Excellent Air Conditioner Repair Services | Mesquite, TX

Excellent Air Conditioner Repair Services | Mesquite, TX

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With the advancement in technology, some people might be taking their heating and cooling systems for granted. Most homeowners depend on their Air conditioners to keep homes clean and fresh when it is hot and expect it to keep the house warm when it is cold. In the winter season, when the conditions are too cold, or the summer when the house tends to be too hot, your first move should be getting in touch with a professional air conditioner repair.

If you experience extreme system failure, you can get in touch with an expert for maintenance services. One way of ensuring your AC runs efficiently and lasts longer is having it checked regularly by a professional expert. This saves you the amount of money you could have spent on air conditioner repair services. If you live in Mesquite, TX, then you can get in touch with K&S Heating and Air Company.

When to Get in Touch with an AC Repair Expert

Many homeowners are not well informed about when to call professional air conditioner services. It is highly recommended that you have an air conditioning system regularly checked to ensure that it is functioning and take care of any faulty mishaps. If you feel like your house needs our services, you are free to get in touch with us at K&S Heating and Air Conditioner Repair Services. But how do you know that your air conditioner needs urgent repair? Here are the signs that will let you know it needs urgent attention:

Getting Warm Air From Ventilators

This is the most common sign to look out for. When there is warm air blown out of ventilators in your home, there could be a problem in the thermostat. It is essential to check it out and ensure it has been set to ‘Cooling Mode’, and at temperatures lower than the natural temperature in your house. If you still experience warm air coming out of your vents, then you should get in touch with our experts at K&S Heating and Air. There could be an issue with the compressor, or mechanical problem resulting from the restricted airflow.

Our experienced team of experts will be able to pinpoint where the issue is fixed with immediate effect. Homeowners are warned not to try and fix the issues by themselves, you might damage the entire system.

Inconsistent Airflow

Another sign to look out for is poor and inconsistent airflow. This is an indication that there might be a blockage in your air conditioning system that is preventing air from circulating throughout the ductwork in your home. This also indicates that efficiency of your air conditioning system has been tampered with.

Additionally, it could indicate that the motor has been broken or the air filter is clogged. This shouldn’t get you worried, all you have to do is get in touch with professional air conditioner services. We at K&S will always be there to ensure your problem is sorted conclusively. Our experienced team of experts will also determine whether your air conditioner repair only needs a repair or it needs to be replaced with a new one.

High Humidity Levels

This is another common sign that shows your air conditioning system needs urgent attention. During summer the weather indoors gets very sticky. This however, doesn’t justify having high humidity levels inside your house. It is obvious that high humidity levels will make you feel uncomfortable.

An air conditioner repair that is working normally will be able to regulate the moisture within your home and keep its levels on comfortable standards. If it fails to do so, then you need urgent air conditioner services. Our team of experts will quickly diagnose the situation and inform you whether you should replace the entire system or only needs a small repair. Some of the other signs that show your AC system needs urgent repair include: Water leaks, bad odors, frequent cycles and unusual tints

When you give us a call, we will not only concentrate on the main problem you have but also do an entire inspection to ascertain whether your air conditioning system is in good condition or not. We will ensure everything is okay before leaving your house. Some of our other services include: Heating systems, HVAC, duct work, thermostat control, air ducts, central heating among others.

If you are local and you are in search of experienced and reliable air conditioner repair services, look no further than K&S Heating and Air Company. Apart from the services mentioned above, we also provide installation and air conditioner repair services for any kind of heating and AC system. Each of our experts is legally certified by the relevant authorities and have all the necessary skills to handle even the most complicated air conditioning systems.

Why Choose Us?

In the whole area we are the best and outstanding company in heating and air conditioner repair services. We stick to our principle of providing high quality services no matter the conditions. This has made us a number one option for many homeowners in the region. But why is that the case?

  • We are fast – At K&S, nearly 100% of the calls we get on air conditioning repair services get responded to immediately. This is because we are a local company that is well aware of all corners. We arrive on time and deliver the services within a stipulated time frame.


  • We are competent – When we get your call, we come fully loaded with every equipment we might need in the exercise. This means that we will solve all your AC problems in a single visit. At K&S, we never reschedule our visits!

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