Rely on K&S Heating and Air for all Air Conditioner Repair | Mesquite, TX

Rely on K&S Heating and Air for all Air Conditioner Repair | Mesquite, TX

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Mesquite, TX is an eastern suburb of Dallas but has lots to be proud of in its own right. Mesquite is the ‘Rodeo Capital of Texas’ according to the legislature. Our town has been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a ‘Tree City’ for the last 25 years. The Mesquite Public Library is a community hub that won the 2016 Achievement of Library Excellence Award by the Texas Municipal

Library Directors Association. There are 548 public libraries in TX and only 43 receive this accolade. Commerce is lively in the area with the United Parcel Service, AT&T, FedEx, Eastfield College, and Texas A&M University-Commerce keep the economy moving in a positive direction offering community members a variety of work opportunities.

There’s plenty of stuff to do in Mesquite, TX! However, many things will grind to a halt if the cool air stops flowing in the middle of a Texan summer. Rely on K&S Heating and Air for all air conditioner repairs necessary in your home or business.

We hire NATE-certified technicians who represent many decades of experience, training, and expertise. Our team strives to represent the best value HVAC services in the state with regular refreshing training and skill expansion retreats. We offer our team tantalizing encouragement to remain ahead of industry advancements and technological changes.

Air Conditioner Repair Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Neglect

It’s easy to take your home’s climate control system for granted when the cool air is flowing, but sweat through a single, Texan, summer day and you’ll want to make sure you don’t need an air conditioner repair. Prepare for summer and make sure your air conditioning is in tip-top shape.

Changing filters and general cleaning are safe activities to help maintain your AC but don’t attempt to conduct a repair without a professional who has expertise in repairing the delicate technology of the unit.

Here are a few red flags that you need air conditioner repair.

  • Unusual Sounds: Most appliances hum or make regular noise even when functioning at an optimal level. However, you’ll recognize sounds that are indicators your unit needs attention. Pops, whirring, or grating noises are frequent symptoms of a defect and a need for air conditioner repair.


  • Pooled water: Condensation is another common occurrence for healthy air conditioners, but puddles of water and other fluids aren’t normal. It is possible that these fluids could harm living creatures and people if left untreated. Pools of fluid can be a direct result of your air conditioner working too hard to meet the temperature you’ve set the appliance to meet. Immediately scheduling an air conditioner repair can potentially save you money because faulty units use more electricity to run than efficient machines.


  • Moldy Smells: The air ducts which carry the airflow throughout your home or business are the lungs of your space. If the vents are dirty or the air conditioner has mold growth, then the air moving throughout the house will be dirty too. Moldy and musty smells are often neglected until it impacts the health of residents or workers. Look for respiratory problems, like coughing, irritation to your eyes and nose, asthma attacks and headaches. These might be related to mold growth in the air ducts. If you suspect mold, call us for an immediate air conditioner repair.

Customer Testimonials

“I pride myself on being a savvy shopper. I read reviews, do research and ask my friends and family anytime I’m planning a big purchase. My central air was giving up the ghost last fall. It was working okay. We weren’t melting or anything, but you could tell it wasn’t working the way it should be.

Because I had the rest of fall, winter, and a month or two of spring before we’d need to have the new air conditioner installed. I spoke to everybody: neighbors, friends, and all the church folks I chat with every Sunday. I must have heard the name K&S ten times in a week. I gave them a call and they sent somebody out the next day just to evaluate the situation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the technician’s expertise and his help finding an air conditioner that would be affordable to run. Actually, with the K&S tradesman’s help, I found a like-new unit that cost me 30 percent less than a new one.

I’m happy as a clam with K&S! I signed up for a routine maintenance package last spring and we haven’t had so much as a blip. We haven’t needed air conditioner repair since the installation. They offer a valuable service at affordable prices!”

Winston Ritter, Pecan Creek, October 2019

“Last July, I woke up to a horrible grating sound that sounded like a helicopter crashing down outside our bedroom window. It didn’t take too long before I realized it was our central air unit. We turned off the air conditioner and I called our regular repairman first thing in the morning but he couldn’t find the problem and suggested I call K&S for the air conditioner repair.

I was frustrated at first because I’ve had difficulty dealing with trade services before. They tend to charge me for services I never authorized. I discussed my concerns with the K&S office and they sent over a repairman that afternoon. He replaced the fan and topped up the refrigerant (with my go-ahead, I want to add!). The air conditioning was better than ever afterward. It remained nice and cool. I’m looking forward to summer this year because the air conditioning works so well!”

Bob Walt, Wildwood, July 2019

Friendly, Fast Services

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a tradesperson to help repair, install, or upgrade your climate control systems. We promise to exceed your expectations and provide punctual, friendly services at an affordable price. Get in touch with us at K&S Heating and Air if you need an expert to maintain, or repair your air conditioner.