Plano AC Services

Plano AC Services

K&S Air Conditioning is a family-owned and award-winning Texas heating, ventilation and air conditioning service provider. It is an industry leader in Plano heating systems installation, Plano AC repair, Plano AC installation, and Plano AC maintenance services. We can do all things air conditioning service, filtration and cooling systems, furnace services, air purification, and AC emergency services, among many others.

Plano, TX is a region that experiences fluctuating weather patterns, either extremely hot or unbearably cold. For plant and animal life to thrive, including human life, the eco-system must be regulated. K$S Air conditioning company has been offering high quality HVAC services, ensuring you have the peace you need. In excess, they also deal in HVAC repairs, maintenance and replacement; they have diverse tools compatible with different system models.

K&S HVAC Services in Plano, Texas

Below are some of the services offered at K&S Heating and Air company based in Plano, TX:

Plano AC Installation, Repair, and Maintenance 

With over 100 years combined experience, K&S Air Conditioning has seasoned technicians who well know how best to fix the Air conditioning system into a home or office space. In cognition of their vast expertise and knowledge, they will install the system where it will be most efficient.

The company similarly deals with repair and maintenance. You can call upon them to thoroughly assess air conditioning problems and fix professionally. Technicians will seamlessly work on any model or version of the air condition. Over and above, K&S Air Conditioning will always give professional opinion and guidelines to their customers.

Plano Furnace and Heat Pump Installation

When temperatures hit their seasonal low during winter, a working heating systems is every household or office need, K&S Air Conditioning has been there to solve the puzzle. We will skillfully install the heating or furnace system within no time and have it running smoothly. The company deals with a range of heating systems and will best advise subject to your budget, space, and heating elements, among other factors.

Technicians will categorically explain when a heating problem needs to be repair or altogether replaced. They will honestly assess the problem at hand and give a professional recommendation along with responding to queries posted by the homeowner or business owner. K & S Air Conditioning takes care of all heating system installation, repair, and maintenance

Plano Ductless Cooling Systems

K & S Air Conditioning uses technological advancement to be at par in offering unbeatable air conditioning service to their customers. this has help the company satisfactorily offer the only comfort a customer is in need of during summer. Heated up air is taken through the cooling plant/air conditioner, and out comes cool air.

We offer a range of air conditioning services, from the conventional duct systems through which air is purified and cooled to modern ductless systems that are equally effective. Others include the mini-split systems, zoned systems, central air systems, evaporative cooling plant, thermostats and fans.

Plano Emergency Heating and Air Services

K & S Air Conditioning emergency services may be duty that calls upon its team of technicians to do an installation, maintenance, or repair. We are committed to offer same day services to our esteemed customers as we understand how frustrating it is when your air conditioner of heating system is not working as it should be. You will only need to call K & S Air Conditioning Plano, TX to make a request, we will then reschedule and follow up until the heating, and air conditioning services are offered.

Why Should You Choose K&S For Your Plano Heating and AC Services?

  • Trusted heating, ventilation and air conditioning service dealer – we are ranked among the keynote heating and air conditioning service providers in Plano. This has come with hard work; being consistent in offering high quality work, dealing with efficient brands, pool of experts, and resourceful when consulted.
  • Fast and reliable – K&S Air Conditioning is committed to respond to call as soon as possible. We will be at your doorstep in a short while, work fast without leaving a mess and in no time your equipment is up and running. Our timely delivery of services, along with incorruptible quality standards makes us the market best.
  • Service all brands – thanks to our lengthy market existence, we have the tools and expertise to service, repair and replace various HVAC models, makes and versions with ease. Regardless of the equipment, you have we will fix all of your air conditioning related problems.
  • 24/7 emergency services– we offer emergency air conditioning service around the clock any day of the week. With us, you will get any HVAC problem sorted out even at the odd hours of the night and similarly during the day. You need not to worry, we are just a call away and will work fast to get your system running within the least possible time.
  • Reasonable rates – K&S Air Conditioning offers competitive market prices for any service that are fair and friendly. We have a pricing guide to avoid huge bills once the work is done. Besides, our technicians will straightforwardly explain the rates your works attract. Flexible payment options are available.
  • Professional and friendly staff – honestly, professionalism, thoroughness, respect, and integrity are ingrained values to our staff. What’s more, they are vetted to ascertain their expertise before being hired.

Plano AC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services

If looking for an air conditioning service in Plano, TX, call us anytime through 972-271-9319. To request for an appointment, get to our schedule service portal on and fill in the details then send.