In the Heat of Summer: Air Conditioner Repair Service | Rockwall, TX

In the Heat of Summer: Air Conditioner Repair Service | Rockwall, TX

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Those living in Rockwall, TX know all too well how the summers get hot. Good air conditioner repair is critical to keep the heat of summer at bay so that your home may remain comfortably cool within. Keeping your air conditioner up and running is vital to combat the heat outside. Yet, like any other machine, an air conditioner is subject to the wear and tear that leads to a clear breakdown in its day to day operations. Hence the need for repair service from K&S.

Air conditioner repair service includes duct and ductless systems, central air cooling systems, zoned systems, and more. Much of air conditioner repair for those locally expands to include protecting your air quality, which involves checking filters, cleaning and replacing them as needed, and the removal of debris from systems that rely on duct work on a periodic basis.

Since duct work relies heavily on transporting air in and out of your system, it has become a vital component of air conditioner repair and maintenance. Since they use ventilation to transport the air, ducts can become clogged with dirt over time, thus necessitating a thorough cleaning out on a seasonal basis.

Most ductwork is built using galvanized steel, which typically includes a protective zinc coating that guards against rust and other corrosive elements. An aluminum type of duct system is lightweight and easier to install, but may run the risk of puncture if invaded by hardened debris such as tree branches, or it may be accidentally punctured during the installation process. Fiberglass versions will distribute the air, hot or cold, throughout your home without the hassle of a lot of air noise.

Duct work is to air as sump pumps are to water, as both are healthy systems of element transmissions designed to keep your home healthy and comfortable. Duct work serves to keep environmental hazards at bay and can result in cleaner air and easier breathing.

Installing and maintaining good, quality duct work isn’t the only type of air conditioner repair service offered by K&S of Rockwall, TX. There are other services you can get, and those can include emergency repair when needed.

Most AC systems can last for up to ten or fifteen years on average, depending on the quality and accuracy of their installation. Yet, much like any other mechanical system, air conditioning can fail at any time regardless of age. There are many telltale signs to look out for which point to the idea that it’s time to seek air conditioner repair service.

Initial signs of air conditioner breakdown include poor air circulation and hot air emitting from your unit. Many times, when hot air blows from your unit, it could be a symptom of a thermostat that’s out of order or just not working properly. And when your AC’s thermostat fails to operate efficiently and accurately, this could result in your unit coming on for short spurts or not turning on at all.

You could notice a spike in your monthly cooling bills that exceeds your average AC usage, which is a sign that your unit or system is in need of inspection and repair. This may be traced to a possible leak inside your duct work, or it could be a broken thermostat that’s responsible for the problem.

Other signs that point to AC breakdown include the loss of freon or water when turned on, foul odors, or strange noises that come from your unit. There are even times when your AC will fail to turn on or, worse yet, trip up a circuit and possibly result in power failure.

Because freon is highly toxic, it is strongly advised that you treat its leakage as an emergency and call a professional right away. Even if you only suspect that it might be water, you should at least call for an inspection and price estimate.

If you notice a pattern of multiple breakdowns in a single year, you know it’s time to replace your old unit. This is especially true in cases where repair costs exceed the original value of your AC system and you notice that you keep losing money in the process.

Routine maintenance will help you keep your AC system running smoothly and efficiently in the years to come. In fact, regular inspections and maintenance should become good habits to undertake as part of your air conditioner repair service. Routine AC maintenance checks are a vital part of keeping your system healthy and efficient. Even with newer systems, you can use these checks to catch problems before they become worse. Whether it’s a broken thermostat or a water or freon leak, you can prevent a problem from becoming worse over time.

Part of routine maintenance should include cleaning inside the unit and replacing filters when needed. Cleaning should extend to the outside condenser coil, which can collect dirt, toxins, and debris over time. This makes it an essential routine maintenance task that should be done right at springtime, as it can help to provide you an entire summer of good, clean, cool air.

Safety should be a top priority when it comes to air conditioner repair or installation. In fact, the professionals at K&S Heating and Air understand that anything to do with your air conditioning is no DIY endeavor, as it needs to be installed and repaired safely and accurately for your summertime pleasure.

K&S Heating and Air understand the value of quality air conditioner repair service. Your overall need to stay cool inside your home is critical to your health and safety, and your overall satisfaction should matter. The simple knowledge of coming home to the cool safety of your home is enough to get you through the sweltering heat of any Texas summer.

Professional installation of newer AC units are included as a part of air conditioner repair service. In fact, when you get a new system or unit installed by an HVAC specialist, you can enjoy the cool with the added peace of mind that you have made a long-term and worthy investment for the years to come. If your AC is in need of repair or replacement, all you have to do is go online or make that call.