Settling The Dust: What Air Conditioning Service Can Do | Garland, TX

Settling The Dust: What Air Conditioning Service Can Do | Garland, TX

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Air conditioning service in Garland, TX is a must. And with the entire state of Texas being right on the ocean, those summers can get hot and humid very fast. And that’s why good, quality and affordable air conditioning service is so critical, especially on those scorching summer days when indoor cooling is an urgent necessity. K&S Heating and Air can do so much to keep your AC running right when you need service the most.

There are three main parts that keep your AC unit going: the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor. Each part helps the other to do its job effectively. The evaporator is responsible for transmitting the refrigerant, otherwise known as the coolant, through its coils while dispersing it into a room or your entire living area. This is done with the help of a fan that blows the cool air into the atmosphere as it travels out to cool off an entire room, thus providing hours of comfort among the blazing summer heat.

The compressor circulates the coolant before it hits the condenser, where it converts to a gas before it hits the evaporator. Once it goes through the evaporator coils, it once again becomes a liquid so that it can be readily dispersed into a room for sufficient cooling.

Once your room reaches an accurate temperature, the cycle of the cooling process stops repeating and the fan inside the unit will take over most of the work. Should you decide to turn off your unit, it will begin again once it’s turned back on.

But when one part fails, the entire process gets disrupted. Take, for example, the evaporator coil. It can fail at any time, and when it does, there are some issues to look out for. If the air coming out of your AC is suddenly warm for no reason, you may be experiencing a glitch in your evaporator’s coils.

Air conditioning that starts then stops can be a feature of a failed evaporator system. If your unit refuses to turn on, you could be having a malfunction in the evaporator coils as the result of something else, such as dirt or pollutants. Any banging or hissing means that something may be loose, and you may see coolant leaking around the area near the unit.

So what are the things that may go wrong with your evaporator and its coils? Sometimes the coils themselves may be dirty and need a good, thorough cleaning as part of service and repair. Other times, the coils may be worn through wear and tear, which may necessitate that your entire unit be replaced.

Your evaporator coils could also freeze, which makes it harder for your unit’s evaporator to convert the refrigerant back into liquid form again. And what this means as afr as cooling is that the AC system will not be able to blow out the cool air into your home just as you need it.

Air conditioning service can cover an AC’s evaporator system and so much more. In fact, general air conditioning service and repair should be a regular part of any type of home maintenance, especially on an annual basis. Routine maintenance and repair needs to include thorough inspections and repairs, as needed.

Changing the air filter can help prevent many problems with both your AC and the environment inside your home. Dirty air filters have ways of blowing out dust particles that can affect the air you and your guests breathe, and those who have asthma and other chronic lung conditions are subject to having breathing issues that can be severe, depending on the amount of dirt or dust that lurks inside your air filters.

It should come as no surprise that dirty filters can affect your system’s evaporator coils, as any dirt that falls on them most likely come from what’s left on an unclean filter. Routine maintenance should include checking both your filters and the evaporator coils for grime and dust build up. If it is determined that the AC’s filters are dirty, the best thing for the technician to do would be to replace them as soon as possible.

Air conditioning service can include other general or basic repairs as needed. In fact, it is strongly advised that homeowners be aware of issues such as funny noises or bizarre odors that are emitted from the unit itself. Potential failure is always around the corner, and being prepared to call for air conditioning service is definitely in order any time.

With air conditioners, different odors mean different problems, which should be addressed according to need when you call for air conditioning service. A musty or moldy aroma is a key sign that the air filter is dirty and full of toxic pollutants. Air filters routinely absorb air from the environment, which often includes pollution from both the indoors and the outdoors.

Mold is collected into the air filter, which transmits it into the evaporator coils, but this can be treated by having the coils cleaned. That can be done at the same time you have your air conditioner’s air filter replaced. When you opt to have both services done, you have the ease to enjoy clean, clear coolness inside your home. Residents in Garland, TX know just how polluted the air can be, and during the intense summer months, taking care of indoor pollution is a must.

When you call for any kind of preventive air conditioning service, you may wish to inform your technician that a good tune up might work. In fact, you may even go so far as to request that every internal mechanism is clean, such as the drip pan, which can collect mold as dirt and pollutants mix with water and refrigerant.

Good air conditioning service can keep your air conditioner up and running smoothly. Whether its general maintenance or a routine coil cleaning, the service you can expect to get is nothing shy of excellent. Contact a K&S Heating and Air professional today for an appointment.