and ac in Garland, TX to age prematurely, breakdown more often and diminish its effective lifespan. You will not achieve the number on your thermostat no matter how hard you try, if you’re using a smaller unit.

A larger ac will have shorter “on cycles” and not reduce the moisture content from the outdoor air before throwing it into your home. This will mean that your indoor air will be more humid and clammy. No one likes clammy hands, let alone air. It will use more electricity than needed, leading to a higher utility bill.

The distribution pipes can also play a significant role in your heating and ac in Garland, TX running too much. It should be in line with the size of your ac. A pipe too small and they won’t be able to handle the flow of cool air and leak or even burst. Too large and it will not cool your house evenly. It will even take more time to get the same level of cooling that a smaller pipe would allow.

3.    Ac coils have a layer of dirt and debris

Without adequate air flowing through over your ac coils, it is difficult to remove the heat and humidity from the air and cool your home. The ac keeps on running without performing well when the ac coils are dirty.

The outside unit of your ac may be exposed to the elements and grass, mud, dust and even your cat or do’s hair can clog the coils up pretty badly. This affects the performance of your ac and lowers efficiency.

Heating and ac in Garland, TX should undergo inspection by professional so that this ac coil problem is nipped in the bud. If there is debris on your ac’s coils, the inspector will be able to catch it quickly.

Your evaporator coil handles incoming airflow from your blower and therefore exposed to dirt and dust. The process of cooling the air by passing the heat onto the refrigerant is hindered and efficiency drops. The thermostat requirements are the same so your ac runs harder and more often in the day to meet those thermostat numbers.

4.    Ac not maintained well

Without regular maintenance, heating and ac in Garland, TX is likely to break down more often. Not to mention run more and have a shorter effective life. A biannual maintenance is good but it all depends upon your usage and the manufacturer of the equipment and appliances.

Maintenance should revolve around the summer months when your ac is used. That means once in spring when it has not been used for a long time and will be in use soon. The other time for maintenance is in fall. This is when temperatures are slightly more bearable than peak summers (enough to not use the ac after continued use in the peak summer months).

If this maintenance schedule or a similar one is not followed: the cooling ducts, coils and filter will all be dirty and cause air flow problems and higher energy bills in the future. You will also face more “on cycling” times from the ac when the time comes to use it again.

If you are facing a problem with your heating and ac in Garland, TX, you might be facing some of these issues. Don’t hesitate to call K & S Heating and Air to have professionals take care of your HVAC system.