Is Your AC Faulty? Tell Tale Causes From An AC Repair Company | Dallas, TX

Is Your AC Faulty? Tell Tale Causes From An AC Repair Company | Dallas, TX

Air conditioners are among the necessary electrical appliances required by homes in the US. About three-quarters of residential properties throughout the US have AC units. The rising number of users of these appliances has increased the amount of energy consumed by them.

Approximately six percent of the total amount of energy produced in the US is consumed by these appliances, costing homeowners roughly 29 billion dollars per year. With such increasing statistics, it’s advisable to talk to a professional HVAC expert to help you get the best energy-saving AC in the market and have your existing one checked regularly by experts from an AC repair company for maximum efficiency.

Having a faulty AC can be very inconvenient to you and your family especially when the summers are extremely hot. It’s therefore ideal that you get to know the causes of defects in ACs and get prompt solutions from an air conditioner company. Discussed are some of the causes of a faulty AC in your home.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are found in the outdoor unit of the AC system. They eliminate heat that’s expelled from the air to the outside of the building. If covered by dirt and grime, condenser coils won’t work effectively. If you live near areas in Dallas, TX, that experience excess pollution and soot in air arising from manufacturing activities and vehicles, your AC could be susceptible to this problem.

If the condenser coil becomes defective, it implies the heated air won’t get eliminated, making your unit work extremely hard to keep your home cool. It could in turn lead to frequent wear and tear problems. At this stage, you’ll have to look for a reliable AC repair company to offer you the necessary replacement or repair solutions.

Low Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant is a chemical found inside your home’s AC unit that absorbs heat from the air that enters the air conditioner and afterward generates cool air that runs through evaporator and compressor coils. Sometimes the AC can sustain leaks in the refrigerant lines, reducing the amount of refrigerant to lower levels.

It will mean your unit will not be effective in cooling the air that enters your home. If you notice warm air inside your house when your AC is on, it’s time to visit your AC company to book troubleshooting services. The problem could be low refrigerant levels. The technician assigned to attend to your AC should fix all the leaks and fill up the refrigerant to the correct levels.

Sometimes you may use some DIY knowledge to know the refrigerant is low and decide to refill it yourself. It could trigger bigger problems in your unit since there are different types of refrigerants for different brands. To avoid spending on additional unnecessary repairs, you should look for a professional from a reputable AC repair company to refill your refrigerant.

Leaking Ducts

Air ducts are a core component of the cooling unit in your home. They transport cool air into your home, ensuring you and your family enjoy your stay indoors when the sun is scorching. Ductwork can get perforations courtesy of rodents, insects, and careless contractors. The cooled air will sneak out through these holes.

Additionally, hot air from outside the ducts can sneak into the duct lines and enter your home. It only means your system will have to overwork to produce the correct amount of cool air you need. For that reason, your AC unit undergoes faster wear and tear, and you may have to settle abnormal energy bills.

If you notice your electricity bills have shot up instantly or you receive hot air while your AC is running, rush to an AC repair company for assistance. The company will assign the best staff member for the job to come and fix leaks on your ductwork once and for all.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant. They act like a sponge, absorbing all the heat in the air your unit collects from the outside. The coils require the warm air around them to maximize their efficiency. When the airflow is blocked or flows in low quantities, the evaporator coils can get cold and accumulate ice on their surface.

If this happens, it implies you will be receiving warm or no air from your air conditioning supply registers all into your home until you visit an AC repair company to ask for repair and replacement services. The AC repair company you go to should be reputable and well known in Dallas, TX, for you to receive quality services the first time. The designated technician should assess the whole system and fix all defects, including frozen evaporator coils.

Inadequate Maintenance

Like any other electrical appliance in your home, air conditioners need regular maintenance for normal functioning. After serving you for a long time, some parts can become broken and others very dirty. Also, nuts could be loose, and wiring could be messed up. To some extent, the unit won’t manage to operate due to a complete breakdown.

Sometimes there’s nothing else you can do apart from buying a new unit and visiting an AC repair company to offer you repair services. To prevent such incidents and frequent repairs, the AC repair company that offers you installation services for the first time should create an annual maintenance plan for your cooling unit.

The maintenance plan schedule you get can contain a wide range of activities, including cleanup of AC components, lubricating movable parts, rewiring, replacing hard-to-repair parts, and tightening loose bolts.

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