Why Your Home Requires Frequent AC Repair | Garland, TX

Why Your Home Requires Frequent AC Repair | Garland, TX

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Have you ever walked into your house and found it too hot and uncomfortable yet you own a heating and cooling system? About three-quarters of homes in the US have air conditioners that consume about six percent of the annual electricity the country produces. This implies that AC systems are one of the key appliances used by homeowners, and you should keep them in good condition to ensure they work efficiently. With efficiency comes energy consumption which translates to reducing utility bills. As such, you must constantly call a professional for AC repairs in Garland, TX. Below are some reasons why you ought to conduct regular repairs and avert irreversible damages.

Clogged drain lines

When the AC cools off, it releases condensation that flows outwards enabling the system to work normally and efficiently. However, if drain lines experience blockage from dirt or other material, moisture may back up into your AC unit making it intensify the cooling process. This produces excess condensation leading to an increase in indoor humidity levels hence making the AC dysfunctional. If you feel your indoor temperatures aren’t ideal, you can talk to a professional offering AC repair services to help you fix the problem.

Poor breaker panel balancing

Inadequate or lack of breaker panel balancing can lead to mechanical wear and tear of your air conditioning unit. This problem can further extend into overheating of the system leading to fire accidents. Additionally, you may be looking at high electricity and repair bills. In case you experience overheating, breakdowns, or any other problem relating to HVAC systems, you must seek the services of a qualified AC repair technician to assess the problem and rectify it.

Dysfunctional filters

Dirty filters drag air across the evaporator coils hence affecting their functionality. This lowers the discharge air temperature which in turn triggers a slower air pressure and lowers the refrigerant temperatures. These issues may inhibit the air conditioner from functioning properly hence making your home sustain extremely high or low temperatures during summer and winter respectively. To prevent this problem, you can seek AC repair services from an expert HVAC technician.

Dirty condenser coils

Dirty air filters and blocked return air ducts may cause airflow that freezes up or besmirches condenser coils hence affecting the functionality and effectiveness of your HVAC system. If air filters and ducts aren’t the problems, the culprit may be a low charged refrigerant. Diagnosing condenser coil problems can be a daunting task for untrained eyes, that’s why you should contact a residential AC repair expert to diagnose the exact problem and fix it. They can also advise you on future maintenance activities to prevent costly repairs.

Defective contractors

An evaporator coil supplies electricity to various components of an air conditioner, including condensers and motors. It may burn out or fail to function due to persistent wear and tear or overheating of the air conditioning unit. If the contractors fail to function, there will be no electricity passing through the air conditioner hence it may shut down. Additionally, your thermostat will stop functioning since it always communicates with the contractors when your AC’s power supply turns on. You should call an AC repair specialist to assess the state of the contractor and replace the worn-out or faulty ones.

Broken compressor fan

A compressor fan is located on the outside of your air conditioner unit, and it works in sync with the condenser coils to release heat from the air and produce cool indoor temperatures. If the fan isn’t functioning properly, it’ll alter the heat transfer process hence your home will not cool. A broken fan may lead to overheating problems that may exacerbate an AC breakdown. To avert irreversible HVAC damages, you should seek AC repair solutions from a well-trained professional.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant is a gas that absorbs heat from indoor air and transitions into a high-pressure liquid. When the components of an HVAC unit send the refrigerant to the outside of the system, a fan will blow hot air over the coils and send the liquid to the exterior where it cools down and turns back to a low-pressure gas. This way, the refrigerant absorbs hot air and creates a cooling effect. AC units are charged with refrigerants during installation. The refrigerant level may decrease below the recommended levels due to leaking or low-charged refrigerants. A professional will offer you AC repair services to help fix the problem by recharging the refrigerant and sealing any leaks.

Flawed thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a great energy-saving solution for your home. They enable homeowners to set normal or high temperatures whenever they aren’t home and cooler conditions whenever they are indoors. Apart from helping minimize your energy bills, the thermostat increases the shelf life of the AC since it reduces the unit’s working time. If your thermostat is dysfunctional, you’ll only need to replace it with an efficient one. Otherwise, you can contact an AC repair expert to fix any underlying problem.

Nonadaptive capacitors

A capacitor is a small cylindrical device in an air conditioner that provides a high-voltage jolt to the compressor, blower, and fan motors when the AC is on. When you power on your AC, the capacitor works just as a rechargeable battery would by collecting and storing electric energy. Subjecting capacitors to voltages they can’t handle may make them fail to execute their tasks normally. This will make the AC system fail, so it’s wise to contact a repair technician to fix capacitor problems whenever applicable.

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