Improving Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit | Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Improving Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit | Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Summer is right here. How has your air conditioning unit been performing so far? And more importantly, what about your energy bills, are they within an acceptable range?

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning unit is of prime importance for optimal performance and costs minimization. But you don’t want to spend too much on this, right? Our expert team dealing with air conditioning service in Plano, TX has put together some of the most effective ways of maintaining your air conditioning unit.

Ensure the filters and vents are clean

According to our experts of air conditioning service in Plano, TX, dirty air filters are the most common reason for breakdown, increasing your bills by around 7%. Whatever type of cooling unit you may have, a dusty filter prevents proper airflow, and thus, forces your unit to work harder.  So how often should air filters be cleaned? Get them inspected every month by availing our air conditioning service in Plano, TX. We’ll clean your filters of all dirt and debris, ensuring smoother operation of your cooling unit. If required, we may suggest a replacement, which is usually after three months but can vary with usage.

If you have a central cooling system, then your vents should also be cleaned along with the filters. If they are blocked, the space will take longer to cool, your energy consumption will fall down and your bills will rise.  When your vents are free of debris, your AC does not have to struggle anymore and performs more efficiently.

Check the ductwork

Your AC appears to be fine, and there seems to be absolutely nothing wrong with the unit. But despite this, it fails to perform. You cleaned the filters, you cleaned the vents. You even checked the doors and windows again to ensure they are properly closed. So, what’s the problem here, the duct network, running behind the walls of your house or the insulation. If there are significant air leakages, cold air would pass in through the crevices inside your home. So, get your ductwork inspected and ensure that it’s properly sealed or insulated.

Duct leakage is known to increase energy consumption by around 20% to 40%, which has a significant impact on your bills. Utilize our air conditioning service in Plano, TX and we’ll inspect your ducts, windows and doors again. We’ll examine your home thoroughly and ensure there aren’t any small holes or cracks that can generate air losses.

Set you thermostat properly

How many of you actually bothered reading the manual that came with your thermostat? You may not even know the optimal settings for your thermostat, so let us walk you through them quickly.

  • Place heat-generating appliances like lamps and light fixtures away from the thermostat.
  • Switch off the thermostat if your house is empty.
  • Increase the temperature at night when the air outside is cooler and more comfortable.
  • Should you have a programmable thermostat, you can configure different settings for day and night.

While these tips should help you out, our expert team of air conditioning service in Plano, TX would still suggest that you read the manual because there can be slight variations depending on the brand that you have.

Draw the blinds closed

A simple, yet effective way to maintain higher efficiency levels. Sunlight passing through the windows heats up the thermostat and makes your space warmer. And if the sun shines through the windows continuously, your cooling costs definitely rise. This can increase room temperature by around 10 to 20 degrees, so you can imagine the load on your cooling system.

When you draw the blinds close, dimmed rays enter into your house and make it easier to cool the space. Plus, blinds also serve to insulate windows, and hence, prevent air losses. If you have drapes, all the better because they keep out the sun more effectively. So invest in some easy ways to increase efficiency while adding some aesthetic appeal to your windows.

Reduce indoor heat

Our expert team dealing with air conditioning service in Plano, TX advises that you should keep your rooms as cool as you can to ascertain optimal functioning of your cooling unit. Limit your use of appliances that generate heat such as stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators and dryers. Whenever you do have to use them, keep them away from the thermostat or do so at a time when your cooling unit is turned off.

Turn on your fans

Turning on fans promotes better air flow in the room, and can make it feel cooler by around 10 degrees.

Avail maintenance related air conditioning service in Plano, TX

If your cooling unit isn’t properly maintained, its lifetime decreases and bills can rise by as much as 30%.  Generally, an air compressor can be used for around 10 to 12 years, but if you regularly avail air conditioning service in Plano, TX, its life increases up to 20 years.

The coils, fans and filters of your cooling equipment should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust particles from blocking air flow. Thus, you need professional air conditioning service in Plano, TX regularly to ensure that your unit continues to perform optimally. A typical maintenance session includes the following:

  • Cleaning filters and ducts
  • Checking refrigerant levels; if these are optimal, they alone can result in a 20% greater efficiency
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Installing a dehumidifying pipe if required

The recommended maintenance frequencies are bi annual or annual depending on your usage. And the best time to avail air conditioning service in Plano, TX is before the summer season kicks in.


Get in touch with us at K&S Heating and Air and schedule a maintenance session. As far as costs are concerned, our rates are quite nominal. Sit back, let us perform air conditioning service in Plano, TX, and enjoy very best cooling performance.