Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: Troubleshooting HVAC Issues During Winter | Rowlett, TX

Heating And Air Conditioning Repair: Troubleshooting HVAC Issues During Winter | Rowlett, TX

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Residential premises that are located in places that experience extreme temperature fluctuations may have unfavorable indoor conditions, especially when winter approaches. That’s why homeowners ought to pay attention to their HVAC units to create favorable conditions during cold weather. Winter’s extremely low temperatures not only alter the functioning of human bodies but also that of various appliances, including HVAC systems. A faulty HVAC unit can make your luxurious home uninhabitable during winter. To prevent unpleasant and extreme cold temperatures in your Rowlett, TX, home during winter, you can seek help from a heating and air conditioning repair service provider for frequent checks and repairs when necessary. Below are some frequent HVAC problems you’re likely to experience during winter.

Carbon monoxide leaks

Homeowners do all they can to ensure they make their homes a safe and comfortable space during winter. However, detecting carbon monoxide may be hard since the gas is odorless and tasteless. Between 1999 and 2010, 5149 deaths occurred in the US resulting from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. You should, therefore, be very cautious with your HVAC system to prevent the dangerous gas from leaking into your home. The leaks occur due to the cracking or rusting of the heat exchangers. To be on a safe side, why not contact a heating and air conditioning repair expert to assess your HVAC system and fix a carbon monoxide problem before it turns into a disaster.

Dysfunctional pilot light

Heating systems that use propane or gas to run need a pilot light to ignite. Some aged systems may trigger their pilot lights to ignite constantly, while others only turn on the pilot after they start operating. For the former, it may pose a safety hazard due to the possibility of a gas explosion. Needless to say, you may be looking at high utility bills. Additionally, you may notice that your flame doesn’t turn on completely. This may be due to dirty or damaged flame sensors. If you notice any of these pilot light issues, the wise thing to do is immediately call a heating and air conditioning repair professional to fix the problem.

Frozen coils and pipes

Extreme cold temperatures can make water in the HVAC system’s coils and pipes freeze, and this inhibits the HVAC system from working properly. Worse still, the frozen water may expand making the pipes and coils burst. This can cause homeowners to incur high heating and air conditioning repair expenses. If you think the coils or pipes of your AC unit are frozen, you should consult a repair technician to rectify the problem before it worsens.

Failed heat pumps

Some homeowners depend on exterior heat pumps for their heating needs. These appliances will be fully functional during summer but when winter comes, snowfalls and icy winds may damage the heat pumps hence reducing their efficiency. The harsh conditions cause fan motors to break and evaporation coils to block, and the system cannot also defrost. If you notice any of these problems, you should set an automatic defrost setting to melt the ice before thick layers form. Otherwise, you can always contact a professional offering heating and air conditioning repair solutions to fix broken coils and pipes and gain insight on HVAC winter tips.

Dirty air filters

People who use air furnaces and heat pumps to heat their homes need air filters to enable their HVAC systems to function properly. Air filters help prevent dust from clogging into the heating system. If dirt blocks the filters, it prevents air from flowing freely hence making the HVAC system overwork. This triggers overheating and premature shutdown problems. You may solve this by frequently checking and cleaning your filters, a task that a repair expert is adept in. The good thing about seeking professional help is that the experts can solve other underlying problems.

Snapped thermostats

Thermostats monitor indoor temperatures and adjust the heating and air conditioning automatically to maintain the desired temperature hence making the HVAC system to be energy efficient. They are a key component for saving utility bills, hence homeowners with HVAC systems should consider installing them. You should contact a heating and air conditioning repair expert to clean, calibrate, or fix faulty wiring, depending on your repair needs. In case your thermostat is completely dysfunctional and is a standard model, it’s advisable to replace it with a programmable one to experience improved efficiency.

Irregular patterns of airflow and HVAC temperatures

Imagine walking into a room (your favorite spot) in your home and finding it colder than other areas during winter. Beats the purpose of having an HVAC unit in your home, right? You have to keep in mind that the issue may not be with your system itself. Check your windowsills and doorways for any cracks or perforations, and then call a professional to seal them. Contacting a heating and air conditioning repair technician would be a good place to start. The experts can efficiently assess ducts and vents to identify and get rid of blockages resulting from debris or any other material, including plastics and sticks.

Loss of heat

You may experience sudden or complete lack of heating during winter. If you notice that the air doesn’t get warmer no matter how much effort you put in to turn your heater on, your air duct may be leaking or the compressor might be problematic. Also, if there’s an uneven distribution of heat in your home, you may be facing an insulation problem. It may be challenging to identify the exact problem, so why not call a heating and air conditioning repair technician for help?

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