Keeping Cool: The Importance of Air Conditioning Service | Garland, TX

Keeping Cool: The Importance of Air Conditioning Service | Garland, TX

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When the summer weather comes, all you need is the hassle and headache that comes with extreme temperatures. Those who spend time indoors know just how prevalent the heat can be. With the rise in temperatures comes the need for professional quality air conditioning service in Garland, TX and beyond.

It can be a bummer when your AC winks out, and then you’re stuck with nothing but sweltering conditions within your home. When you turn on your unit and suddenly you get nothing but hot air, that’s proof that there is a problem. The root cause typically lies within your compressor or something that relates to a compressor issue.

Other symptoms of air conditioning failure included are tripped circuit breakers, which happen as the direct result of a unit that works way too hard to conjure up the power to continue working. In the latter case, simply turning off your circuit breaker is not a solution, as the root cause happens to lie within your unit and not your electrical system.

Any unit that “hard starts,” or shakes upon the flick of the on switch, is a sure sign of impending failure and needs attention from an expert right away. Prior to calling, it is advised to turn off the unit immediately and call a professional. Other issues, such as grinding or cranking noises, should be a sign that you should call K&S right away.

An HVAC system can shut off right away once its turned on or simply shut down before the normal cooling cycle is complete. Sometimes, a dirty filter could be the primary culprit, or your HVAC unit may need a refrigerant top-off. At times, your evaporator coils may be freezing up, thus sending your system in lock down mode. Whatever the cause may be, your unit needs attention right away, as those living in Garland, TX and beyond may well know. This type of rapid air cycling can drive up monthly energy costs, thus necessitating the need for air conditioning service.

So what comprises good, quality air conditioning service for those who live in Garland and other surrounding regions? The answer lies in K&S Heating and Air Conditioning, where those who live in Garland and other surrounding TX regions know they can turn to in times of trouble. In fact, the professionals at K&S have both heating and air conditioning service 24/7, and they can come to your home or business in less than 24 hours to address your needs.

Getting the job completed in as timely a manner as possible is the ultimate goal for the professionals at K&S. In fact, working fast is not the only priority at K&S, as the team is dedicated to combining accuracy with prompt, friendly and affordable service. The very people who come to work on your AC are the same ones who undergo rigorous screening right before being hired to the team. Not only that, but once hired, they complete training and become certified in the latest technology for your air conditioning repair needs. Continuing education is a must for those who join the professional team at K&S, and each training provides the latest news in air conditioning service and HVAC technology.

Routine maintenance, repair, and installation by a qualified expert are a must, as each professional knows the ins and outs of how to install and repair a system without the risk of electrocution. Plus, they will know just what you need in terms of your home or business space and can work with you accordingly. Plus, when you allow a professional to install and repair your unit, you have a decreased risk of AC malfunction. Plus, your AC will have a much better chance of running more efficiently. And with routine maintenance, you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

Although most air conditioning maintenance can be DIY, it is best left to the professionals. Even routine, basic maintenance tasks such as changing a filter, cleaning out your ducts or HVAC coils, and routine vent cleaning should be done on a regular basis by a licensed technician to ensure the life of your system. So if you need these and more as part of your air conditioning service, then you can call on the professionals at K&S.

When you hire a licensed specialist for you air conditioning service and HVAC repair needs, the odds are great that they can not only fix your problem but spot and fix something else before it gets worse. Whether the problem lies in your HVAC or its duct system, K&S can help assess the issue and fix it.

A duct system is a central component to both central air and heating systems as they provide a passage for the air to travel in and out of your home, regardless of season. In fact, a duct system also provides proper ventilation for your home, and it takes a licensed professional to lay down the duct work so that it can help your system run smoothly and efficiently. And when it comes to building the foundation of your duct work, size matters. Any duct work too large or too small can greatly affect the efficiency of your system and and can have an impact on its overall operation. Most customers will opt to use a duct system comprised of galvanized steel for systems that provide both heating and cooling, while others may rely on aluminum, fiberglass, or other more versatile materials.

Good, quality air conditioning service can cover so much more than your HVAC’s duct work. Other services include fixing broken or malfunctioning whole house fans, which can be used during either fall or spring to cool you home. They do not need a thermostat to control their settings, as all that is needed is an open window to bring forth the cooling effect for your home.

However, as the change in weather approaches summer, a good, reliable thermostat is the antidote to coping with the heat in as efficient a manner as possible. This is especially true if you happen to have a programmable thermostat, where you can preset the time that it kicks on to cool your home from a smartphone. If your thermostat goes out, having it fixed as part of your air conditioning service is not a problem. And if you wish to graduate from having a single AC unit or need a brand new thermostat installed, the experts at K&S Heating and Air have all that you need, including the knowledge and tools to get the job done. All you need to do is visit their website or give them a call.