Questions to Ask When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service | Plano, TX

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service | Plano, TX

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An air conditioning service is essential to maximize comfort in your home, and finding the right one for you and you and your needs can be a bit confusing. Luckily, most of the important things you need to know to get a good service can be made into a handy list of questions for you to refer to.

1.  Are They Full Service?

A full-service air conditioning service will help you with the installation of your unit, which will be a huge relief if you’re the DYI type. Apart from that, they’ll also provide you with additional services like filter maintenance, system operation, thermostat operation and drain maintenance.

A full-service company essentially provides you with a range of services to keep your HVAC system working well.

We serve the Plano, TX area with systems, installation and other services that keep them working in great condition.

2.  Are They Licensed? 

With any service you’re planning to get, you’ll thank yourself later for doing a bit of a background check on them. That way, you’ll be able to see if they can provide you with the kind of high-quality service you’re looking for.

When it comes to an air conditioning service, you’ll want to use certified ac maintenance providers. These are fully qualified to advise you on how the systems work and help you with general upkeep. They can also help you with preventative maintenance plans, which are crucial to the good functioning of your AC system.

3.  Do They Offer Maintenance Programs?

A good air conditioning service will offer you a preventative maintenance program that your needs and those of your system. AC systems can differ wildly, and a maintenance program that fits the one you chose will help you to keep it working for longer.

Our maintenance programs are available to clients all over Plano, TX.

4.  Do They Communicate Well? 

An air conditioning service that offers good communication makes the process a lot smoother, and you’ll have the added reassurance that comes with being kept in the know about what’s going on.

Good communication means that the company will try to understand your exact needs and provide you with a solution that is tailored to them.

5.  Where Do You Want an HAVC System? 

The sheer variety of system types out there means you’ll be spoilt for choice if you try to decide which one you want on the fly. Taking some time to think about this can make the process of choosing one quicker and much easier.

Central heating is a good option if you want it for the whole property. It’s usually installed during building but retrofitting is not uncommon. The main advantage of central heating is how hidden and subtle it is, but there are options you can consider.

Good old wall-mounted units are a common and reliable option that works well for almost every room. If you need a little more advice before settling on where to install your HVAC system, an air conditioning service can give you some more details to help you make a more informed decision.

6.  What System Type Do You Want? 

If you only have short-term needs, a portable unit might be a good option. It’s not the best, cost-wise, nor is it the most efficient. However, it offers great value for short-term needs.

Our air conditioning service can help you to find out what system is best for you, considering your exact requirements and any other important factors.

7.  What Features Are Important to You

While some features are more important than others on average, the specific answer to this question will depend entirely on you. If you value convenience and ease of use, motion detection is a feature that will catch your eye. It essentially adjusts and directs airflow based on where people are in the room.

Remote control is a pretty standard accessory for air conditioning systems, and it will allow you to control the system without getting up. A newer version of it, smart control, allows you to control the system with your phone. That might be even more convenient if you’re no stranger to misplacing remote controls.

Another feature people find important is the quiet or night mode. What this does is that it lowers the noise of the system, allowing you to sleep or concentrate. Lowering the noise does come at a slight cost to efficiency.

8.  How Much Energy Does It Use?

When buying an air conditioning system, considering the energy usage can help you to avoid costs you hadn’t anticipated. Comparing the energy usage of different systems can help you to pick one that fits within your budget when it comes to the initial cost as well as recurring costs.

Before you make a selection, your air conditioning service can provide you with some details about the energy consumption of the system you might be considering. We offer that service in Plano, TX.

9.  What Is the Size and Capacity? 

The exact size and capacity of the air conditioning system you get will depend mainly on the needs you’re trying to serve. Many people opt for one that’s able to serve the entire household. If that’s the kind you’ll be going for too, it helps to know the square footage of your home, its construction and your climate. If all that can be a little difficult for you to gauge, an air conditioning service can help you to figure it out.

That information will help you to find a system that’s the right fit for your home. Choosing one that’s too small can leave you underserved while going for one that’s too big results in unnecessary expenses. We help households and businesses in the Plano, TX, area find systems that are perfect fits for their needs.

10.  Ease of Installation

While you consider special features, the type of system you want and other important factors, be careful not to completely forget ease of installation. Replacing an old air conditioning system is much simpler if the new one fits where its predecessor used to be, and that also reduces expenses that come with making adjustments.

For an entirely new system, it’s best to go for one that fits the pre-existing ductwork of your home. If you’re in Plano, TX, give us a call and we’ll help you find the best service for your needs.

Deciding on an AC system can prove to be a difficult process, given the sheer variety out there. However, with the right air conditioning service, you can be sure that you’re choosing the right fit for both your home and your needs.