Get to Know the Importance of Air Conditioner Filters | AC Repair in Lewisville, TX

Get to Know the Importance of Air Conditioner Filters | AC Repair in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville, TX

Summers at Lewisville are hot and humid (average summer temperature fluctuates around 90 degree Fahrenheit with humidity touching 80%). This extreme weather commands a need of a fully functional air conditioning system.

For a proper functioning air conditioning system, it is necessary for it to possess clean filters. Every reputable air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX will emphasis on that because air conditioning filters are responsible to filter air from dust particles, pollen, smoke, pet dander, spores and textile fibers which collectively make the inner environment of your house unhygienic.

Air conditioning filters are a very important part of an air conditioning unit because it is the primary factor in deciding the quality of air you will be having in the air-conditioned environment. Air conditioning filter is not expensive as refrigerant, condensing or evaporating coil but if it is not in the good shape then all the critical components of air conditioning system will be of no use.

With time, filters get dirty because they are exposed to all the pollutants and every other impurity of the environment. So, after a considerable amount of usage, all this waste accumulates in them to make them work inefficiently and that will be the instance when you need filter replacement from a good air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.

Efficiency of air conditioning filter

The efficiency of an air conditioning filter can be gauged by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). The scale of MERV rating is in between 1-20. The higher the rating, the more efficient an air conditioning filter will be. The higher value of MERV tells that there are fewer chances that any pollutant can pass through it. A good air conditioning filter for home usage will have its MERV rating in the range of 8-13 while higher MERV air conditioning filters are used in those air conditioning systems that are used in environments which need to maintain high sanitation standards i.e. hospitals and labs. The air conditioning filters that are used in home conditions can easily be found from an air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.

Size of air conditioning filter

Yes, the size of an air conditioning filter matters, and if it is not fitted to the exact requirements then chances are, that incoming air will pass through the path which will be offering least resistance (the path which is not covered by air conditioning filter). The pollutant particles in this dirty unprocessed air will not only be good for your health, but it can also be dangerous for the inner machinery of your air conditioning unit. So, that means if size of the air conditioning filter is not appropriate then your air conditioning system will need an early repair from a professional air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.

There are different type of air conditioning filters according to their working mechanisms and materials.

Fiberglass disposable filters

This is the most used type of air conditioning filters in residential and commercial units. Fiberglass air conditioning filters are woven in a dense meshwork with larger surface area to increase its capability of filtering the air. It should be remembered that not all fiberglass disposable filters are same and can be fitted in any air conditioning unit. You can know about the fiberglass filter suited for your air conditioning from a seasoned air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.

Electronic filters

Electronic filters are high-end air conditioning filters. They are wall-mounted and connected to a power source. Electronic filters usually come in two parts, which includes a pre-filter as well; pre-filter is used to catch the larger pollutant particles from the air before it passes through electronic filters. In contrast to disposable filters, electronic filters are not needed to be cleaned after a short time period. With an air conditioning system working on its full potential, you can clean them after every six months. They are expensive, so you should only trust an experienced air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX with electronic filters.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters are mostly used in conditions where air conditioning system are having a serious odor problem. If your air conditioning system is providing you with moderate, comfortable inside temperatures but with some unsettling odor then it’s of no use. With carbon air conditioning filters, you can sort this problem out. Carbon filters are ideal for homes with pets. Installation of carbon filters is slightly different from the installation of conventional filters so it is better to get the services of a professional air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.

Electrostatic filters

Electrostatic filters are another type of air conditioning filter, which are used and marketed as permanent allergy-free air conditioning filters. Cleaning an electrostatic filter is very difficult since they are in numerous layers and that is why a seasoned air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX in most cases will not recommend you to get an electrostatic filter for your air conditioning system.

Remember that an air conditioning filter should fit tightly with your air conditioning unit so that it can work efficiently. Most of the high-end air conditioning filters can’t be fitted with every air conditioning unit so it is better to consult an air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX before buying a filter. Air conditioning filters which are not tightly sealed are of no use.

Life of Filter

Conventional air conditioning filters should be replaced after 3 to 4 months depending on the running hours of the air conditioning unit. If you are more concerned regarding the air quality provided by your air conditioning system then you should get your air conditioning filter replaced after 2 months.

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