What to Check before Calling for an Air Conditioning Repair in McKinney, TX

What to Check before Calling for an Air Conditioning Repair in McKinney, TX

Air conditioning systems are not simple machines to deal with. Not everyone can get their hand on that and that is why there are several air conditioning repairing services which have professional and licensed training of working on the air conditioning systems.

But it doesn’t mean your air conditioning system is always in need of an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX whenever there is a momentarily glitch in the system. There are things which are linked with an air conditioning unit which should be checked by you before calling an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Checking Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are automated electrical components which stops the flow of current in general house supply or to any specific heavy duty electric appliance which draws large amount of currents to operate (like air conditioners). Circuit breakers act as safety switches in the events of short circuits and overloads. If your air conditioner system is not powering on, then before calling an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX, you should check the circuit board for any tripped breaker. Try to move it to the ‘on’ position and you will be having a powered air conditioner but if circuit breaker gets stuck or moves immediately to ‘off’ position then it commands the expertise of an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Check Thermostat

Thermostat is the helm of an air conditioning system because it controls the temperatures and ambiances you want from an air conditioning unit. After checking the circuit breaker you should check the thermostat of your HVAC system because thermostats now come in different settings and it might have happened that someone accidently changed the settings of thermostat. Check your thermostat first and try to work it around on different temperature settings to check whether it’s working properly or not. If you couldn’t grasp the problem with the thermostat of your air conditioning system then it’s time to call for the services of an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Check for drain overflow

If you have already checked the status of circuit breaker and program, and battery of the thermostat and both of these components are working properly, but you are still facing the same problem where you are not getting the power for your air conditioning unit then there could be one other reason as well i.e. the overflow of condensate drain from the condensate pan initiates the built-in safety measure of the air conditioning unit which is governed by a float switch which goes off in the situation where drain is clogged and condensate pan is overflowed and disconnects the power of an air conditioning unit to save the unit from damage. Even after cleaning the draining pipes if your air conditioner is not getting powered on then you can call for an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Check air filters

Air filters are used to prevent the air pollutants to enter into the air conditioning system to maintain the quality of air inside your house and to protect the inner parts of the air conditioning system. But air filters are stuffed with debris and pollutants after a considerable usage and when they get clogged they stop the incoming air and decrease the performance of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioning is not working to its fullest inspect for the frozen inside, this condition is a very strong sign that your air conditioning unit needs an air filter replacement. Defrost your air conditioner and put a new recommended filter. If problem still persists then there are chances that the evaporator coil has been affected by the inside frosting. This condition needs an expertise of an experienced air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Check air ducts

There is problem which is not related to your air conditioning system but it affects the performance of it. The air ducts, which are an essential part of any ventilation system are responsible for conveying the air throughout the building. If they get leaky, loose or dirty then they can decrease the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. If you are experiencing irregular temperatures in every room of your house or there are some vents that are totally inactive then those are the signs of faulty ducts. Try to get to the problem and if you don’t succeed then call for an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX.

Check condenser unit.

Condenser unit is the most ignored component of an air conditioning assembly because it is fitted outside and since its blowing a hot air so no one wants to get near it. Since, they are installed mostly in places which are exposed to dirt and other debris that is why they get dirty very easily. So, it is better to check them after a while as if they are not stuck with something which can lead to the malfunction of the whole air conditioning unit.

Check refrigerant level

Refrigerant is the main chemical used in air conditioning unit for the purpose of cooling and dehumidifying and it levels can get low with time. Air conditioners slower cooling operations can occur due to the lower refrigerant levels. It is not easy for anyone to do this job but if you could know in advance then it will be helpful for you to call an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX for new refrigerant.

The above discussed measures which should be taken before calling an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX can save you money if the problem is not that complex which commands the services of an expert. Most of these problems can rectify by people themselves, but it should also be kept in mind that if you are not getting the problem, then don’t wrestle with your air conditioning unit. Call for an air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX immediately.

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