Finding a Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Company | Garland, TX

Finding a Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Company | Garland, TX

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As summer heats up, air conditioning use is on the rise. Those living as far south as the Garland, TX area will especially feel the stroke of intensity as the summer months wane on. Those in need of services need to know who to turn to K&S for air conditioner installation.

K&S Heating and Air covers the fair weather needs of those in Garland, TX. In fact, you don’t even need to enjoy Cool Club rewards to have access to air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair for any season. Residents and businesses can enjoy inside cooling as heat levels rise, even at an exponential rate. Furthermore, K&S has strict drug and alcohol screenings for all who seek employment, especially licensed technicians, and that ensures that your air conditioner installation and repair will run safely and efficiently each time.

K&S requires regular HVAC recertification to ensure that all technicians are up-to-date on various technologies, especially in the field of air conditioner installation. New advances and trends are constantly shaping the landscape within this field alone, and it becomes essential to update everyone on what’s happening. At times, it may become necessary for new air conditioner installation in order to match the pace of energy efficiency and conservation.

The reasons for professional air conditioner installation and maintenance are many, but they boil down to a simple principle: It’s always safe to call your technician. HVAC repairs, when done without the use of qualified professionals, can have disastrous results. The risk of electrocution is high, and putting in a heavy unit may actually run the risk of higher energy costs and physical injury if not done properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a licensed technician for the safe and effective installation of your new unit.

Fast, friendly, 24/7 service for those residing within Garland, TX and other surrounding cities is provided through the Cool Club. For an annual fee of $129, Cool Club members in Garland, TX can not only enjoy air conditioner installation at a lower cost, but they can enjoy a 5% discount on all repairs. You can also have two free maintenance inspections per year for both spring and fall. Perhaps the other piece is this: Once you call and schedule an appointment for repairs, your technician will arrive within 24 hours or you pay no assessment fee on air conditioner installation and service.

But it’s not only air conditioner installation that is provided. In fact, K&S offers other services, from central air, to duct and ductless systems alike, and evaporating cooling. They can also provide you with fans and forced air systems, the latter of which uses air ducts to evenly distribute clean, recycled air throughout your home.

A key component that is necessary for any air system is the installation of a thermostat, which serves as a programmed temperature regulator that keeps costs down. Upgrades can be done, along with routine repairs and maintenance to ensure the working efficacy of your air and can greatly reduce energy costs through temperature moderation. Some thermostats can even be programmed right from your smartphone. Some are custom made to know the daily habits of homeowners, such as the time you arrive home from work or a trip.

A mini-split system is another type of air conditioning that uses an outdoor compressor to push and guide the air throughout your home or business. An inside unit maintains the consistency and temperature of your air flow, and is the best in energy efficiency and savings. Plus, no duct work is required. Unlike most other systems, consumers need not worry about cleaning out pollutants and other environmental concerns that normally eat up time and money, not to mention your overall health. Plus, air conditioning installation with these systems is much simpler than with others and technicians can have it working right on the exact day of installation.

Other air systems include the forced air system, which can efficiently cool your home. A primary advantage of this system is that it provides both cooling and heating in an efficient manner. A potential downside is the work that is required to keep it running smoothly, such as routine air filter changes to ensure that you can breathe quality, clean air and maintain a healthy environment free of pollutants. Plus, the same ducts can be used regardless of temperature. At times noise may be an irritant to the ears, but for the most part, the forced air system is the only HVAC known to use both heating and cooling at the same time.

A zoned system is an innovative air system that is in use when and where needed. It can cool off the parts of a home where people actually are, whether its the kitchen, the dining room, or the master bedroom. It saves costs by skipping areas where no one happens to be, whether its the basement, the laundry room, or a guest bedroom. Plus, noise levels are considerably less intense than those of more conventional models, thus leaving residents with the peace of mind in not being disturbed. Plus, no modifications are needed in your home or business, as these air conditioning systems are friendly for all building types.

Whatever your air conditioning needs, K&S Heating and Air will have your back. The company website offers tips on regular maintenance, including recommendations on cleaning and changing your air filter. Those with asthma and other chronic lung conditions are especially vulnerable to dust, pollution, and bacteria, all of which remain trapped within the filters. Plus, air systems work much more efficiently when clean filters are routinely installed. Air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair are essential to the health of those in Garland, TX and other surrounding areas, especially in the duration of the spring and summer months as the heat index increases.