Six Common Problems Arising From Improper Air Conditioner Installation System Maintenance | Garland, TX

Six Common Problems Arising From Improper Air Conditioner Installation System Maintenance | Garland, TX

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Did you know that as much as half of your home’s monthly energy consumption accounts for your heating and cooling needs? The heating and ventilation system in your home plays an integral role in regulating indoor air quality and ensuring that your home is always comfortable regardless of the exterior temperature conditions.

For the unit to adequately serve all your heating and cooling needs, it’s advisable to schedule a date with a reliable air conditioner installation company for regular maintenance. By doing this, you not only improve your comfort and the life expectancy of your HVAC unit, but you also help in conserving the environment and keeping your home safer.

Even though most air conditioner installation and repair companies in the Garland, TX¬†area focus on preventive HVAC maintenance, they may still offer risk-based, condition-based, and corrective maintenance services. Corrective maintenance aims at restoring a unit’s efficiency by correcting an anomaly identified during routine inspections.

On the other hand, risk-based maintenance involves the integration of performance tests in preventive maintenance activities. HVAC technicians may also conduct condition-based maintenance, which entails controlling corrective actions and equipment performance monitoring.

Regardless of the type of maintenance your HVAC unit often undergoes, regular maintenance is a must for any homeowner. Below are some common problems that occur when homeowners downplay their unit’s maintenance needs.

Refrigerant leaks

During air conditioner installation, the technician may have told you that the refrigerant inside the HVAC system known as should never leak. However, if the refrigerant leaks, there are a few giveaway signs that can help you identify the leak and seek the appropriate redress. For instance, you may notice drastic and frequent fluctuations in temperature or decreased efficiency from your HVAC unit.

Also, sometimes it could be struggling to keep the air in your living room cool. This could occur when the refrigerant leaks out, causing the compressor to get extremely hot. The refrigerant could be excessive during other times, making it return to the compressor, rendering the compressor obsolete with time.

Refrigerant leaks are commonly attributed to shoddy installation work. In such cases, if it’s low, the technicians may have failed to charge it adequately, and the reverse is true in situations where it’s high. Luckily, it’s nothing an HVAC maintenance crew in Garland, TX, can’t handle.

During the maintenance service, the technicians can diagnose any refrigerant issues and replace them with one charged according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

Significant water leakages

Water leakage problems occur mainly due to clogged drain pipes that force the condensate to overflow within the drain lines and drain pan. Professional air conditioner installation technicians also attribute water leakages to problems in the collector box, heat exchanger, or evaporator drain pan.

Through preventive HVAC maintenance, such problems can be quickly identified and fixed. Possible solutions that the technicians may offer include comprehensive cleaning of the entire unit to ensure that the drain lines work in tip-top form. They may also recommend cleaning agents’ occasional use to clear out any debris lodged in the drain components.

Loud noises

When heating and air conditioning units grow old due to inevitable wear and tear, weird noises are bound to be heard. However, when the squealing, rasping, or grinding starts to disrupt your peace of mind, especially at night, it’s an indication you may need to consult with an air conditioner installation company near for a regular and comprehensive maintenance plan.

This is because the noises often occur due to vital components within the system, such as belts and bearings, wearing out with time. Additionally, installation professionals believe that the noises could result from dirty burners or problems with the air circulation setup.

Luckily, a trained HVAC maintenance technician can help in such situations. They can work on oil motors and bearings as well as change worn out or overly stretched belts, hence restoring your unit’s efficiency and ultimately increasing its lifetime. That aside, it’s important to note that if the noises aren’t remedied on time, they may lead to a full-scale unit failure.

Dirty air filters

HVAC air filters are an essential aspect of any home’s unit. They’re also quite susceptible to the accumulation of dust and sometimes fur particles since they work round-the-clock to improve your home’s indoor air quality. These blockages have a significant and negative impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit.

They often make the system work harder to maintain your preferred indoor air conditions. This operation’s difficulty ultimately reflects on your monthly energy bills since the unit is continuously running to compensate for the temperature deficit resulting from the dirty filters.

Air conditioner installation specialists claim that homeowners that hire technicians to replace or clean dirty filters after every 30 days can potentially reduce their HVAC’s monthly energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent.

Continuous blower operation

Another sign of trouble is when you realize that your unit’s blower never shuts off. Experts in HVAC maintenance working for reputable installation companies near you believe that the problem may be someone within the household who accidentally switched on the fan on the thermostat.

However, if the fan hasn’t been turned on and your blower won’t stop running, it could mean there’s a problem with its relay mechanism. The fan relay mechanism comes on when your home’s thermostat calls for higher temperatures, and it goes off when the thermostat calls for relatively lower temperatures.

When there’s a problem with this mechanism, the blower can never go off. Not to worry, though, installation companies with expert HVAC maintenance technicians on staff can help in diagnosing and fixing blower problems during scheduled maintenance routines.

Uneven heating and cooling patterns

If you ignore your HVAC unit’s maintenance needs, you may begin to notice that your unit is cooling and heating your indoor air unevenly with time. Trusted air conditioner installation companies with professional HVAC maintenance technicians on staff often attribute drastic temperature fluctuations to blocked registers and vents as well as duct leaks and poor insulation.

Luckily, they’re well-equipped materially and have the knowledge to provide the appropriate solutions for such issues when conducting routine maintenance services. Some of the solutions they may offer you may entail installing zoning systems that can allow you to control every room’s temperature remotely and separately.

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