Types of Air Conditioners Easily Available In Dallas and Why Do You Need Them

Types of Air Conditioners Easily Available In Dallas and Why Do You Need Them

There are 101 ways to beat the heat every year, but air conditioners top them all. An air conditioner makes summer bearable for all of us — the feeling of walking into an air conditioned room on a scorching hot day in Dallas is indescribable. Climate change and the growing need of Air Conditioner
Air conditioners no longer remain in the category of ‘luxury’ objects. With changes in climate globally, summers are becoming increasingly hot. . Scientific studies have showed that climate change caused by humans is a contributing factor to the rapidly increasing heat. This summer has been recorded as the hottest summer in countries like UK  and Switzerland which have never experienced sweltering summer days. And places that are already hot because of their geographical location are now literally melting. This dramatic change in global climate is exactly the reason why air conditioners have started to become a necessity.

Dallas weather

Known for its hot and humid summer days, Dallas is likely to experience 150 sunny days going above 90F by the year 2100. There is a higher chance of people falling prey to heat strokes and heat exhaustion. Surviving the summer without ACs in Dallas seems almost impossible. Types of ACs

As the growing need of AC is on its all time high, it is important to make the right choice when installing or updating your AC. Your air conditioner installation means higher electricity bills but that can be controlled by installing efficient air cooling systems. Here are the common types of air conditioners available in Dallas, TX:

  • Central Air
  • Room air conditioner
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Ductless system
  • Forced Air
  • Fans
  • Mini Split systems
  • Thermostats
  • State of the art cooling technology;
    • Night Breeze
    • Coolerado Cooler
    • Thermal Energy Storage

Below mentioned are some common examples of available cooling systems in Dallas:

Central air

Central air works exactly like your refrigerator – it compresses and conditions air inside an insulated box and cools the entire space with the help of a chemical. A central cooling system is pretty much based on the same principle and allows for more uniform dissipation of clean air through ducts. The compressor unit is located outside.

Room air conditioner

Room air conditioners are cost-effective but are able to cool a single room at a time. Evaporative cooling

This cooling system takes the outside air in through moist pads and cools it. It is considered to be the most effective and suitable cooling system for dry climate areas as it also adds moisture to the indoors setting. Evaporative cooling system can lower the indoor temperature by 30 degrees compared to the outdoor temperature. Moreover, it is cost-effective — its fan is the only component that requires electricity, so you end up saving up to 75 per cent energy.

Ductless/ mini-split system

If you’re looking for an air conditioner without ductwork, mini-split system is a great option! It gives you the liberty to adjust the air in each room according to your liking. Mounted on the wall, this AC is connected to the outdoor unit via a duct which carries refrigerant. The flexibility of allowing individual handling in each room gives it an edge over the other systems.

Zoned Air conditioner

This system can help you save utility costs. Zoned air system allows you to cool one particular area which needs more cooling than the other within your household. It gives you the liberty to air condition one room while shutting down/turning the thermostat low throughout the rest of the house.

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