How Long Does An Air Conditioner Installation Take? | Garland, TX

How Long Does An Air Conditioner Installation Take? | Garland, TX

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If you’re getting ready to install your first air conditioner into your Garland, TX home or you’re looking to replace an aging unit you may be wondering how long it will take to complete. That’s a fair question, you want the whole process done as soon as possible and you don’t want to be stuck in limbo as that could cause more problems. We’ll go over some of the common questions about an air conditioning install or how long different types units will take to install. If it’s in the middle of summer you’ll want it done quite quickly of course.

Basic Reasons For Change In Project Time

First off, you may get an air conditioning installation time that seems suspiciously short. You may wonder how one technician can work that quickly but you have to remember it will likely be a team working together. You will not want them to rush it as that will lead to corner cutting and technicians that will remember your attitude. There are many factors that will lend to this process being more or less difficult and there may be unforeseen quirks they see in the process of installing the unit that could lead to other issues and delays.

So first let’s look at a typical, average air conditioner installation process. Industry average will put your install time at three to five days. It will be on the longer side if you need to do a complete HVAC install including furnace and ductwork installation or replacement. If your ductwork is old enough that may be unavoidable as possible asbestos coating will require replacement. If you’re lucky and you just need your outside unit replaced it could cut the time down to as low as one day.

Another factor for air conditioner installation timing will be how large the house is. Common sense will say that a larger house will make the project take longer but you don’t know if the layout of the house will also matter. Also you remember that after a certain square footage you will be looking at multiple units outside your house to ensure efficient cooling making the air conditioner installation process much more technical. It’s not only the size of the building but also the number of rooms. A house that has one story or a more open floor plan will also be easier than a house with multiple stories or more segmented rooms.

There are also different unit types that will affect the air conditioner installation time. In Garland, TX you will likely not be calling a professional to slap in a window unit because it will likely not be enough to cool your house or maybe even a room. You’re probably looking for a whole home system whether it’s a central air unit or a ductless system. If you’re getting a ductless system with small units near the ceiling of each room you’re looking at a much shorter installation time than a central system as they just need wall mounts, synchronization if it’s a connected system, and testing. Compared to a central air system like we’ve mentioned will require a lot more to it. From duct work, to concrete pads if they’re on the ground, or ceiling bracing if they’re being elevated you’ll also have more electrical manipulation for the high powered units to tap into your electrical box.

Now if you’re looking for an air conditioning installation for a larger building with multiple units like a condo complex or a multi family house your landlord may be requesting more time to get it done properly. Now the plus side of this is that you aren’t on the hook for the project cost up front, although your monthly rate to live there may go up. Good contractors will bring on additional help to speed this along but the more families living in a building the longer it will take to get a project done. If you do need a larger air conditioner installation project ensure your contractor can man the project to make it tolerable.

Other Factors Contributing To Delays

Air Conditioner Installation projects aren’t always linear. These items are what will likely cause issues that are unforeseen for what you would think are identical projects. The first one would be an electrical issue. If you’re getting a central air unit and your air conditioner installation hits a snag it’s likely because your electrical system isn’t handling the pull of the new unit well. Whether it’s your connection to your electrical box or the feed down your electrical line isn’t strong enough this could cause troubleshooting and maybe a service call for more electrical help. Even with a ductless system you could be looking at needing to run new lines that you were not expecting.

Another issue with your air conditioning installation that is from an outside issue has to do with your duct work not working as planned. If you need new duct work for your new air conditioning unit you may end up hitting hidden infrastructure in your home you weren’t expecting. Whether it be an exhaust vent where you need to run a new line, having your plumbing get in the way causing your contractor to redesign the whole thing, or maybe a wall with old supports between the studs for an old electrical switch requiring you to take more walls down than you expected. All of these could delay your installation if you are installing a new system entirely.

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