Heating, Air Conditioning, And Furnace Repair | Mesquite, TX

Heating, Air Conditioning, And Furnace Repair | Mesquite, TX

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K&S Heating & Air provide comprehensive HVAC services in Dallas, TX. Every service from central heating to gas and oil heating, heat pumps, installations, system installations, and furnace repair is at your fingertips. Complementing our heating services is our broad selection of cooling services. Cooling services encompass air conditioning installations, maintenance, repair, duct, and ductless systems, and forced air systems among many others. Customers can also take advantage of the benefits offered by joining our Cool Club and access other resources on our site to help them with selecting, upgrading, and maintaining their heating and cooling systems.

Furnace Repair

Every home in Mesquite, TX, and surrounding areas should have a forced-air furnace. In line with sustainable energy drives across the globe, installing a new system will save on energy expenses. If your furnace is 25 years or older, it is long overdue for replacement. Because typical homes in the area can spend at least 30% of their energy bills on heating, it makes good sense to replace a system that is using far more energy than it should.

Better heating efficiencies are also experienced from new forced air furnace heating models than older equipment. When an existing, aging product is producing less than 50% heating efficiencies and costing up to 30% and more to operate, the money spent on the energy bill is out of sync with your needs. If a new furnace is not on the cards, then a call to K&S Heating & Air offers assessments and recommendations for alternative heating systems to keep you in comfort.

Oil Furnaces

Annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE determines how much energy is used by the furnace. Oil-based furnaces tend to use more energy than gas furnaces although gas-based furnaces tend to be pricier than their oil counterparts. Also, the gas for these furnaces is less costly than oil. No matter which furnace you have installed, regular maintenance of the system is necessary to maintain it in good shape. Oil furnaces are also high maintenance in comparison to gas-fuelled furnaces, making regular repairs and maintenance a necessity as more build-up is expected in oil-based furnace systems.

Even though oil-based furnaces produce greater heat per BTU, cleaning of chimneys and oil filters must be changed regularly to get the most from your oil-fuelled furnace. In contrast, gas-fuelled furnaces are much lower maintenance although their heat output is lower. Also, gas furnaces are only useful in areas where there is a convenient supply of natural gas. Although gas furnaces need far less maintenance than the oil furnace, they must also be regularly maintained to reduce expensive repair work. Regular maintenance of gas furnaces will also ensure optimum functioning and lower energy bills so get your furnace repair as soon as possible.

Heating Repair Services

Keep in mind that furnaces and other heating systems are subject to extensive use throughout the cold months. K&S Heating & Air therefore, recommends that homeowners and commercial property users get ahead of their heating maintenance in the warmer months. A call to K&S during the warmer months will help with an evaluation of the condition of heating systems, pre-empting problems during winter. The last thing that you want is for your heating system to break down when it is cold, forcing a call for a furnace repair.

If you do find yourself in the situation where your heating system breaks down during winter, our qualified technicians are however on standby to assist in getting your furnace or other heating system running again. No matter how simple or complex the problem is, our technicians are available for diagnosis and repairs with minimum impact. However, if the system is old, we highly recommend an early call to us to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted heating throughout the winter.

Recognize When Heating Repairs Are Necessary

Furnace repairs can be costlier than necessary when the system is old, ineffective due to a lack of regular maintenance, or needs replacement parts often. When the system is over 25 years old, then customers should consider a replacement system rather than continuing with expensive repairs. Old systems are typically inefficient and expensive to run. Customers can then consider replacement with modern systems such as new furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, or central heating to keep the interior warm and cozy. K&S Heating & Air are on hand for repairs when you need help.

Besides the age of the heating system, other considerations are strong indicators that new installations instead of repairs are called for. Deteriorating efficiencies encompass insufficient maintenance, meaning the system uses more energy to operate. A lack of maintenance also means that the working parts of the system are subject to greater wear and tear, causing expensive repair work to be done. A heating system that is in poor condition will be more expensive to run and require continued repairs. Customers are advised to consider a new heating system that qualifies for tax credits or rebates if this is the case. If no other alternative is available, then take advantage of furnace repair to keep warm in winter.

Regular Maintenance Is Recommended

When regular maintenance work is conducted, less furnace repair and other repairs are needed. Joining the Cool Club is an effective way to lower repair costs, as is engaging in regular maintenance work on heating and cooling systems. Whether you have electric, gas, or oil furnaces or other heating systems in the home, it is advisable to get K&S Heating & Air Mesquite, TX in every few months to keep these systems operating at their maximum efficiencies.

Our customers can schedule regular maintenance and repair work on their systems in advance for furnace repair. With our efficient management systems, booking appointments ahead of time will help you to leave the work to us. There is no longer a need to remember when maintenance needs to be done as we will send reminders to customers to confirm availability.

We Go the Extra Mile

Book your appointments in advance for furnace repair or other heating and cooling work. Whether you need a new installation, maintenance, or repair work, K&S Heating & Air is at your service.