Five Signs that Your Furnace is Likely to Breakdown

Five Signs that Your Furnace is Likely to Breakdown

With the fast approaching winter season, now is the perfect time to have a look at the condition and efficiency of your furnace and determine whether it needs any repair or maintenance.

Furnaces are no more a luxury and have become an essential part of our daily lives. Invented by Romans, the early uses of furnaces were in factories and mills to melt metal or to make steel. This does not indicate that furnaces being used in residential or commercial spaces these days are sensitive in comparison to the ones used in mills previously. However, just like any other appliances, furnaces require regular maintenance as well and after regular intervals.

The common practice is that unless an appliance stops working, we don’t pay attention to our heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX. Normally, furnaces last for almost 25 years, but the longevity of a furnace can be significantly reduced if we leave its regular check up and maintenance unattended.

Speaking of checkups for heating and air conditioning systems, people have very less knowledge about the maintenance requirements of the furnace. To assist you with this, let us have a look at some warning signs of furnace that clearly indicate the need of repair or even replacement.

Signs of furnace breakdown by the professionals of heating and air conditioning services in Dallas, TX

If you have a furnace installed at your residential or commercial space and you are still unsure if you need to get it repaired or replaced by hiring a heating and air conditioning service in Dallas,
TX then look for the warning signs that we are going to discuss below.

Irregular temperature

One of the most obvious indications of a worn out furnace is a variation in the temperature. If your furnace is worn out, you will feel the difference in temperature of two different rooms in the same building. Moreover, if you need to adjust the thermostat frequently and are facing irregular temperature in different rooms, then this shows that your furnace is struggling in maintaining the room temperature.

On the other hand, you would also end up paying more money in terms of high energy bills, including the cost of frequent repairs, alongside bearing an old furnace. The best approach to deal with such a situation is to get your furnace checked up and replaced by getting the assistance of heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX

Check the color of the burner flame

An efficient furnace produces a consistent and bright blue flame. However, if you check your burner flame and find it yellow in color or notice a flickering flame, this indicates the improper functioning of the furnace. Furnaces with an inconsistent flame are likely to release more carbon monoxide–a highly toxic gaseous substance.

Moreover, some other indications of an inefficient furnace may include a lack of upward draft in chimney, marks of soot around the walls of furnace, moisture on walls, windows and other surfaces, excessive rusting, water leaking, and visible rusting on the vent surface/pipe that would require the immediate services of an heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Pay attention to strange noises

Are you wondering about the popping, squealing or rattling noises around? May be your furnace is calling for some help in terms of repair and maintenance. All such noises start coming up when your furnace is near the end of its useful life and may require an immediate replacement by the heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Always pay attention to these sounds and take immediate measures to avoid incurring heavy repair or replacement costs.

Dry and dusty rooms

If you have an old furnace installed, you might experience dusty air inside the room. While modern furnaces have the ability to keep the air clean and to add moisture in the environment to make it more comfortable, with an old furnace you might need to take few measures. If your space feels dusty or stuffy during winters, you are in need of calling up a heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX and get your furnace replaced. If your furnace is accumulating dust, drooping plants, static shocks or cracking wood flooring, this is an indication to get your furnace repaired immediately.

The age of your furnace

Generally, a furnace lasts for around 10 years approximately. A well-maintained or high-efficiency furnace, however, may last for almost 15 years. If your furnace is older than this and has been in use throughout the period than you should probably get it replaced. For this, you’ll need to hire the professionals of a heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX and hand over your furnace to them while getting a new furnace installed.

People believe that repairing is less expensive than replacing a furnace completely. What they usually fail to realize is the fact that they have already spent more money on repair than they would have had they replaced the furnace altogether. However, the cost of heavy repairs can be reduced significantly by changing the filter, annual inspections by a heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, and through in-house maintenance of the furnace components.

Some unmentioned specifics

In addition to the information shared above, you must know the benefits of keeping the furnace well-maintained. These benefits may be in the form of low energy bills, less repair costs, reliable performance of furnace for several years, and more. There is no other way to keep your furnace efficient and working for many years except for keeping it well-maintained with regular checkups.

While keeping your furnace maintained is one thing, it is another thing to choose the best heating and air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. If you are currently searching for reputable and professional service providers to repair or replace your furnace then search no further and hire the exceptional services of K&S Heating and Air right away. Their team of professional experts is not only well-versed in handling all the heating and cooling problems, but they are also available 24/7 through their emergency service.