Limit the Factors That Make Your AC Consume More Energy | Air Conditioning Service in Garland, TX

Limit the Factors That Make Your AC Consume More Energy | Air Conditioning Service in Garland, TX

In typical homes, the most electricity consuming appliance is the air conditioner—making up to 16% of the total electricity bill. While the air conditioners in warmer regions can make up to even 50% of the electricity bill, according to Austin Energy.

Of course, the easiest way to save on the electricity bills would be to limit the air conditioner usage and too much low temperature. But sometimes, there are other factors that constitute to over-consumption of electricity. With time air conditioner wears out, requiring frequent Air conditioning service in Garland, TX. Although air conditioning service in Garland, TX should be contacted to inspect  the health of your air conditioner, but you should do what you can to maintain your air conditioner. Here are some factors listed that are the reasons which increase your electricity bill. And how you can limit these factors

AC type:

If you haven’t correctly chosen your air conditioner, how are you ever going to save on your electricity bill?

A central cooling system is a power consuming parasite. It can take energy up to 3500 watts. While in its contrast a ceiling fan only takes 100 watts.

Thus, a careful choice is necessary first of all. If you have to cool 3 or more rooms together, instead of having individual window ACs for each room, a central air conditioner can prove to be more useful

Right Size:

Just like the type of air conditioner is necessary to get optimum electricity bill, having it’s size right is also an important factor to the contribution. Air conditioner size depends on two major factors;

  • The area of room in which it will have to cool.
  • The number of people that will be present normally in the room.

If the air conditioner is not the right size, it can either be too large for the room or too small. If it is too small and incapable of cooling your room it will have to work more, thus it will consume more energy. A larger AC of course will be consuming more energy nonetheless.

Energy Efficiency:

Every air conditioner is rated for its energy efficiency that shows how much BTU’s per hour are being used for every watt supplied to it.

It is termed as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) for room ACs, while for central air conditioners, the rating is termed as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This rating is listed on an Energy Guide Label, which is attached on all air conditioners. The higher the EER, the less electricity AC will use.

Although the savings might not be that much drastic but getting a higher EER air conditioner will pay off in the longer run.

Use Fans:

For beating the heat of summer don’t just rely on an air conditioner alone. An air conditioner uses electricity equivalent to almost 10 wall fans.

Using a table fan as well while cooling down the room will cause the cooled air to circulate the room which will enable you to set the thermostat temperature at a higher degree, thus resulting in less electricity consumption.

Saving by Maintaining:

Once you have rightly chosen the correct air conditioner for you room the next step is its upkeep. As usual all equipments and appliances tend to wear out over time and become more inefficient. Eventually you will require Air conditioning service in Garland, TX, but you can maintain it properly in order to keep it efficient until an unfortunate issue arises which requires Air conditioning service in Garland, TX. Some of the things you can do to keep your unit in proper efficient condition are as under

Maintain AC filters:

If dust and dirt is collected in your Air conditioner’s filter it will hinder the air flow, and if not cleaned on  a timely basis, it may even damage the unit and you will have to call urgent air conditioning service in Garland, TX. Clean the air filters of your unit. This will result in lowering the electricity consumption and cooling the room faster.

Maintain outdoor coils:

Outdoor coils of the air conditioner are exposed to dusty atmosphere. With the passage of time the coils will get dust and mud stuck on them which will reduce AC’s efficiency. They should be kept clean.

Prevent outside air:

Sometimes it’s the negligence of the home owners that results in increased electric bill. If you are looking to lower the energy consumption of your air conditioner make sure that you have all the places closed from which air can escape. Take proper care in determining the air conditioner is properly sealed from outside.

Keep thermostat’s setting to ideal:

Raising the temperature of your air conditioner to a few degrees will only be beneficial to you. The less difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, the less will be the energy consumption of your air conditioner. As generally observable, the air conditioner will take some time to completely cool down the room. So, even at a higher thermostat degree setting eventually the room will be cooled down to your liking. While lowering your air conditioner to a much lower thermostat degree setting will not make it cool the room any faster, but only cool it to a lower temperature with time.For each unit degree change the air conditioner uses 4% to 5% less power if set above 22 degrees.

Don’t hinder air flow’s path:

Don’t let an object hinder the air passage by placing it in the path of the air conditioner.

Heat producing objects:

Other electrical applianceslike Television, computers generate heat. Placing such gadgets near the air conditioner should be avoided. As the thermostat is sensitive to heat it will detect the change in temperature and cause the Air conditioner to run longer unnecessarily.

Other methods of cooling your house:

Roofs are the main constituents to the temperature increase of your house. If you want to cool your house down so that less cooling will be required from the air conditioner you should consider adding heat insulation to your roof.

Annual maintenance:

Annually maintaining your air conditioner by calling Air conditioning service in Garland, TX to inspect the health of your air conditioner will ensure that it is in good working order. Make sure that service provider is well trained and is qualified in the field. Get your technician to measure the total energy consumed of your air conditioner in amperes. If the value is higher your air conditioner has not been working at its best

Replacement of Air Conditioner:

If your air conditioning unit has become old and inefficient it probably will be best to replace it. If you keep it, it will just keep on bringing more repairs with the passage of time requiring air conditioning service in Garland, TX almost every month.


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