Keeping Your HVAC System at Its Best | Insight from Your Trusted Frisco, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Keeping Your HVAC System at Its Best | Insight from Your Trusted Frisco, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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One of the most significant investments that you would make in your house is installing an air conditioning system. A new AC installation is costly; hence you must make a serious effort to protect it.

An air conditioner has different parts, such as coils, fins, and filters. These parts require regular maintenance for your system to serve you efficiently for long. If the air conditioning service is neglected, then your system’s performance declines steadily.

To improve on the comfort and efficiency of your system, here are some crucial HVAC service tips to consider.

Air Conditioner Coils

An air conditioner has two types of coils; the evaporator and the condenser coils. The coils tend to collect dirt with time, which covers them and creates an insulation layer that reduces the coils’ ability to absorb heat. Having a clean filter can help you avoid the soiling of the evaporator coils, but dirt will still collect on them with time. This requires you to carry out periodic inspections on your evaporator coils for cleanup purposes.

Condenser coils are exposed to the outdoor environment, which makes them dirty in case of a dusty surrounding, or if there’s foliage growing around them. To ensure that the condenser coils remain clean, keep the area around your AC unit clean by removing any form of debris and cutting down shrubs for adequate airflow.

Regularly Change Your Air Filter 

Changing the filter is another inevitable air conditioning service. An air filter serves you by preventing the entry of particles like dirt and dust in your house. For this to be achieved, the filter has to remain clean and not bogged down by excess debris deposit.

When filters get too dirty, they tend to impose strain on your air conditioner, causing it not to serve you efficiently. You can carry out this air conditioning service by yourself or else schedule an appointment with pro technicians in Frisco, TX.

Check the Drainpipe and Drain Pan

This air conditioning service requires you to know where your drainpipe is. If this isn’t the case, then you have to contact professionals in Frisco, TX, to show you where to find it. Having regular checkups on your system’s drainpipe will help you get rid of mold and algae, which grow inside and cause blockages.

If a regular inspection is not done, you’ll realize that you have a problem with the drain line when water comes pouring through the ceiling of your house. Installation of a protective float switch is essential because it switches off your AC, preventing the leaks.

Check the Condensate Drain

This is another unavoidable air conditioning service. It involves the condensate drain, which is an essential part of your air conditioning unit. It allows the condensation created by the system to flow outdoor.

Regularly inspecting the condensate drain will help you remove any obstacle that can cause it to clog, hindering drainage. To ensure that the AC serves you right, have periodic inspections on the condensate drain to clear any obstructions.

Check the Fins

Both the condenser and the evaporator of your air conditioning system have fins. These fins are vulnerable to bending, which leads to insufficient airflow. To prevent your AC from straining to serve you, ensure that the fins are clean and straight.

Due to their delicate nature, never clean the fins using harsh cleaning methods as this would result in costly repairs. To clean them, expert technicians in Frisco, TX, recommend the use of an air conditioner fin comb. The comb consists of small soft bristles, built explicitly for such air conditioning services.

Clear Vegetation Around Your Outdoor Unit 

The presence of overgrown vegetation and leaves that have fallen around your outdoor unit may cause your air conditioner to lose its efficiency. Trim such bushes and trees for your AC to have enough clearance.

Any bushes or trees that release excess pollen grains should be cleared because they are responsible for clogging up the condensing unit. An excellent example of such trees is the Cottonwood tree.

Prepare Your AC for Winter

Your air conditioning unit is a lifesaver during summer, and when winter comes, you have to protect it against snow and ice. This air conditioning service prevents your AC from getting damaged by rust. Here are some protective measures that will keep your AC intact before summer arrives:

  • The first thing you do is to turn off the unit to prevent it from turning on in case of a warm winter day.
  • Clean your air conditioning unit with a hose to remove any debris such as dead bugs, dirt, birds’ droppings leaves, and dust, among others.
  • Around all exterior exposed pipes, install foam pipe covers. This helps insulate the pipes hence protecting them from freezing temperatures. To ensure that the foam covers are held in place, wrap them around using duct tape.
  • Cover your air conditioning unit using a waterproof cover. This prevents it from coming into direct contact with any dirt while in storage. Wrap the lid tightly with vinyl ropes to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.

Throughout the winter, regularly check on your air conditioner to ensure that the cover is in place and also remove any debris on it.

Schedule Periodic Inspections from Professionals

Your air conditioner is an expensive investment that requires more than just regular maintenance. Therefore, hiring a professional is another vital air conditioning service. The technician you hire should be able to:

  • Check on the accuracy of the thermostat
  • Clean the electrical terminals and tighten their connections
  • Check for correct amounts of refrigerant and using a leak detector, test whether it’s leaking
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Inspect the belt for tightness and wear, and also oil the motors
  • Inspect the central system and check for any leakage in the ducts.

Licensed professionals at K&S Heating and Air understand that you could be busy with other responsibilities, and offer such quality air conditioning service. To schedule them for periodic inspection, contact them now.